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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by kutthanand, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. *~PriNcesS~* Registered Member

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  3. *~PriNcesS~* Registered Member

    squirrel , have you heard the words of quran it's said it's god's words because no ther person at that time could possibly put all these perfect words together and they're not only have poetry and rhythm to all of the words but each word as a single word has so many meanings , it's beyond man's power, it's easy for us to say well now I can come up with this but since this was done long time ago when no one could come up with such meaningful words and yet so beautifully picked and put together it's a phenomena. just like holy bible we in current centuray can claim awww so I could come up with such thing and write somewhere that is been written by God, but this hasn't happened in place and time where people had education, it happened @ the time and place where people had barely any knowledge of poems and such meaningful words.and even if we say it was spoken through someone does it really matter? if that person is uneducated and can barely finish sentences how can they have any alterations to those words.I've heard the quran's songs and I've got chills even though had little idea about each and every words meaning .
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  5. *~PriNcesS~* Registered Member

    and since I believe god is a spirit it can be anything.
    you observe god base on your percepective and knowledge. to a snake god is a field of colord energy intensified. to ants god is a pheromone, to a child god is a mother, to a man god is a woman, to a woman god is a man....God is a friend in need and is a friend INDEED...is a protector...is a divine wisdom(father)...is a provider(father)..is a lover(husband,wife)...is a light to most nature creations... is anurisher(mother)...he is everything and nothing ~he is the light and darkness... he is Everything and nothing.
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  7. theoneiuse Theoneiuse Registered Senior Member

    For God is creation and creation is God
    God is the pattern that is life, the allower
    of life, the allowance of life to be created
    The pattern of God is purely Objective
    for he is the experiencer of all experienced
    of all creation of all created God is the Atemporal
    Point of view that is perfectly deterministic beyond
    shadow of a doubt ( beyond the shadow of ignorance) 1 the original and all there
    is, truth, for illusion is temporal
  8. Raithere plagued by infinities Valued Senior Member

    Yosef, I can't challenge your experience and don't desire to in any case. Though I would question your definition of "Truth". Other than that, be well.

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    The argument from incredulity is a logical fallacy.

    This is simply wrong. Poetry is as least as old as the written word and there is strong evidence that oral poetry is much older. The Vedas, for example, predate Muhammad by at least a good 1500 years. Even Islam maintains the existence of pre-Islamic poetry, calling it "the poetry from the period of ignorance (of divine guidance)".

  9. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    for the record princess..i am a believer, i do attend church, and love god..
    i do not love what religion has done to god, one of my biggest arguments is 98% of ppl who get 'turned off' god are ex catholics..(personal observations and questioning ex-church goers)..

    plus the reason for my faith is because i believe god has been with me my whole life whether i believed or not.. god has taught me lessons through others and through circumstances..once in awhile i can here him indirectly..the best description i can come up with for that is when someone says something to me, then i hear something on the radio about the same subject matter, and i over hear someone else talking about the same thing, there have been times in my life when ALL day was like that..no matter where i went or who i saw they were all talking about the same thing..
    it was not until i was 30 that i read the bible all the way through..so i consider most of what i learned about god was taught to me by god..the bible only confirms what he has taught me..so i do not view the bible as the WORD of god..IE i don't use it as a 'because it says X, that means i HAVE TO do it', i use it as a confirmation as to whether it is god teaching me or not..

    my point with yosef's comment is to use some discretion when viewing ANY religious texts and not get all obsessive about it being law..too many religions do this and have corrupted gods message, they have turned so many away from god and make ppl hate god for MANS interpretation of what it is about..

    so i am not trying to discredit the quran..actually i am interested in what it says as i believe god did not teach us everything we needed to know in one book..
    i think every major religion has a piece of the truth and it is just a matter of disscussing it in an intelligent manner to work out what that truth is..this will not happen with those who believe their bible to be the ONLY word of god..
  10. *~PriNcesS~* Registered Member

    Ouch did I offend you some how? I simply asked if you've heard it that's all, I didn't mean to say you're not a believer or such if I did offend you sorry had no intention !

