Hell discovered to be real (FACT!)

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by IB4GZUS, Jul 6, 1999.

  1. IB4GZUS Registered Member

    I recently discovered an article that talks about scientists in Cyberia who recorded the sounds of hell. I recommend you take a look at this site for some evidence that is unrefutable. Please also be aware that the sound clip may scare you for it is a copy of the audio clip from the expedition.

    ib4gzus@aol.com http://www.angelfire.com/tx/Holyground

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  3. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member


    Though I have a somewhat more mundane explanation:

    superheated gases and water vapour shooting into an obviously very deep bore, and resonating within this 'bottomless well'. In addition to the hissing water and the natural 'growling' of the magma under the crust resonating within the deep well, the turbulence of mixing hot air coming up from the 'cavity' and the colder air created by the bore and its cooling water would generate a hell of a wind (pun intended). And you know how wind sounds in chimneys sometimes...

    Though I wish Art didn't clean up the tape; their filters make it sound a bit artificial. (sounds like like there are lots of disconnected artificially-generated harmonics over small frames in the sample...)

    I am; therefore I think.

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  5. generalhurrss Registered Senior Member

    Nice one Boris.
    There is no place called hell, we live it.
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  7. Yin Yang Registered Member

    Hell is what we all make of our here and now and so is Heaven, lets not be too keen to reach the end of our short existance....

    Our Spirits harmonize with Mother Earth.

  8. zygos Registered Senior Member

    ah..yeah Hell exists, but not in this dimension, not even on this earth, or in it for that matter. And I don't even think they still call it hell. I mean the name was changed originally to protect the innocent.

    Yours zygos
  9. IB4GZUS Registered Member

    This is factual evidence of the existence of hell and yet people continue to doubt it. It kind of makes one wonder what it will take to transform our human way of thinking.
  10. Carla Rolfe Registered Member


    there will come a day when every knee will bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ, is Lord.

    Until then, humanity will continue to reject Him, and reject salvation.

    In His peace... Carla
  11. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    I hate it when I have to come onto
    a topic like this and explain how confused
    people are.

    First off, there is no hell, well not
    in the way many of you think it to be as.

    Hell is the state of sufferment.
    When you die, you don't go to a dimension
    where you are torchered for eternity,
    or to a furnace where you are burned
    by flames and stabbed by naked men
    with pitchforks.
    It's more than that. I'm sorry,
    but if you think like that, then you
    truly do not grasp the general picture
    thus you think in the 3rd dimension,
    earth-centered type universe.

    All hell is, is the state of sufferment.
    This can occour anywhere, anytime.
    In 3rd dimension thinking, one must
    pass through hell before they can reach

    I.E. - imagine your very soul being ripped
    away from you. Imagine this, what do you
    feel? Now imagine yourself being disconnected
    from reality and killed off from existence,
    both physically and spiritually and that
    you will never again exist in any form.
    That, by far, is the highest form of hell
    you could possibly ever think off since
    that would be a state of eternal suffering.

    That's just one way of thinking about it.
    However, there are other kinds, less
    severe forms of hell.
    A physical example would be stubbing
    your toe and feeling pain for a few
    seconds. There's pain there is there not,
    so would that not be hell?

    Another example is being yelled at
    by a boss, or experiencing discomfort
    through embarrassment among people.
    That would be an emotional form off
    hell, not because you are suffering
    physically, but rather mentally.

    As for heaven, I'm not going to bother
    explaining that. I've been posting
    messages on another topic called
    "Evolution vs. Creations" by Snappy.
    My discussions should be on the
    bottom of page 3 and somewhere in
    page 4.

    I gotta go now.

