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The name game continues ... latest list:

  1. Najam Nadira

    4 vote(s)
  2. Kamea Maya

    2 vote(s)
  3. Grace Ellie (suggested by my mother)

    1 vote(s)
  4. Emma Cleyre

    1 vote(s)
  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


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    Tiassa's daughter, 7.17.2002

    You are a treasure,
    You'll never be found;
    Gathering coral in a galleon.
    Seeding anemones...
    Feeding the reef
    In some lagoon in Barbados.
    ... And I must retrieve you
    For I will get paid,
    And build a big house in Vancouver town.

    Living in castles a bit at a time.
    Walking the borders of countries.
    You be in these shoes, and I'll be in those.
    Do you see dots when I'm talking?

    1 lemon.
    2 lemons.
    1 rosy peach.
    6 lonely souls... and a moron.

    My mind is a porpoise
    Alone on a beach
    Counting the waves as it's dying.

    Rheostatics. "You Are A Treasure", from Introducing Happiness, by Martin Tielli
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  3. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    Could you give some info on those names (why you chose those)?
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  5. sjmarsha Registered Senior Member

    Congratulations....And I have always liked the name Grace... Dont know why.
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    On the history of the Name Game

    The (New and Improved) Name Game

    This misplaced topic was the first place I posted suggested names for my daughter.

    It's a bit of the story after that.

    Originally, Tigger (the mother) chose to leave the naming process to me, but "Grace Katherine", my longstanding choice for a daughter, grated on her nerves somehow. When she used the phrase, You can save it for a child you want, I lost my temper and pulled the name off the table. She has a dubious gift for speaking her mind according to the worst possible combination of words. She did not mean it the way it sounds, but you know ... if it's that big a deal then I'm not even going to argue.

    So she handed me a copy of Lansky's 35,000 Baby Names and I sat there putting together the list that appears in the aforementioned topic.

    That the family has reacted poorly is an understatement.

    Tigger does not like my first choice, Najam Nadira because she is somehow too embarrassed to attempt to pronounce the simple word NA-jam or NA-zham.

    Back to the drawing board.

    And the decision is now almost completely removed from my hands.

    Everybody seems counting on the idiots who will make fun of various names. Even Tigger now wants to give her a "normal name" because if the child's name "stands out too much" people will be cruel.

    You know? I refuse to bow to those people. Why don't I just get the Top Ten Child Names for Girls list from the end of last year and take a poll of my family on which name they'd like. I just remember being one of four people in my grade with my name when I was in sixth grade, which wasn't bad considering we had about fifteen Jennifer's, a horde of Michelle's, and a half-dozen Sean's. So I'm not real anxious to name my child Jessica Christina or something utterly common. In addition, Tigger, who wants a "normal" name, is now advocating Soap Opera names, which is so far on my "absolutely not" list that I'm starting to question her fitness as a mother. (Seriously, but the need to name her daughter "Greenleigh" because it's in her favorite soap is disturbing and merely the latest in a series of minor offenses which tells me that her heart, unfortunately, is not really in it.)

    But the list:

    Najam Nadira: from the Arabic: rare star or precious star.
    Ceres Ananda: from the Roman and the Hindu, approx. abundant bliss (Ceres was a goddess of abundance, fertility, and, of course, farming.)
    Tifareth Viridis: adapted from Hebrew and Latin--green beauty.
    Emma Cleyre: from Emma Goldman and Voltairine de Cleyre, anarchist writers.
    Grace Katherine: my original choice, which has stood for ... almost twelve years. Now shot down for reasons unclear to me. Grace is my maternal grandmother's name, Katherine an arbitrary name that equals "Katie".
    Ellie Grace: my own mother's suggestion. Either she doesn't realize that she's recommending that I name the child after her ("Ellie" is a derivative of my mother's middle name) or she really thinks I'm that stupid. There is a feminine derivative of my father's names, but I'm not employing those either.
    Kamea Maya: I had been looking for the simple word "Kame" (KAH-may), but it didn't turn up in Lansky. But, in seeing Kamea, I had the wicked notion of naming my daughter Kamea Maya. I can't remember exactly what these names mean, but I do remember being happy that I was satisfied with the definitions. In addition, the wicked part is that the name intentionally mimicks Kamehameha, namely a Hawaiian warrior-king, but in this case a wink and nod to Dragonball. Given that I've ruled out TV names, I don't expect this one to hold up. But I'm enchanted with the rhythm of it.
    Rhythm Erthe: the only note here is that the spelling of "Erthe" comes from an old poem in early English that plays on five definitions of the term "earth". It's not likely, but it's a name I'm actually "threatening" to put my foot down on if people don't stop telling me to give her a "normal" name.

    I mean, my name is Brian. My best friends anywhere is John, Corrie, and Mo. My brother is named Drew. The mother of my child is named Jennifer. My parents have common names, Tigger's (Jennifer) parents have common names. Looking through the family, there are now at least three Jim's, a David, a Daniel, a Heidi, a Laurie, a Sue, a Chris (female), a Jeff ... I mean, Tigger has even suggested "Nicole", which name I object to on two grounds; (A) it's common, (B) we both, in our history together, slept with Nicole. (I mean, come on ....) A bunch of people I know have started to call each other random names in order to break the monotony: there's The Goat (a friend of a friend), Doctor Nick, Wiz, J-Love, A-B-A (Abie-ay), Dragon, Jhereg (despite my Sciforums handle, that's me), Coriander, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Alley Cat, and "Lester" (don't ask, it's a long story).

