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  1. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    I am growing out my hair to about shoulder length but I have a problem -

    Click for full pic

    As you can see, the first image is the desired hairstyle with point A being the point to which the hair stand up before curving sideways while point B is where they turn downwards to point C, the end of the Hair. I want my hair straight except this three turns. However, I fixed this style sometime ago and as my hair grew, the curve travelled along. I dont want this to happen. What do I do?

    Ps. Neither anyone I know nor my ,um, 'highly trained' hairdresser could help me out. I have hair gel, mousse [natural/medium hold+moderate volume], some hair oils, a no-tangle conditioner, hair dryer and a water sprayer to dampen hair when needed. Wynn, Jan, Schez, Bells - anyone, advice?

    PPS. Also, if you all could help me out here -
  2. scheherazade

    scheherazade Valued Senior Member

    My husband has a cowlick at almost the same spot you indicate.

    The hair at this whorl respects no laws of this planet save gravity, once his hair gets sufficiently long that the weight will hold it over.

    The only other hairstyle of choice is a clipper cut, with the whorl cut just a bit shorter than the rest to avoid the 'porcupine' look.

    Grow it long enough to French Braid, lol....:D

    I realize that hair and body image is of huge concern at your present age, Aaq, but I really don't have any suggestions to offer in this regard. :shrug:
  3. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    [​IMG] :bawl:

    Lol. Anyone? If I can somehow remove the curve and reintroduce it regularly so that the A-B-C curve remains 'updated' to the growing hair, would it work? How would I do this?
  4. scheherazade

    scheherazade Valued Senior Member

    Curling irons use heat to both straighten or curl the hair into desired shapes. You could try one of those and once you have the shape you want, use some hairspray to hold it in place.

    This would require daily styling, possibly more than once a day, until your hair was 'trained' to fall as you like.

    Some types of hair train easily while other types are most resistant to change.

    Here's an on-line tutorial with a very cute instructor to demonstrate the technique, which is much sped up in the video. As you seem to only have one errant section, it should not take too long to address.

    Might work. IDK. You'd have to experiment. Possibly see if you could borrow a curling iron before investing in one. :)
  5. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    OK everyone, 2 solutions found -

    1. 7 minute soaking and washing of the hair with hot water and using a comb to pull the hair straight in the process, then applying mousse to 60% wet hair and resetting the curve so that it moves back to the base of the hairs.

    2. Switching the parting sides so that the cowlick becomes a mirrored curve in the correct style but on the wrong side. This works well since it is the intended style, just mirrored. To be used when 1 doesnt work.

    Any other suggestions?
  6. wynn

    wynn ˙

    Ah, the daffodils ... :eek:

    Can you post a picture of your current hairstyle? You can cover your face or edit it out of the photo.

    But without seeing the situation, it is difficult to comment and suggest solutions.

    As it is, I don't know whether your hair is trimmed thinly at the ends, like here:


    or whether it is cut straight and sharp, as in a classical bob


    or something inbetween.

    We also don't know whether your hair is naturally curly or wavey or straight; or what color it is (there is some correlation between natural color and physiological properties of the hair).

    Could you also post a picture of a hairstyle that you desire to have?
  7. wynn

    wynn ˙

    And since you are only in the process of growing your hair to shoulder-length, expect some troubles along the way.
    It takes a couple of years, and in the meantime, get used to the idea that you'll have "no definitive hairstyle."
  8. wynn

    wynn ˙

  9. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    PS. Click on photos to enlarge.


    Yep, thats pretty much it, though it is about 2-3 inches shorter and is styled as in my original pic or in this one, which is the intended style-
    The style is just like in the pic, just shorter [and sometimes with cowlicks!]

    No, but would that even look good on a guy?

    My hair is jet black, straight except a couple of whorl curves, fairly thick [about twice as thick as my mom, who has the average-thin kind of hair]. It is now also extremely pliable, styling with just plain water itself is easy, but with hair mousse and gel, pretty much any hairstyle can be made. The problem is, however, that the growth [which quite rapid too] sometimes causes cowlicks and I dont know much about how to care for or style my hair.

