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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by kutthanand, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. kutthanand Registered Senior Member

    If one is looking for explanations about god, that's one thing, and a never-ending argument, because... those who know, except for the Master, don't speak much at all... and those who speak much, as well as being far from the Master, just don't know, and their highest and most intriguing arguments basically rely on varying combinations and incorporations of all the other misleading concepts and explanations and confusion which has gone on before. Some of this fits well with preconceptions held by others and they, in turn, incorporate it into their uh, "understanding" or, on the other hand, argue against some points or other.
    What is the result? Look around in the world. Look at yourself. You see, everyone wants to be content and to have and feel peace in their lives, but we have been getting more and more removed from that possibility. We have wandered and we are wondering....

    So.... wonder/wander no more. It is very possible to come home again. It's a beautiful thing to get back to one's home after a long, tiring journey.

    How does one move from a million questions toward the answers? How can confusion and darkness be lessened/eliminated? In a dark room, all that is needed is to bring in the light, for example. And there is also a light which removes the human being's darkness and confusion and brings the experience of peace to one's heart and mind. Who brings that light and clarity of understanding?

    So, if one want's to know... free from cheat and deceit.. go to the source.
    One is also free to not go; to not know, but remain...

    Simple, now that it's been explained, eh?
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  3. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    There is nothing to be known. Thought is the source of all our discontent.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
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  5. quantumdarkness19 Registered Member

    In the beginning was the "word". The "word" is DIVINE INTELLECT. If there were no intelligence, then there couldn't have been someone to say in the darkness, "LET THERE BE LIGHT".
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  7. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I think you mythunderstood.
  8. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    God is... unnecessary
  9. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    god is...law.
  10. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    god is.. just dog spelled backwards...

    I believe in dogs..
  11. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    no man, you're just dyslexic, that's all.
  12. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    god is NOT dog spelled backwards??

    And thanks for the insult..Very "christian" of you.
  13. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member


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    i was just joking; lighten up. sheesh.
  14. krreagan Registered Senior Member

    A figment of mans imagination...

    God is... A figment of mans imagination originally posed to explain the unexplainable/unknowable! (thunder, lightning, disease, famine...). After a time is was discovered that the myth of god was a very powerful tool for controlling the masses! Fear is incredibly powerful! All it took was a little "believing" and the human race has been trying to climb out of the toilet called religious "truth" ever since!

  15. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    In one sense at least, the word 'God' probably means something like 'ultimate transcendence'. And somebody can probably make a pretty good argument that ultimate transcendence can't be captured in words and concepts.

    Is there truly any "Master"? (Somehow I doubt it. We're all just bozos on this bus.)

    I think that when purported "scriptures" or self-styled "masters" set out to somehow expound on, describe or explain God, what they are usually transmitting are the concepts of this or that historical religious tradition.
    You forgot to reveal one crucial bit of information -- namely who, or what, you think is "the source".

    God? If so which one (does it matter?) and how do humans go about contacting God from here in the material world? Our atman-style transcendental-selves? Some kind of cosmic world-soul? Being itself, without phenomenal qualities? Our essential Buddha-nature?

    Does the 'source' have any kind of cognitive content at all, or is it entirely an affective state of bliss or "light" or whatever?

    Do you recommend some sort of religious practice to accomplish this? How does a seeker avoid credulity and simply believing anything that makes him or her feel better? Is some kind of spiritual discernment necessary?
  16. JuNie Registered Senior Member

    God is...a pedophile, a rapist, a sexist, and a murderer. (according to his holy book)

    I'm probably leaving things out...
  17. Yosef Registered Senior Member

    "God! There is no God but He; the Living, the Eternal; Nor slumber seizeth Him, nor sleep; His, whatsoever is in the Heavens and whatsoever is in the Earth! Who is he that can intercede with Him but by His own permission? He knoweth what hath been before them and what shall be after them; yet nought of His knowledge shall they grasp, save what He willeth. His Throne reacheth over the Heavens and the Earth, and the upholding of both burdeneth Him not; and He is the High, the Great!"

    The above are not my own words. It is God describing Himself. The above is verse number 255 of chapter 2 "The Heifer" of the Holy Quran. The verse itself is called the "Verse of the Throne". Here is the revealed text (in Arabic, of course):

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    I believe God is the best source of information as to His own being. Of course, there are many more verses talking about God Himself in the Holy Quran.

    You can listen to the recitation (tartil) of the Verse of the Throne at this link:
  18. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    a fairy tale
  19. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    How do you know this is God talking? I could just as easily write a book that says something else about God.
  20. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    yosef same question..

    how do you know this is god speaking?
    lets ignore the fact that it is not spoken words..it is written..by who? god? or god through someone?..if the case of god through someone then it is subjective to the authors interpretation..

    i won't argue so much with whether those words are true or not..just the fact that you said GOD said that..

    also can you put that verse into your own words?
    (bold is a little confusing..)
  21. jmpet Valued Senior Member

    The entire Qu'ran is God talking- that part was Him describing Himself. "There is no god but God"- that is an easy concept to accept.

    As far as authentication, the Qu'ran is as holy as the Bible... they're both holy books.
  22. Yosef Registered Senior Member

    God says in many verses of the Holy Quran that it is a revelation by Him (sent down to Humanity by way of arch angel Gabriel on the heart of Prophet Muhammad peace upon him). He says also that the Books of Moses, Psalms of David and the Gospel are also revelations of God. God challenges the unbelievers to write something similar to the Holy Quran. Several verses ask the unbelievers to do that.

    There are verses talking about belief, duties, rights, prophets' stories (Joseph, David, Solomon, Abraham, John, Jesus and others). At the same time, there are verses talking about God. Some verses describe hell whereas others describe Paradise.

    God's higher name Allah (means "The God") appears 2699 times in the whole Holy Quran. It is unimaginable that someone would write a book of 6236 verses, in eloquent language, fabricate an Author (named God) and attribute the whole work to that entity. Why should any human being bother to do that ?!

    Did you know, btw, that some verses of the Holy Quran criticize Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ?! As in the story of the blind man and the divorce of Zayd bin Haritha ?!

    It is only the true Author who can do that. It is only God who can write a Book with His higher name mentioned 2699 times. In addition, the word Lord appears over 950 times. Many verses mention God by using some of His 99 names (The Merciful, The Great, The Forgiver, The All Knowing and others). Complete list can be found here: http://www.islamicity.com/mosque/99names.htm

    I hope this was informative. I wish you Eid Mubarak (Happy Holiday).
  23. scifes In withdrawal. Valued Senior Member

    oh lori, you're precious

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