  12. Lori Registered Senior Member

    Oh, poor Dan the martyr! How tired you must be having to teach all of us dummies. By the way, who gave you all of the answers to the questions of the universe, let me guess, an alien???? LMAO!
  13. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    Just shutup.
    Stop trying to piss me off with these
    alien conspiracies of yours because it
    isn't going to work.
    Besides, in all of my posts, where
    did I insult you? I think you are
    just jealous that I can think better
    than you.
    Now come up with something better than
    what I said about hell. What do you
    think it is... a mystical place where
    you go to and get burned for eternity
    and stabbed by naked, red, horned goat/men.
    Oh yes, can't forget about the planet
    sized man you call the devil now can

  14. Bruce Guest

    I heard this autio clip on hell and it sounds like hell to me.
    Now Dr.Azzacove said "As a communist I don't believe in heaven or
    the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell," I think that is pretty good
    coming from a communist, he believes more than some church members. I think it just conforms what the Bible tells us all along that there is a hell.
    How about you atheists?????????
    Suppose there is a hell?
    Suppose there is a GOD?
    Suppose The Bible is true?
    Suppose Jesus is the only way to heaven?
  15. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    I'm gonna start a new topic based
    on hell and the afterlife and all

  16. Carla Rolfe Registered Member


    you asked:

    "Suppose there is a hell?"

    Then what Jesus taught about it, is real. Literal. Eternal.

    "Suppose there is a GOD?"

    Then what Jesus told us about Him is real. Literal. Eternal.

    "Suppose The Bible is true?"

    Then what it says is real. Literal. Eternal.

    "Suppose Jesus is the only way to heaven?"

    Then alot of people are taking an incredidbly large gamble, with eternity.

    In His peace... Carla
  17. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    Suppose you are full of it.
    Then hell's just another empty word.

    I am; therefore I think.

    [This message has been edited by Boris (edited July 26, 1999).]
  18. Bruce Guest


    I appreciate your response, it couldn't have been said any better.

    Lord bless you,

  19. issola Guest

    So just where is Cyberia? Last I heard it was a video game from Interplay.

    Anyway, the link was dead when I tried to follow it at 5:00pm PDT, so I didn't get to hear the scary, processed tape. But if I recall, the last time I heard about hell being discovered, it was sulphur and fire from a hole in the ground and the wind whistling eerily through the rocks.

    Either that, or Hell is the Catholic high school I attended.
  20. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    Bruce, Carla.
    All I have to say is that I pity you
    and your ways of religious thinking.
    Stop thinking in the 3rd dimension
    and start thinking generalistically
    at higher levels.

  21. Boris Senior Member Registered Senior Member


    Wow. I do believe we are witnessing the birth of a new word, ladies and gentlemen. Is'nt it cool how new language emerges and evolves?

    (Nothing personal Xeno -- just an amusing observation...)

    I am; therefore I think.
  22. 402 Registered Member

    IMHO, regardless of recordings of "Hell" or of "Heaven", the need to offer up "proof" of evidence that one's faith or belief system is
    valid or the only "true" f/bs, suggests that there is an inherent doubt in one's f/bs.

    If one is truly confident in their f/bs then why is external validaton needed? This seems to echo a foundational insecurity that what is said to be absolute as a f/bs for any individual is in actuality, not absolute.

    As well, there is indication that the proof or validation of one's f/bs is comes from the base idea that what one believes to be true, is internally in question on all levels.

    The need to convert or convince another that "my way is the only way" speaks clearly that I am trying to validate myself and my f/bs.
    Whereby, the converting or convincing of another, creates a margin of safety for my own doubts and confusion regarding my f/bs.

    This is not directed towards any particular f/bs. No offense inteded.

    Perhaps such externalization of proof indicates that closer examination of one's f/bs, is needed. Until such a point is reached that one's f/bs can be enjoyed and fully understood intrinsically, extrinsic expression might best be curtailed unless amongst one's closest peers.

    Additionally, regardless of one's f/bs, the rote memorization of scripture or sacred passages does not automatically confer true understanding or knowledge of what is actually written in such texts.

    Quite often, rote memorization is taken to be knowledge or wisdom in any particular f/bs.
    This can be a very dangerous misinterpretation on anyone's part.
  23. Xeno Registered Senior Member

    what do you see me as?
    Are you a friend, or an enemy?
    Are you supportive, or unsupportive?
    What's so wrong with general perspective?

    Take a fight for instance.
    There are three people. Two are fighting
    and the 3rd is standing back and watching
    from the distance. Both people in
    the fight claim that the other started
    it. However, the 3rd person who's
    been watching simply knows who did
    just by analysing the situation.


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