    Could you also post a picture of a hairstyle that you desire to have?[/QUOTE]

    Another one -

    My face is pretty similiar to his, but I have a slightly rounder nose and smaller chin. My complextion is slightly lighter and has a bit more tinge of, lets see, ochre + black hair, chocolate brown eyes and specs.
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  10. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    My hair is about 9 inches long right now. I am growing it out from a short hairstyle since last november. A few more months should do it.
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  11. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie


    Too Messy!

    Thats a nice one too [in addition to the two I posted]! How did you find it?
  12. wynn

    wynn ˙

    I asked for a photo (not a drawing) to see whether you have frizzy hair, especially at the ends. This would be the likely cause for problems.

    Are you Asian? Asian hair is generally of a different quality than Caucasian.
  13. wynn

    wynn ˙

    Watch the cut, not the overall impression of the hairstyle at a particular time.

    I've noticed a trend that men and women tend to perceive hairstyles differently (of course, this goes for men and women who are lays, who are not professional hairstylists).

    Women are more likely to think about hairstyle more analytically, in terms of how the hair was cut; whereas men seem to perceive hairstyle more holistically, without much regard for the cut.

    The basic thing about hairstyle is how the hair is cut.
    Not how it is combed, curled, or otherwise styled.

    I just googled "shoulder long hair men" or something like that.
  14. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    No, my hair is cut fairly evenly, is quite straight and very tangle-free, but with a little frizzle at the ends, yes.

    No. I'm not sure what race I am, probably Aryan; however, they [along with Semites and Hamites] are considered Caucasian, no? And my skin colour is about the one on the top left corner [about the complexion of Hugh grant]-
    [​IMG] with a slight bit of ochre to it.
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  15. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    I didnt know that. Any more info on that?
  16. Twelve

    Twelve Registered Senior Member

    Excuse me Aaqucnaona, where do you live?
    Maybe the most practical solution would be to go to a fashion stylist and tell them how is your hair and what you want.
  17. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    I dont wanna go - I am trying to learn to care for my hair myself!
  18. Shogun

    Shogun Bleed White and Blue!

    Haha bud, going through "the phase" eh? Looking after your image? I understand, I'm in it too

    If you want it done right, you gotta pay the price! :D

    Go to a good stylist and be specific, it might cost you, but you can probably solve the problem. Then ask the stylist about care and maintenance, they'll usually give you really good pointers. I'm lucky because my girlfriend's sister is a hair stylist :D, if you don't know one if I were you I'll seriously reconsider my choice of hair styles, to me at least paying that much for hair isn't worth it, shorter hair styles are more efficient and easier to maintain. Even if you don't like short hair, think about it, it's better to have it short because it's easier to maintain well, that's the key maintenance.

    Before, I had a haircut kinda like Tim Tebow's (best example off the top of my head) I had to go to my stylist (aka gf's sis) like every month (if you got a 60% discount, why wouldn't you :D). I don't go to a stylist anymore because I have a clean buzz cut now (oh yeah, if you decide to go for a buzz cut, don't just get mom to run a buzzer through your hair, go to a hairdresser, unless you really trust your mom's skill with a buzzer, I don't). A short cut that fits your body type, build and face complexion makes you look more mature. A buzz cut has it's utilities, with school, social and sports at this time I don't have time for high maintenance cuts. Short hair fits me, hey it might not fit you just like how long hair doesn't fit me, it might but it's some food for thought right?

    Just try to find one that fits you best, ask friends with good cuts, female friends, do some experimenting and use your imagination (or photoshop, it seems like a legit idea if you are good with it, even though I've never heard of someone use photoshop to experiment with haircuts).

    A hair stylist or a friend can actually see you head on your shoulders right in front of them from all angles, so they'll be able to help you much better than any of us.
  19. wynn

    wynn ˙

    Go to a public library and get a few books on DIY haircare.
    There are also manuals that teach how to cut hair, at home.

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