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Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by superluminal, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. superluminal . Registered Senior Member

    I listened to a report on NPR today regarding the state of evolution education in the US, I suppose because it's Darwins B-Day. They interviewed the principal of this school in Louisiana. At one point he says: "Evolution certainly happens within species, but more complex things coming from other things? That's, haha (he chuckles) still way out there".

    This man is a moron. He accepts the general idea of evolution. He accepts an ancient fossil record. A fossil record that shows the appearance and disappearance of species over time. At one time there are no horses or trilobites in the fossil record, then there are. How did this happen?

    Does god periodically decide to pop out some new species out of boredom? I will call this theory "Punctuated Creationism". The foundation of which will be gods inability to get it right the first time, so he keeps on trying.

    No, this guy (and thousands like him) are simply stupid.

    This is the type of person we put in charge of our schools here in the US of A(ssholes). It's appalling. People are idiots.

    ...Rant Terminated...
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    That's why they call it the Bible Belt. As Jon Stewart said, "Education in Louisiana is so dysfunctional, it's amazing they can spell the name of the state right on their license plates."
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  5. John Connellan Valued Senior Member

    I, myself find it hard to believe how somebody could not see how the Darwin finches, for example, could not have had a common ancestor. Also how the cat family are related or even how we are so like some other primates.

    Why did God make us appear like the apes? Wasn't he supposed to make us in his own image? What does this say?

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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Economized creation?

    Like any manufacturing endeavor, it's a matter of parts availability. In the 1990s, there arose a backlash when Porsche used the same headlights in two separate cars. (In that case, I have sympathies on both sides of the argument.)

    While God might have made us in His own image, the apes were a little less so. Biblical faith puts humanity at the center of God's concern; the apes, as such, are made of the same stuff, only less refined.

    Of course more seriously—or ... um ... almost—it's worth dragging out an article from last month. Mark Steel wrote for The Independent last month,

    To improve their standing the anti-Darwin lobby have changed their tactics, so now instead of arguing for creationism they call their theory "intelligent design".

    Mostly this consists of trying to illustrate how species are too complex to have been formed by nature. But then they can't help themselves, so you get articles such as the one by prominent advocate of intelligent design, David Berlinski, that starts: "Charles Darwin says, 'In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals.' Another man, Adolf Hitler says 'Let us kill all the Jews of Europe.' Is there a connection? Yes is the obvious answer." So there we are—study the differences between finches and you're half way to organising a holocaust ....

    .... The new theory, where it is new, states there are many species that can't have become the way they are through gradual evolution, because if you remove any one part of them the whole structure would collapse. So they must have been created whole, as they are now, without changing. But this ignores the beauty of Darwin's discovery, which is that species change not because they're on a march towards perfection but by accident.

    What may be ideal for survival one day is no good once the environment has changed. For example if it gets colder, or the colour of the surroundings changes, the individuals in a species best suited to the new conditions will be the ones to last, and the species becomes altered.

    Survival of the fittest means those accidentally matching the requirements of a new situation, not the creatures most prone to winning a scrap. Otherwise by now the only hamsters to survive would be those ones who could pick up the wheel and smash it over their mate's head, and the only surviving parrots would be the ones squawking: "Who wants some? Who wants some?"

    And this dominance of the accidental is the most damning argument against intelligent design, because if all species were designed, it was hardly done by someone intelligent. If it was, how do you account for the parasitic wasp that lays eggs on its prey so they hatch and eat its victim while it's still alive?

    In the United States, a point of contention within families and society has become so prominent as to be a cultural joke. Just turn to your kid sometime when you're really angry and say, "You were an accident, you know!"

    It doesn't work on me, because nobody accidentally stumbles through all the paperwork of adopting a kid. I've always known I was an accident. But apparently, the insult really stings some people.

    Have some empathy. Or sympathy, as such. The poor creationists are just like the shocked, unfortunate child who looks in the mirror and thinks, "I'm an accident?"


    Steel, Mark. "What creationists really hate is that we emerged by accident". The Independent. January 7, 2009. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinio...e-is-that-we-emerged-by-accident-1229954.html
  8. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    The teacher you criticize taught in Louisana, the most backward state in the Union so don't generalize of despair! It gets better elsewhere!

    Instead of calling such people idiots, why not figure out what is really wrong with them and tell us? Myself, I think it is because it is only in the last few generations that they have had a decent education. The whole South was a scattering of hillbillies until the last several decades. Unfortunately, that did not keep them from breeding, so that they have increased in number and now have a harmful impact on American public opinion---one which we feel when we go to polls and find these village hicks electing presidents right out from under us, as they did a generation ago. . .

    May be that is why they are against abortion and birth control!

  9. fedr808 1100101 Valued Senior Member


    STFU, im in the south and i go to one of the heigher quality schools in the state, even the country. I live in the 2nd healthiest city in the USA. I live in Austin Texas. So many northerners have such biases against the south. So many retarded northerners still think we ride horses to school.

    A bunch of squabbling hilbillies you say? Guess where it is that Micheal Dell, and Armstrong live? Kira Dell goes to my school she went to my physics class, and Alexa used to.
  10. fedr808 1100101 Valued Senior Member

    Where do you think NASA, the space agency is?
    Guess where the US Army rangers got their name and training from? The Texas rangers which still exist.
  11. Enmos Staff Member

    If only it was just thousands. I fear it's more like millions.
  12. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

    No northerner thinks that. And, schools in the south are generally worse, and southern states are more religious, on average. If someone thinks you're stupid because you are from the south, then they are wrong to think like that. But, there is a higher chance you are "stupid." Deal with it asshole.
  13. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    * * * * NOTE FROM A MODERATOR * * * *

    Please keep the discourse civil. Personal insults are a violation of the rules. Everybody loosens up once in a while and blows off a little steam. But this is enough.

    You can't insult any American's region and expect him to not take offense. Let it go dude.
  14. zombieflirt Registered Member

    This is the same state that I believe is still is trying to get creationism put in the main curriculum.

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