Germany & France are to blame for the Iraq War!!

Discussion in 'World Events' started by vincent, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member


    hehehe u think im a redneck because im from TN dont you? your the one getting all heated up on my steriotypes and look at yourself!

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    u wanna honestly know my "culture" well im a descendant of Norway and SWWWWWEEEEEDDDEEEN<cool country..
    anywho, my mom was born in oregon and my dad in PA. so lets look and see what you said.
    redneck piece of trash i thinK?
    hmm i hate rednecks. piece of trash? my dad worked hard to get where we are. our house was a wee bit over 300,000 grand. which i am proud to say not too rich yet not a 2,000 trailer home :bugeye:

    and about their language, if you hear a man speak in French. he has a highpitched voice. and their alphabet is basically sex noises.. ah, oo, uhh, and ew (pronounced in a weird throat vibration, it doesnt actually sound like eww)
    and you know France is filled with fragile pussies. in ww2 they tried to allie with germany right before they attacked. They barely even fought after the bombing of London.
    so next time you defend France, make sure your sexuality is in check, and make sure you know about the damn country, before u critize

    P.S. those bastards are rude as fuck. if your american they will ignore you, give you rong directions, and one of them spit on my friends shoes.
    also most of their women consist of naturalists(if you know hwat i mean)
    and thats true, not a random steriotype, he said most French women dont shave. NOW WHY WOULD YOU FUCK A FRENCH GIRL WITH MORE ARMPIT HAIR THAN U!?!

    now, u may respond to that.

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  3. outlandish smoki'n....... Registered Senior Member

    great, another northern euro untermensch.

    have you ever fucked a french woman?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2005
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  5. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member

    hehe your trapped arent you buddy?
    no more harsh insults.

    just making stupid comments *yawn*

    well this conversation is dead.
    first im a southerner now im a stupid northerner
    where the fuck are you from? OUTLANDish
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  7. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member


    You call 25,000 dollars not a incentive, in a country of 90% unemployment
    where the average age is less than a 100 dollars aweek.

    Considering 35 million dollars was paid in in less than 2 years, alot of people took him up on his offer, did they not homeboy.

    When you put a 25,000 dollar bounty on another mans head, what do you call
    that dkb218, in your view this is not encouragement.

    If your next door neighbour, puts a 25,000 dollar bounty on your head, how would you feel homeboy, mad at your next door neighbour, would you feel your next door neighbour is encouraging people to kill you, by putting a price on your head.

    Get the picture homeboy, are should i draw a picture, with dots and you can join them up.
  8. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    You're american then... don't feel shame, you can say it! It could be worth... Ah no it can't! Sorry "Sam"...
    When was your last journey in France? That's so stupid : I can't find this information in your posts...
    He said that...? Did he said that he fucked about 50 models in a night too? What a cool guy!
    No, he was luky : in general we fuck and kill the americans (or kill and fuck... it depends...) but not without eating a good old frog!!!
    ...if he saw it! It must be true!
    I saw an american woman once : she was very fat!!! I guess (I should say "I know") that all the american women are fat! "NOW WHY WOULD YOU FUCK A AMERICAN GIRL MORE FAT THAN A COW!?!"

    You're a great funny guy. Thanks for the joke! Lol for the weekend...

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  9. dkb218 Banned Banned

    dah...... :bugeye:

    Here's the thing: Your mixing truth with falsehood.

    Your little anology about the neighbour has a minor flaw...Suddam did not put a bounty on anyones head. He did not force or ask anyone to kill or be killed.

    Let me give you a little analogy: 17 US Marines were killed in fighting last week. Bill gates gave each of the families $100,000. Did Bill Gates encourage anyone to get themselves killed? A few thousand people died on 9/11. The US government - in an act unprecedented - gave substantial amounts of money to there relatives. Did the US government encourage anyone to get killed?

    Maybe you're gonna have to draw that picture. I like playing connect the dots. And before one of you dot connectors out there think I'm defending Saddam - NO. It's the truth that I defend. I wanted Saddam gone since the day the US put him office. Puppets should be done away with.
  10. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member

    ok. im amercian. dont wet yourself, im proud.