    My fantasy football league? Brian, Drew, Chris, Brandon, Abe, Scott, Trevor, Dave, Tony, Sharon. (Sharon has no funny nickname yet, I don't know if Chris has one, and Scott's pet name comes from another social circle with which I am not acquainted.)

    We even have a "Slim Shady" in our midst (Bob).

    Point being, people eventually get tired of their names. We all trade them in at some point for something more interesting. I'm not talking about the affectionate "honey" or "babe" or anything like that. I'm talking about responding to different words than your name as if they were your name.

    And so, with a glut of common names in my life, and a trend toward re-identification, it seems to me that one of the things I can do is to give my child a distinguished name.

    I hope to name my child with words that have some meaning in general, strong meaning to me, and are distinguished and distinguishing in their nature.

    In the long run I've got nothing against any name. But I don't want to name my child Britney Beyonce, you know? Sadly, people are pushing for "normal" names.

    And if that happens, and if my child ever asks me why we named her what we did, I will honestly tell her that I wasn't allowed to give her a different name.

    Heck, that's probably more than you or anyone else cared to know, but there you go. And that's just the short form.


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  8. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    Re: On the history of the Name Game

    Out of the list i would pick that one, unfortunalty i can't choose it

    If i ever have a daughter i want it to be Clarise (not sure if it's spelled right)
  9. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Rhytm, definitely. Beautiful!

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    Rhytm is a dancer...

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    Though Kamea doesn't sound bad at all, either.

    Ellie has a real sweet jingle in it. It happens to be the name of a very dear friend of mine, so that may be the reason. I like it a lot anyway. It is not what I like, what counts, though.

    Whatever it will turn out to be, as soon as you see her, you will know what name suits her best. My best wishes to the both of you...

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  10. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    Noted. It is available for vote in the other topic. But the four in the present poll are the names currently on the table because, well, Tigger has already carved the others to pieces.


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  11. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member


    Definitely. She'll be the idle of her class with such a cool name.
  12. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    Najam Nadira.
  13. Bebelina kospla.com Valued Senior Member

    I really liked Tifareth Viridis, bit since that was out of the poll this time, I voted for Kamea Maya, it has a nice rythm to it, like an african song.

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    Unusual names are not that unusual anymore, because of the globalisation. People , and children too, tend to pay less attention to an unusual name now than they did before, which means that the risk of getting teased just because of your name has diminished.
    Don't give her a common name, they are so boring.

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    Give her an extra special one, that she will be proud of when she is older and that people will remember.

  14. *stRgrL* Kicks ass Valued Senior Member


    I agree with Adam, but I think you already know that

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    If you name your child Kamea Maya... I will strangle you

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    It sounds too much like King Kamayamaya. You know the king that united all the Hawaiian islands. If it was Kamea (something else) - it might not be too bad.

    What about...

    * Tiassa
    * Melulani (may-lou-lani)
    * Kiana (ky-onna)
    * Starlene
    * Melesia (may-leigh-cee-ah)
    * Heaven
    * Kaia (ky)
    * Denice

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    * Kelice (I made this name up and almost named my daughter it. But it sounds way too much like my own)

    Okay, Ill think of more later
  15. Brolly Surivior of third impact Registered Senior Member

    I thought it Kamehameha?
  16. *stRgrL* Kicks ass Valued Senior Member

    Your right Brolly. Its early and I havent had my coffee yet

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  17. Brolly Surivior of third impact Registered Senior Member

    that all right

    *shut his graphic novel of Dragonball book*

    most of the name that i never even heard of but i quited like Tifareth Viridus and Ceres Anada.
  18. New Explorer Registered Member

    Naming our children can be very difficult. My husband and I have had the good fortune to have two, one of each sex. The first one was easy to name - we took his grandparents names and made one out of it. However the second child was much harder, we were suppose to do the same thing with her but alas it didn't suit her when she was born. We spent the first five days of her life trying to come to an agreement about a new name. As it stands she ended up with a very 'ordinary' name and each of her parents calls her something different. Every name out there has a 'bad' part of it that other kids can make fun of. There is no way around that - shouldn't matter anyway. Names for our children should mean something to the parents, it sure isn't going to mean anything to the child - after all that child hasn't even started their journey through life. I guess what I'm trying to say here is - 1. Pick a name now but always remain flexible, because when she is born things might/will change. 2. Have the name mean something special to you both, but I'll bet you that you will both have a nick name for her after a very short while. Our's ended up with Angel and Princess. Names will always be shortened by people, (even the parents do it), and they will always be made fun of (no matter that you may think that you may have given her a name that you can't make fun of) but in the end it's only a name. And really "a rose by any other name is still a rose" trite as that may sound it really is the person that you want her to be as she grows that counts the most.

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