"Gay Face"

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by superstring01, May 23, 2009.

  1. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    OH. MY. GOD. Like, the first thing I thought when I saw him was like, "GAWD! He TOTALLY has gay face!" Giggle giggle.
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  3. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    I don't know about laughter and crinkled noses, but the study clearly mentioned isolating eyes and mouths. And you say 'fact of the matter is that no one knows because none exist'. Is it just me, or are you ignoring the fact that the study makes such a claim for two important facial features???

    I must remind you, however, that it isn't MY study. I'm not necessarily making any claims, I'm only supporting the fact that the researchers found eyes and mouths significant indicators.
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  5. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Interesting. Makes sense, but I'm not familiar with any such studies. Do you have any links or references?

    I will say that I personally was never all that exuberant or expressive, at least not consistently through my childhood or life. I can very often have a mostly somber expression, unless I'm in a good bubbly mood.

    Expressiveness isn't a quality I honestly feel can be restricted to homosexually oriented guys. It may be more common, but not exclusive. My experience has been that definitely some are, and they tend to be flamboyant and more effeminate.

    I wonder though if an aptitude for drama (as in acting) or some type of performing art (music, dance, leprechaun-and-satyr impersonation, etc.) or oratory skills would naturally go hand in hand with facial expression? That sounds like a reasonable assumption, too.
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  7. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    pays to keep in mind the religo nut bars are very vocal and have allot of money(and weapons) and bribe anyone they can to try and make laws to inflict their religious dogma on everyone.

    free speech that can counter this type of attempted religious genocide has only recently been considered normal in mainstream society.

    OBVIOUSLY those who do have enough brain cells to rub together to make a fire know homosexuality is not only a reality of all animals(humans included) but is in fact just as intrinsically defined as the male and female gender through brain chemistry and body development.

    question <> does this colour and font seem difficult to read ?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  8. codanblad a love of bridges Registered Senior Member

    i thought it explained that pretty well, certain facial expressions are more or less frequently used by gays/straights, which affects musculature. gays more likely to tan, to twease their eyebrows, to use moisturisers etc.
  9. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    that definition is based purely on presentation.
    as soon as you go into places like new york and other dense population centres where presentation is considered a vital part of life and business then all that flies out the window so there for must be invalidated as it has no actual reference to sexual orientation.

    the disparity between males and females based on how well they look after their own health and presentation is not a sexual orientation issue but an evolutionary issue.
    the more evolved they are the better they will look after themselves.
    it is fairly obvious to me but then i have spent a fair bit of professional and private time around a good mix of all different types of people.
  10. codanblad a love of bridges Registered Senior Member

    i need to mention that i'm not ruling out that genetics might link appearance with gay tendencies

    its not purely presentation, but also the effects of presentation. what is your opinion on this: "Rather, the use of certain expressions can become ingrained in the musculature of the face over time... effeminate gay men utilize similar facial expressions as women, they develop female aging and muscle contraction patterns in their face"

    i'd still argue that gay men maintain a higher level of presentation etc. than their straight counterparts, and a greater likelihood to be engaged in certain types of presentation - moisturising, tweasing, tanning as opposed to just being hygienic and clean cut.

    but this isn't about the disparity between men and women, i don't understand the relevance.

    seeing as looking after yourself better ought to lead to better reproduction/survival rates, you're using a circular argument. i think you've kind of gone off topic, but maybe i'm just misunderstanding something.

    how well you look after yourself depends on heaps of different things, such as values, self worth, vanity etc. which have more to do with personality, personal experience and social/cultural etc. norms/expectations. rather than inheritable characteristics and i don't think it has to do with evolution.

    how do you explain 70% accuracy, assuming that the study was effective in removing stereotypical features?
  11. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    no, but it does make you look fat.
  12. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    So you're making the claim that you've come into contact with people at different stages of evolution?
    How long have you been alive?
    Or are you assuming that people who spend more time grooming themselves for social appearances are more evolved?
  13. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member


    i am saying i have had a great deal of experience mixing in social private lifes of people from a vast range of different cultures.

    and in conjunction with that as a result of that experience have found a direct correlation between those who spend more time around others in social-professional type settings where they are meeting different people all the time and carry their reputation with them into private affairs as well as professional affairs spend more energy and give more attention to those who do not.

    i am asserting that if you define grooming as being a indicator to sexual orientation then i suggest you have not mixed with a very wide range of people and will more likely identify with stereo types as being the nature of personality of any person defined by a condition that you then post attach to an indicator then post attach to an assumption of fitting that group prior to you being aware of it in the first place.

    im not sure which country your in but in my country sexual orientation is allot more widely accepted as not being a stereo typical judgment of the observer.
    that said we too have our bigoted back waters and places where anything outside the christian mainstream small minded approach to humanity is considered to be fair target for what ever they feel throwing at them.

  14. Oli Heute der Enteteich... Registered Senior Member

    But not different stages of evolution.

    So you're talking about cultural differences, not evolutionary ones.

    Which I didn't, and don't.
    YOU identified grooming with evolutionary advance, not sexual orientation.
    I didn't bring sexuality into it.

    And apart from being incoherent you're also making incorrect assumptions.

    Since you don't know which country I'm in then you cannot possibly say that in your country it's a lot more widely accepted, because you don't know what is regarded as stereotypical where I live.
    Nor can you make valid statements on how I judge.
    And how can you claim that "sexual orientation is based on the judgement of the observer"?
    If I decide someone is gay/ straight/ lesbian/ bi does that change their orientation?

    And now you're making comments about "bigoted backwaters".
    Where did they come into the equation?
    Or are you assuming once more?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  15. codanblad a love of bridges Registered Senior Member

    rippledeath, could you find time to address post 107?
  16. Giambattista sssssssssssssssssssssssss sssss Valued Senior Member

    Homosexuality, or at least the appearance of it, IS indeed a reality present in numerous species in the kingdom.
    As for your second assertion, I don't know if it's that simple.

    Colour coordination, eh? I'm really starting to wonder about your sexual preference!:itold:
  17. Meursalt Comatose Registered Senior Member

    As much as I never, ever thought I'd agree with Orleander on anything at all...
    That's me too.

    Except maybe for Richard Simmons. Come on.
  18. codanblad a love of bridges Registered Senior Member

    my gaydar is pretty useless, i think i was the last person in my group to find out my mate was gay. and that was after the blow jobs. it is actually quite impaired though. it works well on girls though, cos every chicks a lesbian when she's drunk anyway.
  19. takandjive Killer Queen Registered Senior Member

    No. Stupid coeds will make out with other stupid coeds when drunk, but this does not a lesbian make.
  20. queernclueless Registered Member

    Thoughts are Things

    thoughts are things-that's some 'advice' from my gay friend. i'm gay but clueless about that and most anything. i graduated from a great college cuz i like to learn but i'm not an intellectual. there are tons of exceptions to any rule. like the one i'm about to post which i believe-MAYBE it isn't that there's a clearer iris in a gay eye or an obvious calculating predatory look or maybe there is but whatever it is it's a thought that's a thing OTHER THAN the usual straight man thoughts of a motor, a ball, a tv, or a gun.

    Some straight men are preoccupied with sex and some have that surprised look to be funny in pictures, but generally you can bet he's mostly got his mind on big rims, big screens, big fried meat, big tits, etc. other things make him big.

    Maybe no one including me has found any one thing gays say with their eyes.

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