    2), u dont have to go to their country to hear their language, jesus. Use your BRAIN for THINKING, like michale moore uses his DICK for DOUGHNUTS.

    3), u act like sex is a crime? why? its ok if u have never touched female anatomy. its really going to be okay.

    4), how come u keep on defending them when you have never lived there, wasn't born there, or is it flat-out-no-reason-at-all?

    5), you don't think we dont have fat women? but do fat women make up 99.9% of our population? no.. have u ever seen an extremely hot french woman? if so, PLEASE send me a pic, i'd love to see it. i could give you plenty of sources of hott, American models/ actresses/ who ever.

    6) the steriotypical american woman, well.. it beats any other country :/

    7) What is France even COMPARED to the US?
    give three GOOD examples.

    8) If French people are so rude to Americans.. how come that doesn't bother you?
    if your not american, i can see why. and if you are not american than have you ever been to the states?

    9)If your of a different culture, give me your steriotypical woman. gee... thanx.
  11. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    1) lol

    2) I was not talking about the language but about the culture/life style... so you should follow your own advice.

    3) You should really follow your advice!

    4) ??? I'm French...

    5) Well...

    6) lol, now you becoming better and better! Great joke but you should put your head out of your ass... Hollywood is not USA! (It's not even the real world... sorry, someone had to tell you the truth!).

    7) 11/9 : we have less enemies... I wonder why! Oh I know, I know... you know why!!! We are cowards and you are heroes that save their "friends" from their "different" lives. Of course... you know what's good for them! And they thank you! But wait a minute! You're not helping in Iraq?!! Are you a bad american, or a good "froggy"?
    Food : yours is a joke!
    History : 200 years old, what a old house!!! Of course it's not made with wood like the others!!! So much History for one country, that's incredible!

    8) Thanks not... (I should have said "thanks to God, no" but we don't use him/her in every sentence - we are a bad country

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    ) I have better to do : Europe, Asia, Islands... However if you want to use it to say that I don't know your country then just read your post first... I just reply.

    9) I don't know how you can honestly answer this question... my girlfriend maybe. :bugeye:
  12. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member

    well you only answered about one of those questions. Your French.
    So have you been to the USA? you probably have, but have you lived here?
    and why are you proud of French History. The only thing you have thats close is Napolean. congrats on your strong history! really, im proud!
    -dont forget WW2 how we saved yalls asses. If we never liberated Paris, you would probably be speaking German, because i doubt the Russians would save you.
    and theres no way you can offend that statement, its true. we liberated most of your country. be thankful, ass hole
    - our food is a joke?

    america- hamburgers, hot dogs, basic luncheon
    france- truffels, caviar(dont no how to spell it :/), and what ever you waste money on.

    here in america, we eat pigs.

    wow, i would be SO embarrased to defend that.
  13. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    what the fuck are you two talking about?
  14. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member

    he was defending his heroic country and he displayed a comment as such below

    but in France, they have Truffel expeditions. They take a trained pig out in the woods, at days on end, to sniff under tree roots for this type of mushroom er fungi, called Truffels. They are very expensive and eloquent. Trufells in France can be as expensive as living in a NY apartment for 6 years.

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  15. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    They look for trufells in russia aswell, without the pig though. I dont see as there being anytihng wrong with it, their very tasty. And there are hundreds of types of wild mushrooms, not just one. People in britain and america call the whole lot trufells because they cant diferenciate between the sorts.
  16. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    For those denouncing france's military:
    You obviously haven't read into the past 1500 years...ever hear of Charlemagne, a.k.a Charles I of Francia (Frankish Kingdom/Empire/H.R.E)?
    And France didn't get directly involved in the Iraq War because they didn't benefit from it. What reason would they have to get thier sons killed if they would not gain anything in the process?
  17. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    not to mention, france saving america's ass from the british, during their war for independence. If it wasnt for them you would'nt exist right now.
  18. Mr.Jack4WAR Hating the Hated Registered Senior Member

