God can only help, not hurt - Japan Earthquake, and the religious response.

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by spidergoat, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Thoreau Valued Senior Member

    I still stand by my statement. The battlefield, of all places, is not a place for the distraction of religious belief. If you want to pray, then pray. But do so when your life isn't on the line. Again, its counterproductive and a waste of time. You're there to do a job, one of which your life and the lives of others depend on your responsiveness and performance.. In the heat of battle, the only thing I want to be hearing is my fellow comrades gun firing. If I instead hear prayer, that means he's not doing his job and is increasing the risk of injury or death to both himself and me. That's not someone I'd ever want to serve with. Pray on your own time, not mine.
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  3. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    You know that Bhagavad gita was spoken on a battlefield?

    And that the main player, arjuna, was reluctant to fight for a host of materialistic reasons?
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  5. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    1) on the grounds that god realization incorporates a more complete sense of self and reality - granted that one can have a host of other attachments as well as god, which can effectively compete with each other ... but that is something else aside from unalloyed attachment.

    2) actually you are talking about placing one's center of existence in a body that took place in a particular environment and which will shortly cease to exist - granted that it bears some relationship with the self, but its not a complete one nor is it one that is capable of encapsulating all altruistic endeavors (since its necessarily limited)

    3) One can achieve a higher state, but only within the confines of upadharma - IOW there is no scope for moving beyond conditioned existence of birth, death, old age , disease etc in a temporary world.

    4) Ok then, so you were not talking about a moral code as applied to god and the living entity but rather conditioned life (at least in my dictionary). But regardless, the same problems of veracity exists within the myriad of buddhist schools so you are stuck in the same pinch.


    (BTW since we can't even indicate a discipline of knowledge that is taught and followed on the one level, I think its pretty absurd to expect religion to deliver it on that level, since the variety is a thousandfold more amongst the learning levels.)
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