has anyone seen event horizon???

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by dexter, Dec 27, 1999.

  1. dexter ROOT Registered Senior Member

    has anyone ever seen event horizon, its a good show, and relistic, but do you think that going to hell in a ship would be posible, if the other dimention that they travel through was hell..... then its posible.... but still??????????????????????????

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  3. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    If by show you mean the movie "Event Horizon", then yes I saw it. I am a fan of spaceship-based scifi movies. In response to your question, other dimensions exist, but so far only on paper. Nothing has been proven. As far as going to hell in another dimension, I'd need a hot date and the back seat of a Chevy... no, no, wait. Hell is a mythological place, created originally as a purgatory where your soul would wait to see what the gods were going to do with you. The Christians turned it into a punishment, and the Satanists turned it into a funhouse. For my part, I don't believe in Hell. If I were to slip into a dimension that resembled the myths, I'd write it off to something feeding off of subconscious imagery, which would be pretty cool...
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  5. ltcmmdr Registered Senior Member

    I think the ship went through another dimension and brought back something.

    Never believe anything until it has officially denied.
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  7. willakitty Registered Senior Member

    i'm just trying to figure it all out

    I'VE SEEN IT! It scared me. But only 'cause I'm one of those poor souls that will believe in anything to save me the trouble that could arrise if I just happened not to and came face to face with "the impossible". Anyway, the movie was such a total mind job because it appealed to viewers of all types. Believe in God? That's what's waiting on you when you die if you're bad. Don't believe in God? That's what's waiting on you when you die and cross dimensions into the next existance of your energy.(Energy can't be destroyed, nor can it die...then again it couldn't very well cross dimensions without an entire theoretical collapse of the universe...hmmmm) Disregarding the corner I just backed myself into, the movie was tight. But I wouldn't go into my house until I was positive it wouldn't take off into outer space. I hate dreams where you think you're awake but you're not...
  8. milojohn5 consumer whore Registered Senior Member

    (failed) event horizon

    The movie was a real piece of work, wasn't it? As for Hell, I think that it's a state of being or existence. Hell is something you evolve (or collapse) into - not someplace you can fly into in a ship.
  9. pragmathen 0001 1111 Registered Senior Member

    Event Horizons: lost subplots of Star Trek V

    I think I'll agree with <b>milo</b> up there. It would be mighty strange for a person to be able to stumble on Hell. "Oh, pardon me. I thought this was the Andromeda Galaxy. My mistake. I'll be leaving now." Much as it would be fantastical to be able to stumble into Heaven via space travel. Now this could be contrary to some ideas that Stephen Hawking may have already set forth, but it seems unlikely that a special wormhole terminus could be opened which would take one to Heaven or Hell. Then again, perhaps Hitler discovered one of these terminii to the Land of the Dead ...
  10. AUSSIEABORIGINAL Abnormally original Registered Senior Member





    The sfx were decent, but the plot was about as bad as the sci-fi dumper..........??????......o' hell, the one with Dustin Hoffman.

    Uh..........the deep,......or leviathon, ........the one that had the bald, black mathematician, and a large golden sphere under the ocean???????Anyhow, Event was about as plotless as ??????\\

    So bad, I can't remember!!!!!

  11. willakitty Registered Senior Member


    You're talkin' about "Sphere"! The movie where all the pepes went into to see the globe and don't remember anything except entering, feeling weird, and leaving. Then they were given powers to make things happen in their environment. With a growing paranoia each could not dispell they subconsciously came to the decision to kill everyone else. The power of the sphere made their nightmares come true...for everyone else!
    ...You didn't LIKE that movie?...Aussie!...Give us a chance!
  12. HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out.... Registered Senior Member

    KALA..EEEERRRCALMARY/// squid damnit!

    Squid! I hate Squid!!!!!! The Squid hating Black bro said when Dustin Dikhead told him!

    I always catch the shows at least ten minutes after then begin???????

    There are still some of the original 80 odd Startrek episodes that I always end up catching 10 minutes or so into it!!!!!!! And i have seen just about every damn one, William Kitty!

    Kala..err..calamari....errr...kla.????/no that;s klingon!

    Anyhow!!!! the movie ate a wiener!

    Event Horizen had old Sam.....????..Ah hell, the same guy who was the Antichrist in Exorcist & in "Red October".

    007(Connery), & that asshole Baldwin.....well one of the BaLD BOYS........Alec, I think. The one that got dumped by kim Bassinger recently. Guess Kim finally realized what a dumb bitch she was for hooking up with Alec!!!
  13. Lexx Senior Member Registered Member

    Hollywood in "La La" land

    It was OK. It just got a bit lost in technobable and just got plain silly towards the end. Babylon 5 meets Clive Barker!
  14. radarman014 Registered Member

    I liked Event Horizon!

