Guitarist of Sciforums- What is your favorite guitar/amp setup?

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Johnny Bravo, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Johnny Bravo Registered Senior Member

    A used Made in Mexico Fender strat are good...they stay in tune and sound very nice. Yamaha makes some great budget acoustic guitars.
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  3. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    Cheapest i found was Fender strat for $290 and the average cheap ones go for $350-400. Ofcourse they also climb into the $4,550 range.


    How much did you pay for your Mesa/Boogie?
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  5. (Q) Encephaloid Martini Valued Senior Member

    what would you recommend for a good beginning electric guitar?

    That depends on how much money you’re interested in spending and whether your interest will continue after some time.

    I would never recommend a cheap guitar – it can make or break your desire to play it. You can probably get a decent used Fender or Gibson if you check around. Make sure the neck is straight – you can do this by looking down the neck and seeing if it is bowed or not. Look closely for any defects or cracks. If you buy used from a private sale, have the guitar checked out with a local dealer and if you want to buy it, ask if he can give it a complete ‘tune-up.”

    Buying guitars requires some knowledge of knowing what to look for – a thrashed Fender is not a good guitar, for example but some may not know the difference. Try and find someone who might help.

    Don't worry about your fingers, keep playing and they will soon develop calouses.

    As well, I don't agree that you have to learn on an acoustic first. I would recommend getting an electric and learning in a group situation, playing with others. I've played with some guys who have played on their own for years and are great players, yet place them in a band situation and they are lost.

    I traded my HiWatt stack for the MesaBoogie with another guy. He was blown away by the performance of the HiWatt when he heard it the first time. It was a very loud and powerful stack with a 100 watt head and 4X10" cabinet. At first I thought he was nuts wanting to trade considering the MesaBoogie is such a technologically advanced amp. Go figure.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2004
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  7. Cactus Jack Death Knight of Northrend Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, I actually was pondering this very question recently. (The question of the thread orignaly.)

    I have to say my favorite guitar is the one I play a American Jackson SLS 98. Beautiful tone, stays in tune. Extremely versitile and fast action. All in all an incredible guitar.

    Now I also love SGs, they are deffinetely dream machine, and Fender's new american strats are also very nice (like the texas special) I was considering buying one and placing a floyd rose double locking tremelo on it. However, if I were going to buy a new guitar I'd be interested in one of the Joe Satriani Custom Chrome Boy models (only 700 of these baby's) by Ibanez. Or the new JS 2000.

    For amps, I use a reissued, 60s tube amp by ampeq. However, Fender Cyber Twins are also very, very nice.

    Yeah, besides that I was wondering who anyone's man influences are, or favorite guitarists or just cool ones you;d like to mention. (I have too many influences to count.)


    Frank Zappa


    Joe Satriani


    Stevie Ray Vaughn


    The Edge

    Also some good DVD's to check out for guitar players are: Joe Satriani Live in San Francisco and the DVD that comes with the Stevie Ray Vaughn Box Set.

    Peace Out,

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