George Potter's Frontierism

Discussion in 'World Events' started by foadi, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. foadi Registered Senior Member

    I have long maintained that the earthbound hordes of humanity will never see the end of the State. This is because I see the problem of statism as a population density effect. The more humans who live and work in a small geographic area ( cities, in other words), the more virulent the demand for an overarching statist solution to the problems that naturally arise when basically self-interested, variously skilled and talented individuals co-exist. The reason for this is quite simple - population density equals a higher crime rate without fail, due to simple logic of increased opportunity. Rather than become a responsible individual and take the precaution of creating an armed, polite society, the lazier of the population will demand regulators and heavier security administered from a central point. Anyone who has lived in both urban and rural areas will know exactly what I'm talking about. The ironic thing is that - as most libertarian/anarchist minded folks are well aware - the increase of regulation in search of security not only does not effectively discourage real crime (measurable damage against persons and property), it also creates a monopoly on force that seeks to gain ever increasing hegemony for itself - leading to the classification of voluntary, non-other damaging actions as "crimes".

    Even the simplest perusal of human history points to the market (the sum total of human interactions, and the goods and services created by those interactions) as the only true arbiter of freedom. In fact, one may posit that the more access to an unhindered market is available, the more freedom of action and opportunity exist for a given population. If one posits a system where the only 'regulation' is a mutual agreement between individuals not to defraud or use force to obtain the possessions and labor of another, one can extrapolate a society where true freedom is the norm. This will never, of course, be accomplished by a state in any form. A state - being the embodiment of a desire to shun personal responsibility and the ever-present duty of defending one's own self from force and fraud - exists to hinder human action, therefore hindering the market. The state is a vast, multi-leveled tool used by a parasitic cadre of individuals who's only purpose is to hinder human interaction! The state's answer to any problem is always 'hinder more actions', despite the fact that many of the problems arise from state hindrance of the market in the first place! (see The War On Drugs, and the increase in burglaries/muggings/theft thanks to victim disarming "gun control" laws.) It is in the states best interest for the crime rate to soar. It is in the states best interest for people to live in poverty and clamor for welfare. It is in the states best interest to create enemies who attack and kill it's citizen. It is in the states best interest to maintain and make compulsory public schools that produce ignorant, rote-spouting citizens who are unable to use critical reasoning to solve even the simplest of problems. This gives the state a reason to exist, and a reason to grow, and a mass of ignorant true believers who will demand it's existence and encourage it's growth.

    I have come to accept the rise and growth of states as a natural phenomena, triggered by population density and the inherent non-equality of the human race. To most of my friends this is an almost heretical conclusion - I've been more or less denounced by people I respect and like because of this conclusion. The point they refuse to see is that the formation and growth of states actually serves to create anarchistic pressure to flee the grip of control and therefore is the main impulse in the settlement of new frontiers. The driving force for the expansion of humanity. The invisible hand that widens the market.
    Human society MUST expand, so long as we live in a world of resources and scarcity. The earth - as vast and abundant as it is - is but a speck in the cosmos. Outside this cradle lies the rest of the universe, infinite to our still limited senses, waiting to be claimed and put to use. The grand stage on which the drama of the market, the story of human action, will be played out.
    The hardcore space-socialists tell me that private exploitation of off planet resources can never be opened to the masses. They have a common reason: it's dangerous. This always makes me laugh. What frontier isn't dangerous? What frontier isn't settled on the blood and bones of the brave and foolhardy, the desperate and the contrary? Frontierists are by nature anarchistic.
    Anarchy is dynamic. Statism is static. The human waveform is a naturally expanding sphere, anarchist on the wavefront, decaying into statism within. The true beauty is that there is always a place for the frontierist to depart when the grip grows too tight. It will not be easy. Nothing worth having is ever easy. It is the supreme challenge facing the human race - and the question in every seekers mind is simple: Is it worth it?
    I say it is.

    The only solution to statism - and the only hope for the survival of this human species - is a dynamic, expansionist human society with an unlimited frontier.
    The answer to statism is to open the frontier to immigration.
    I'll see you in the NEO belt!

    Great essay.

    - Rex Kahili
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  3. Microzoft Registered Senior Member

    You are merely posting some one else’s work, but in a forum, ..what’s your comment and where is the link?

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  5. foadi Registered Senior Member

    Yes, a good friend of mine by the name of George Potter wrote this.

    I commented on it, can't you see? I said "Great essay." There isn't a link, because this essay was never posted as an article anywhere. It has only been posted on other forums.

    - Rex Kahili
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