    Disturbuing yea, but good. The premise of a deep space rescue service is great.

    Maybe it's just me....

  15. Arditezza Banned Banned

    I went into the movie thinking it was going to be just another 2001.

    But it was like 2001 meets Hellraiser, which was kinda cool. The actors did a good job, and I liked the storyline for being far fetched. What good Sci-Fi movie has a completely grounded storyline? It was a visually attractive movie as well, and they seemed to go to great lengths to make the engineering look realistic. It was alright.

    Keep in mind that I am a huge Clive Barker fan, and a Horror genre fan as well. Maybe I was just thrilled by the guts and gore when I really didn't expect it. I remember seeing it in the theater too, no one talked coming out of the movie. heh.
  16. SKULLZ Banned Banned

    I thought it ripped off other horror films like the shining,carrie and hellraiser,gave it a basic sci-fi edge a touch of aliens and attempted something original,it was ok i guess.

    As to where it went,nobody seemed to care less,not the director,writer or charachters in the film,the whole explanation and plot was:
    the ship has a black hole drive,it can break light speed(throw in einstien/rosen science),its gone someplace and brought something back thats gonna kill everyone except for a couple of survivors,oh yeah and make sam neill the main satanic bad guy cos he played damien in omen 3.
  17. Norman Atta Boy Registered Senior Member

    If being born and living on planet Earth is a reality of life, then dying and going to heaven or hell may be a possible reality to............It all depends on what you believe. I think the movie "Event Horizon" may have captured to some degree, what the reality of after death and what it may be like (going to hell and back) for the majority/minority of us. "Event Horizon" may have come a lttle closer to the truth........

    Yob Atta
  18. ExodusUnknown Registered Member

    I think Event Horizon is one of the best sci-fi movies ever and it could explain a possible other dimension.

    The earth generates some sort of matrix that keeps the other scary dimensions away. Maybe the earth is the center of our galaxy or universe.
  19. Frisbinator Registered Senior Member

    I have never seen this movie, but I know it is gay and I will never ever ever ever see it!
  20. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    I saw Event Horizon for free, as I was working for UCI Cinemas when it came out. I also own an ex-rental copy, which was as cheap as possible.

    OK, but nothing exceptional. And the idea of a fundamentally different reality existing outside our own Universe, separated from us by a narrow higher-dimensional barrier - that's so old, it hardly merits discussion anymore.

    Of course it could be real, and some possible universes could indeed be so disturbingly alien and disruptive to our senses that we would consider them Hell.
  21. Teg Unknown Citizen Registered Senior Member

    This was a reasonable effort at once again merging the scifi and horror genres like the Alien trilogy and Pitch Black. Carrie and Hellraiser are less analogous because they lack the other half of the equation.

    First some corrections to a couple of misrepresentations that seem to have gained consensus in this discussion. Calling the other dimenson that touched the ship "hell" might have a good figurative power of relating the character of the ships inhabitants, but in the world of the movie there is no such clear distinction and moreover the cryptic utterences of of Sam Neill's William Weir give more credence to the obverse.

    Another confusing element of this discussion seems to involve the method of transportation. Likely this is because of the overly simplistic explanation of folding space using a piece of paper and a cigarette. The haze in the movie world's theory of space travel has much to do with a lack of consensus that exists within the scientifc community. No mere movie is going to solve the answers of the universe on black holes, the existence of other dimensions or interstellar travel. Right now these things must be accepted as plot devices.

    On this matter of the science of the movie, it can be said that the leading theory of the origin of our universe, string theory (plus it's ugly stepchild, pyrokeptic string theory), require the existence of other dimensions. But the problem rises again that there are different defintions of this concept for the sci-fi universe and science. To a sci-fi nut, alternate dimensions look much like Slider's alternate Earth. To a scientist, the extra dimensions are mathematical workarounds to explain inconsistencies in the behavior of the physical world (much less exciting). For that reason while we can appreciate that there may be more dimensions, we must not put much credence on the sci-fi misinterpretation of this concept.
  22. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    I prefer to compromise the 2 definitions, and imagine that there are other dimensions of space &/or time which are outside our perceptions. Alternate realities, parallel universes, or whatever might exist, separated from ours by an undefined distance in one of those other dimensions - maybe as close to us a adjacent pages in a book, or a few dozen meters (the sort of length the wormholes in Sliders appeared to be...), or light years. Regardless of actual higher-dimensional distance, we can't interact with those other realities normally, and can only reach them be travelling through "another dimension."
  23. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    Come to think of it: in the case of Event Horizon, Sam Neill's parallel universe was described as "pure chaos."

    Pure chaos could surely only mean radically different laws of physics, or even no laws at all. Under those circumstances, the complex biological processes of human life - not to mention the technology of the ship - would have broken down instantly.

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