Health Benefits Of GreenTea

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by martineargent, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    More than same volume of beer?

    Too much time has passed for me to edit post 60, but I want to correct my comments there about red grape juice being a cheaper source of Resveratrol. Resveratrol is found in red wine (or also in red grape juice, which may be a cheaper source, but perhaps not on a per dose basis as it comes from the grape skin, soaking slowing out. So the concentration in red wine, IF fermented with the skins may be much higher. If the wine was made from the juice only, as is often done, then concentration would be no better than the grape juice has.)
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  2. Elzbieta

    Elzbieta Guest

    The recent study reported that
    3 – 5 cups of green tea per day can help you burn more than 70 calories per day,
    which amounts to 7 pounds per year...
  3. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    Despite prior bans and the facts given in post 59 and the literature links given in posts 55 & 58, the "green tea nonsense" spammers are back with their first few posts.

    I am not against useful diet supplements, just quacks with a commercial interest and scientifically ignorant. I noted in post 59 that I use some scientifically proven, effective supplements to help control my prostate cancer. I can not update that post any more, so just note I have used the mix of diet items found by search of the literature to control my initially very aggressive cancer (Low level PSA after failed operation, was doubling every 30 days!) to keep my PSA below 0.1ng/mL for more than 3.5 years now but as is common, the std drug I use may be starting to lose effectiveness.
  4. scheherazade

    scheherazade Valued Senior Member

    Purely subjective comment I'm making but perhaps one of the benefits of green tea (and other hot beverages) is that it encourages the intake of water. Some regions of the country have water that is less palatable than others and we have become a nation that prefers flavored beverages to 'Adam's Ale.'

    Regardless of the many health claims regarding green tea, it is no more expensive than other teas in our store and comes in a variety of combinations with other herbs and flowers as well as in decaffeinated form. Unsweetened green tea contains approx. 2 calories per cup while unsweetened black tea contains about 5 calories, according to one of the references I use.

    Tea, green, black or white, would seem a better choice for any who are on a weight loss or weight maintenance regime and so it can be beneficial as a replacement for other high calorie beverages, in my opinion. :)
  5. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    In contrast with large population studies, here is support for green tea in pre-prostate cancer cases, an inhibitor of development of a potential precursor for prostate cancer; but it used a concentrated extract without telling how may cups provide that dose. Also have if you already have prostate it may be of no use - no data.

  6. elte

    elte Valued Senior Member

  7. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    No, but the most common reason (other than not working) for new drug to fail is liver damage. Some may have gotten FDA approval even with this problem when not much else helps a serious disease. I took one for prostate cancer not cured by having it removed, with instructions to monitor liver function. Breaking down and getting rid of stuff that does not belong in you is perhaps the liver´s main job.
  8. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    Also why stop at only 9 unfounded, unsupported claims?
    Don´t you know green tea prevents jet lag, produces pheromones that make you more attractive to the opposite sex, stimulates the brain so it takes less time to file better tax returns. Adding these three will give you a nice even dozen claims but if not too lazy you could bring the total claims to 100.
  9. Anthony

    Anthony New Member

    Natural tea helps in get rid of fat and increases metabolism, The recent study revealed that 3 – 5 glasses of teas per day can help you get rid of more than 70 calories per day, which amounts to 7 pounds per year....
  10. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    This thread has history of at least half a dozen new members posting false claims for green tea. - probably made by the industry. If you can not post a working link to your "recent study" that works (becuase of limitations on new members) post one that does not (has wwww. instead of www. or some spaces in it) and I will fix it (If it is not some blog or health food rag).
  11. AlexG

    AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree

    One thing it is useful for is in treating attacks of gout.
  12. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    Have any scientific evidence that Green Tea is better than same volume of water?
  13. AlexG

    AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree

  14. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    Thanks for the link, but both no results yet and I´m not sure how lacking of commercial interest there will be as study is by:
    Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50200
    and Thailand is a major exporter of green tea.

    Why not search PubMed data base for more impressive study?
  15. AlexG

    AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree

    Didn't think of it. I don't usually look up medical studies.

    Heres one I found on pubmed. tea gout

    Seems like most of the studies with green tea relate to cancer.
  16. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    There at end of abstract you read:
    "the multi-potentialities of this molecule, along with its broad bioavailability, render it very attractive as a putative curative drug for various diseases such as dermatosis, gout, atherosclerosis and cancer."

    In general the way I view green tea is that it may be a weaker anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin but so weak that many dozens of scientific test have not shown any significant effects. Aspirin, in contrast has well demonstrated anti-inflammatory benefits for heart and circulatory systems and other applications; However, gout and many other diseases do respond some to placebo effects, and green tea does no known harm. It may even get you to drink the fluids you need.
  17. AlexG

    AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree

    To be perfectly honest, when I have a (not infrequent) gout attack, I tend to rely on percocets and colchicine.
  18. Billy T

    Billy T Please use Sugar Cane Alcohol Fuel

    You are probably just one more green tea spammer, perhaps paid by a tea company. If so there have been many doing the same, so I reply the same to you as to earlier spammers, below your text.
  19. Tiassa

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    Mod Hat — Closure and redirect

    A striking frequency of spam in this thread (≅21%) compelled a review of the thread in general. The typographical quirk "GreenTea" in the title also occurs in a number of similar threads around the web; the underlying thread itself is a spam foundation, a marker for future spammers to find.

    Therefore, this thread is closed and redirected appropriately.

    My apologies to those who have tried to foster a useful discussion of this subject; your efforts are appreciated.
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