Gasoline powered gun?

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by ElectricFetus, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. ElectricFetus

    ElectricFetus I'm just going for a walk...

    Has anyone ever hear of a Gasoline powered gun, probably a bb gun that runs of gasoline by way of linear piston?
  2. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    No, but there's plenty of info on butane or hairspray powered spud launchers on the www.

    I wonder what the recoil would be like from a small piston, from say, a lawnmower engine, ..... I guess having to have some sort of injector/carburettor and electronic ignition/coil would make the thing a little large for just powering a BB?
  3. Facial

    Facial Valued Senior Member

    Never heard of it, but it'll make a pretty powerful weapon.
  4. ElectricFetus

    ElectricFetus I'm just going for a walk...

    Ok it would work like this: a bb is loaded into the barrel, behind it is the combustion chamber/ breach and behind that is the piston, the piston is pulled back loading gasoline into a small syringe like chamber (carburetor) behind the piston, the piston is attached to a spring, it’s a linear piston no wheel just a spring, when the trigger is pulled the piston is released and flies into the breach of the barrel, when the piston is stop by the breach it locks in and the syringe chamber collapses from inertia injecting the gasoline into the combustion chamber through a atomizer, a electric spark generated by the moving piston and linear alternator (such things you can find on long butane lighters) ignites the gasoline in the breach, firing the bb, the blow back unlocks the piston and pushes it back restarting the process. When the piston retracts the breach is opened and fresh air can come into the combustion chamber. Also the syringe chamber fills back up with gasoline via a weight or spring. The gun can fire full auto or semi auto, gasoline is cheaper then CO2 cartridges and most likely can provide more energy per mass and volume (so more bbs can be launch on a single tank of gas) also the amount of gasoline the syringe intakes can be varied so you can control how much fuel is used per bb and thus how fast the bbs go. Ethanol, methanol and propane modes can also existed.
  5. Neildo

    Neildo Gone

    Great, more reliance on gasoline. :p

    - N
  6. Facial

    Facial Valued Senior Member

  7. ElectricFetus

    ElectricFetus I'm just going for a walk...



    thank you, hope you will vote for me.

    HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out....

    Well, let me tell ya, WellCookedFetus, there are these people who live about ten miles from me, that run a salvage yard.............a really nutty bunch!...

    So anyhow, about 5 years ago..or so............I heard that one of them had had built a small cannon out of some 1 inch ID (or so), thick walled pipe, and put auto engine lifters (cam lifters) in the pipe projectiles! They(he) had used an automobile fuel injector (CFI injector) to fuel the cannon & an automobile ignition coil to ignite the damn thing ! ! !

    From all accounts it worked, although probably not very accurate!

    Seems like he (Salvage Yard Guy) was getting prepared to fend off an eminant attack from aliens from Venus........or some sh*it![​IMG]

    Anyhow, I guess the main reason why gasoline isn't seriously used has to do with the fact that it is relatively slow burning. I don't have the figures (burn rates), but gas simply doesn't explode as quickly as even the old blackpowder, to say nothing of today's smokeless powders used in modern rifles.

    Sure, gasoline would work, but it just doesn't deliver the punch of modern gun powders.[​IMG]....but it will work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. ElectricFetus

    ElectricFetus I'm just going for a walk...

    how about propane?

    HOWARDSTERN HOWARDSTERN has logged out....

    Stinks too bad...
  11. Gifted

    Gifted World Wanderer

    gunpowder's easier and safer.
  12. C4 is nice, and you can make sculptures with it. :m:
  13. ElectricFetus

    ElectricFetus I'm just going for a walk...

    gunpowder smells pretty bad, I been around Propane engines they don't smell that bad at all.
  14. Sci-Phenomena

    Sci-Phenomena Reality is in the Minds Eye

    Truly natural gas isn't naturally smelly, they stink it up so if it leaks, you can tell its leaking...
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