    Are you kidding me? We had the British beat, the French stopped the British from returning to their country.
    Haha, they were helping, yes. but not saving.
    If it wasn't for France, then Britain may have a few more ships to put in a museum.
    Thankyou France.
    Who knows what would become of the world with a beat, tired British Navy.
  19. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    No...If France hadn't helped us in our war for independance, we would've gotten our asses fucking whupped.
    France supplied us with some 85% of our gunpowder, 75% of our cannons, and 50%-60% of our muskets. Without them, we would all be British right now...and probably better off, too.
  20. Hurricane Angel I am the Metatron Registered Senior Member

    Uh napoleon was the last one to take over all of Europe and you act like its nothing.

    Holy shit, I can't wait for september so you go back to your school and start spending most of your time in the sandbox again.

    Remember our discussion? You know nothing, you're an idiot, don't speak. The only thing you're good at is changing the debate into a shit throwing contest. By insulting anyone who rebutes your mentally challenged posts.

    Stop talking like you know anything about ww2. You didn't save anyone, you joined when the war was already starting to look bad for germany and they had to start conscripting little children your age.

    Uh? You do know that every food in America comes from Europe, Asia, or Africa? The only thing original to america are...... tacos, lol.

    Personally I can't believe i wasted my time making a long winded reply to a forum troll *sigh*.
  21. Odin'Izm Procrastinator Registered Senior Member

    Your rebel troops were trained by a prussian general, your ammunition, guns, cannons, were supplied by the french.

    I suggest you go to junior-high and learn history there, as you obviously know very little about your own country.
  22. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    "Your French"... ???
    Anyway, I've never been to the USA (as I already said) and I didn't said I was proud of French History but that we have a real one, not a "we went there and then we went there... but nothing new at home". How may wars? and how many wars on your ground? Anyway we're not here to see "who has the longest"...
    Waiting until 1941 to begin to react... after the only attack on your ground (until 9/11 if you want)... thanks! For your information, what did the GIs was great but it's different from what Bush is doing in Iraq and I expect you to have a brain so that I will not have to lose my time explaining it (to free an invaded country or to change a governement)!
    Mainly dogs are used to find it but anyway, that's the most expensive food in the world and I'm not expecting you to understand why someone will pay or take time to cook while you will buy a hot dog! Culture, culture, culture...
    Oh, guess what? When we will have eat all the frogs, maybe that we will try to eat pigs. Is it good? (It was a joke - just in case you would be limited).
    You are for Bush and the war in Iraq and you tell us that you are! So I guess you can't be embarrased by anything!
  23. mouse can't sing, can't dance Registered Senior Member

    It's difficult to compare nations, which have such a different history (or lack thereof) and culture. However, i can't resist to give some, but certainly not all, notable points about France:

    Invented and deployed the metric system, widely adopted by many nations and the scientific community in general. It actually has a well thought-out system, in contrast with this whole feet, miles, nautical miles, yards business other countries indulge in.

    Huge contributor for Airbus and the European Space Agency. The first is serious competition for Boeing, the latter is responsible for about 50 percent of commericial satellite launches to geostationary transfer orbit.

    France also gave birth to a number of notable scientists, among which:
    André-Marie Ampère, one of the men responsible for giving us the understanding of electromagnetism.
    Louis de Broglie, his theories not only gave us a deeper insight of fundamental physics, but also led to the invention of the electron microscope.
    Louis Pasteur, who made the first vaccins possible.

    France is often a participant in huge engineering projects. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    The Eurotunnel, connecting the UK and France by a train tunnel,
    The Concorde, the first supersonic jet-liner,
    The Millau motorway, one of world's the tallest bridges.

    Oh, by the way: "France is technically the 5th largest foreign investor in the U.S. ($143 billion, 10,4% of total FDIs), but is virtually tied with Japan, Germany and the Netherlands at the 2nd position." (source: French Embassy in the US). Be careful not to scare off any foreign investors. You need them.

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