Graphene-based device that could significantly increase wireless efficiency and speed

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    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne researchers have created a tiny, tunable, graphene-based device that could significantly increase the efficiency and speed of wireless communications. Newly developed device, which they named Graphene Quantum Capacitor (GQC), works at extremely high frequencies, delivering unprecedented results and could revolutionize on how “Internet of Things” devices connect and interact in the future.
    The results achieved with the device has been described by experts in the field as unprecedented. Data can travel at its fastest at high frequencies, but this is something not achievable by either MEMS or MOS capacitors. The new graphene-based solution aims to replace current tunable capacitors, a component found in all wireless devices. Other limitations of traditional tunable capacitors are their inability to be tuned using low energy, bad performance at high frequency and miniaturization limitations. The new device will overcome all of these shortcomings.

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