Gravity is Energy moving towards lower Energy

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Pincho Paxton, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. AlphaNumeric Fully ionized Moderator

    No, it means I have published work and I engage in paid research. For example, there are things in space I've been involved in the development of.

    No, it's called being able to explain oneself. Notice how I didn't swear or wish horrible things on you, unlike your comments to me. As your 2 week holiday shows, that kind of immature mentality has no place here.

    Considering you've been asked to provide some justification for your claims and you've ignored said requests you're again hardly taking the high ground on that regard.

    GR is known not to be an entirely self coherent model for much the same reason as QED is also known to not be entirely self consistent, they have issues with high energy regimes and leave to pesky infinite couplings. But the reason we know that is because people constructed quantitative coherent descriptions of the principles and followed them to their conclusions. Without the details all the buzzwords in the world can't get you to a viable theory.

    Again, you can't spout the stuff I first called you a poe for and then complain about the lack of completeness in a mainstream model without being very hypocritical. At least GR lets us correctly and precisely describe the dynamics of gravitational systems, leading to such vital pieces of technology like the GPS network. If you gutted GR of all but a few buzzwords it'd be worthless, just like that buzzword extravaganza I called you a poe for saying.

    Wow, I do hope you're being a poe again, in that you're deliberately being ironic and hypocritical because otherwise you've just tried to present yourself as a 'peaceful person' after wishing I get tortured to death!

    Come on, you seriously can't have missed the hypocrisy in that one.

    Are you projecting or just trolling?

    I happen to be working on a problem in quantum chemistry at the moment. If you think what you've been spouting is anything close to the modelling power of mainstream quantum chemistry you're very much mistaken. Saying "Before I show you the math I'll show you an illustration" sounds like a cop out. Why wait till you have time to draw lots of pictures when you could just type out the relevant equations you've worked with right now? After all, if you're up to speed on it all you can just type it out off the top of your heard, right? Something tells me you can't.

    Besides, you have 2 weeks before you can post again. Why not spend that time doing all the maths in a .txt file so you can post it immediately when you get back?
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  3. Mazulu Banned Banned

    You are a professional who does quantum chemistry research, and gets paid for it. By solving the Schrodinger equation for the electric charges of atoms, one obtains valence bands, conduction bands, electronic shells, heat conduction and electrical conduction properties of materials. If quantum theorists didn't need wave functions to describe all of these properties, then wave functions would go away. Yet QM theorists retain wave functions because they describe nature very well.

    Question: Is it unreasonable to think that wave function are the real face of nature?
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  5. peters Registered Senior Member

    Question: Is it unreasonable to think that wave function are the real face of nature?
    The Bible says "pre-universe stuff, where space and energy are one thing, has a quiver of waves moving through it. These presumably have decayed into the waves in the arm of a spiral galaxy, weather patterns and even your daily eating habits. I say, What better way to measure a wave than with a wave function.
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  7. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Well, you've put it in quotes, so could you please be specific about where you think this little piece of bullshit exists?
  8. Believe Happy medium Valued Senior Member

    I'm guessing it comes from a bible fan fiction site.
  9. origin Trump is the best argument against a democracy. Valued Senior Member

    Yes I believe it us unreasonable. You keep repeating the same questions over and over without clarifying. If you mean that can we use the wave function to answer any question about nature the answer is: of course not!

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