Gimme the meaning of Eternal and Infinite

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Litlle phylosopher, Feb 26, 2002.


Did the universe start:

  1. By God?

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  2. By a chemical reaction?

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  3. By big banging

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  4. it never started, it is infinite

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  1. Hoth Registered Senior Member

    The planets can be anywhere and seemingly everywhere within a region at any instant? The planets have spins that cause them to pair up? The planets pop in and out of existence? I don't get the analogy.

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    Anyway, an infinite god where parts of the universe (the bad parts) aren't god is inconsistent with the meaning of infinite. If you want a consistent idea of a god, maybe try Spinoza's definition of the entire universe itself being god and nothing but god.
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  3. zaleia Registered Member

    when speaking about the planets mirroring the quantum world of the atom, i mean, how the electrons circle the nucleus. I don't mean to include the detailed distinctions that seperate their mirror image. Our atom doesn't operate through a line of shimmering electrons etc.. but by circling a nucleus as the planets circle the sun.. i ment it to be very general..

    To say that god incompases everything that could ever be and ever was, and that this knowledge of evil does exist in the mind of god (which is infinite) is true to me. But, it does not mean that god directly created this evil or that god is this evil. Evil exists as a byproduct of free will.
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  5. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Little Philosopher,

    Your question is easily answer if more than one Universe exists and that our Universe is inside a Multiverse. Then, ideas such as Universe Reproduction are probable (I'll post a new thread on that later...).

    Since time as we know began after "10^-44 sec" after the Big Bang (we can't divide it more than that). Before that, there was no time. The Universe space-time was all folded. Space and time were one, there was no difference between them. It was something like sigularity...

    Your problem in a Multiverse would be much more simpler once the Universes born in the Multiverse. Then, time for a new-born Universe would be like time for a baby. And for an old Universe, for an adult. Time is an illusion. It only exists because light has an specific time to travel from a point to another. If the speed of light were infinite, there would be no time...

    One link about it :

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  7. Aware watcher Registered Senior Member

    welcome to the forums

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    it is extremely hard for me to understand the concept that the essence of our existance is infinite. but in seeing the flip side which is of some type of beginning to all, i can't fathum either. i, being human, say to myself that something must create something. but if i view the idea of there to be a beginning, then in my opinion, none of us would be conversing with each other right now. therefore the only other explanation is that of the infinite theory. something, whether u call it "God" or a type of energy, has and will always exist. this must be true unless there is another anowledgy we as human beings cannot see. We only see two, that of an infinite universe, and that of one which had a beginning. is there a third possibility?
  8. ImaHamster2 Registered Senior Member

    Yes there is a third possibility and a forth, etc. Human intuition is formed from experience with the macroscopic world. Concepts outside the human experience base won’t occur to a human. It is likely there are many other possibilities. As humans delve deeper into reality and expand the human experience base, new possibilities may be conceived by a human. Other possibilities may forever be beyond human imagination. ("Other" is a favorite hamster multiple choice selection.)

    As to your specific question, people have postulated closed circular universes, i.e. finite without a beginning. (Or a two-phase repeating universe with the present phase satisfying entropy requirements.)

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