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    and I'm an Ex-Muslim Ex-Christian Ex-budhism every single religion you name I've read about it found it in some ways useful but don't call myself a religious person I'm the type that if you ask I'd say I'm spiritual not religious, but I do believe that quran,bible and other religious books do have some truth to them and because their words are so rare I do believe there is something supernatural about them. I never said nore did I meant to accuse you of discrediting quran, I just wanted to know if you had heard anything of it that's all. like I said I had a rare experience when I heard it.
    and I do agree with you on being overobsessed with quran or bible in a way I think is good because it shows their compassionate about their religion. and maybe they just want to get to the buttom of it, and in so many ways is not good for health obsession is not a healthy way of living weather is obesession with cleaning,cooking,this case religion. And every religion must come up with laws and they do demand their followers to recognize and respect them as well.
  11. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    no you did not offend me..
    i just saw that you were new and wanted to give you some perspective to my posts..(saves alot of misunderstanding )

    i did not accuse you of anything, i do know how i can come across sometimes (hence the disclaimer about not trying to discredit)

    and as far as hearing from it..yosef has been the most that i have heard from it..i have given him some advice to make it easier to understand..(i am thinking of you, right yosef??) king james was NOT my favorite version of the bible and what i have seen here about the quran is it reads like king james version..and is harder to understand..
  12. Yosef Registered Senior Member


    I experience too that God teaches us about Himself and all creation through many channels. He is present and near always. The problem is that our selfish needs and sin can hinder our perception of His guidance and mercy.

    I am not saying that the Holy Quran is the only path to know God. I have read some parts of the Holy Bible. I find several formulations there pretty interesting. You can also know God, for example, by trying to change attitudes to people who are in dispute with you. We all make faults but sometimes we focus on our own feelings (against someone or something e.g. jealousy) and forget about the "bad" habits we have (in interaction with certain people). God multiplies good. A little from you can come back to you two-folds or much more (today, in a months time, or for eternity).

    As for the Quran and earlier revelations, the Quran itself talks about the earlier prophets and their teachings. It asks the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) to live their lives according to that which was revealed to their prophets. Not color, race, language, belief system should matter but reverence for the Lord (in the heart) and as it manifests itself on outward and inner behavior.

    "O ye folk! verily, we have created you of male and female, and made you races and tribes that ye may know each other. Verily, the most honourable of you in the sight of God is the most pious of you; verily, God is knowing, aware!"
    Source: Holy Quran - Apartments 49:13​

    The Arabic word used in the verse is "Nas" (الناس) which means people. He did not say: believers or Muslims but human beings.
  13. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    true that..
    i think it say seven times somewhere in the bible..
    i think this is saying the same thing..

    28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
  14. Yosef Registered Senior Member

    The idea that God does multiply good is present in several places in the Holy Quran. Here is what God says in chapter The Heifer:

    "(261) The likeness of those who expend their wealth in God's way is as the likeness of a grain that grows to seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains, for God will double unto whom He pleases; for God both embraces and knows. (262) Those who expend their wealth in God's way, then do not follow up what they expend by taunting with it and by annoyance, these have their hire with their Lord, and no fear is on them, neither shall they grieve. (263) Kind speech and pardon are better than almsgiving followed by annoyance, and God is rich and clement."
    (continues in next verses, translation by Edward Henry Palmer)​

    At the same time God says that a single wrong doing will be punished (unless believing and doing what brings God's mercy and forgiveness) as single wrong doing. Why should not we believe in such a generous God ?!
  15. theoneiuse Theoneiuse Registered Senior Member

    For God is the whole and we are the parts
    " the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts "
    finit"e" is "in"finite
    For life is a temporal experience but the
    Experiencer of it exist a-temporarily

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