Golbal Energy Domination; so what's the difference?

Discussion in 'History' started by bradguth, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. bradguth Banned Banned

    Throughout history it's been a downright nasty job that demands the utmost despicable sort of dastardly warlordship, one that'll kick serious butt if that be necessary.

    Controlling global resources in that past wasn't so much about energy as it was pure and simple profit taking, whereas today everything is in one way or another about energy. Even the most social/political of everyday issues are essentially a ruse or hidden agenda, of ulterior motives based around energy, or of what having energy as opposed to not having enough is all about.

    Though we've tried and thus far apparently failed at 7 invasions of Cuba, however, the 8th attempt is going to be for keeps, especially if those poor bastards should acquire oil, as then all bets are off, unless China gets involved.

    In further regard to, and on behalf of Cuba, I've posted the following topic:

    "Barcardi buys governments, even the American government"

    Of which this Barcardi topic promptly received the sciforums "cesspool" award for sharing too much of the truth and nothing but the truth. As I'm fairly certain the flak over this next tpoic posted by "Jagger" is soon going to receive the very same demise;

    "USS Liberty...what really happened?" will likely be receiving the same cesspool boot.

    It seems the moderators of "sciforums" are not amused by the outside perspective of the truth and nothing but the truth, as they'd rather continue snookering the public in their own way, much like the rest of us are being snookered literally to death over those WMD, and of before then, by the thousands snookered to death by way of our resident warlord (GW Bush), in to thinking that just because we had received a formal "DECLARATION of WAR" from Osama bin Laden, and of seeing lots of devastating actions ever since, that as such there really wasn't anything to worry about. So, apparently we just kept those cold-war peddle to the metal on pursuit of our intent to dominate the world, or at least the energy portion of the world.

    Unlike the mainstream status quo, I'm actually not convinced that the TWA flight-800, which was supposed to have been the Tel Aviv flight, wasn't something related to our perpetrated plans of invading Iraq all along, as otherwise the manifest for the Tel Aviv flight would have become public.

    I'll suppose the likes of the scifourms moderators will soon have this "Global Energy Domination" subdued into their cesspool as well, thus proving that intellectual incest leads to real incest. In which case I'll create my own web pages that'll include whatever good/bad feedback.

    Meanwhile, here I come along with stupid notions of giving an actual damn about humanity, of suggesting upon my apparent illusions of instead of killing off the majority of Earth over the limited and spendy in terms of human carnage energy reserves, so that the few remaining folks should have sufficient energy, as an alternative I've posted the following topic upon obtaining clean energy, or else harsh population control may become our only way out:

    "Population control to conserve upon energy"

    I'm sure other folks will contribute their better ideas, or "what if" assumptions and/or fears on behalf of resolving various notions with regard to energy, of which humanity needs lots more of said energy than we've got to spare.

    Lo and behold, there's lots more (a bit far reaching) to share within my UPDATE page.
    Regards, Brad Guth (BBCI h2g2 U206251) http://guthvenus.tripod.com/update-242.htm
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  3. hypewaders Save Changes Registered Senior Member

    The Universe is bristling with energy, and centralized distribution is unnecessary.

    That's why it's ironic that the petroleum and zionist lobbies have American leadership so obsessively on this track, at a moment in time when peak oil is looming, energy innovation/diversification is prudent, and Israel is hardening to world opinion regarding ethnic segregation. Because the eras of petroleum bonanza, and of zionism enjoying world sympathy are each passing into history, betting the entire American farm on both will be very unfortunate.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2004
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  5. bradguth Banned Banned

    "betting the entire American farm on both will be very unfortunate."

    That's exactly why I thought we needed to do whatever is doable, within the existing levels of expertise, talents and resources on behalf of firstly utilizing our surplus weapons grade stockpiles as for relatively clean nuclear fuel that'll create and sustain the next few terawatts, but then also a focus upon our extracting lunar energy, or at least of establishing the LSE-CM/ISS tether dipole energy that's obviously renewable, as hopefully then comes fusion to our rescue, as obtained from lunar He3/3He that should take up the future energy slack.

    The moon represents something that's all together different, whereas there's loads of potential energy benefits, plus countless Earth sciences and of what the moon itself has to offer the near future of humanity: http://guthvenus.tripod.com/lunar-space-elevator.htm

    You mention the following;
    "The Universe is bristling with energy, and centralized distribution is unnecessary."

    Besides the 1400 watt/m2 that's solar influx upon the moon (19e12 * 1.4e3 = 26.6e15 watts, or 26,600 terawatts) and whereas such 1% worth of that is 266 terawatts by itself, is there any chance you can share a perception or specific knowledge base as to the numbers of what's existing in terms of electrical or EMF differential between Earth and our moon, such as in recession energy, and/or just of the sustainable differential regardless of whatever recession factors?
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