Ganesh drinking Milk???

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by neal4real87, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. neal4real87 Registered Member

    Video-- Ganesh Drinking milk

    Do you believe in it? My indian friend told me about it... One of my fellow white friends saw it at his house in 1995-96.
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  3. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    I was wondering about this too.
    I heard about this about a year ago, and know very little about it.

    I was wondering what the skeptics and believers both had to say about it.
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  5. DEVARSHY Registered Member


    Attributed to scientific phenomena like surface tension... some people tried to refute it, but I guess you can refute phenomena but in a country like India and a religion like Hinduism... you can never refute or dilute people's faith.

    I still remember going to College that day, 21st September 1995, and was aghast at the unusually long serpentine ques outside every Temple I passed.Then It was on TV and everybody left their offices and colleges straight to the nearest Milk Booth to buy milk and run to any Temple with a Ganesha Statue.There was a shortage of milk everywhere, and rumours That unusual wishes Like "Blind men seeing" coming true.

    I guess It can be compared to the phenomena that happenned with The Mother Mary statues when they suddenly appeared to be Crying with tears in their eyes. and Vatican had sent Bishops to Investigate.... Madonna made a "Blasphemous(?)" Video on that called "Like a Prayer".

    Anyway, It subsided in three days and Lord Ganesha apparently had had Enough and stopped drinking any more milk.some people said that actually almost all the statues were white and made of marble and the milk always flowed down the side of His Trunk and was camouflaged on the white marble.... so no one saw it flowing and thought it was being absorbed into the statue when offered with a spoon.

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  7. DEVARSHY Registered Member

    Hindu statues drinking milk

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    The biggest worldwide miracle in the previous decade happened when Hindu statues drank milk on 21. 9. 1995. Never before in history has a simultaneous miracle occurred on such a global scale. Television stations (among them CNN and BBC), radio and newspapers (among them Washington post, New York Times, The Guardian and Daily Express) eagerly covered this unique phenomenon, and even sceptical journalists held their milk-filled spoons to the statues of gods - and watched as the milk disappeared.

    The media coverage was extensive all over the world, and although some scientists and 'experts' (but not all since some of them witnessed it themselves and reported "an authentic miracle") created theories of "capillary absorption" (although some statues were metal, made of bronze or even gold) and "mass hysteria" (although: (a) it was happening in different places of the world simultaneously, to believers and sceptics, (b) the milk, as a physical substance, was disappearing and (c) the event was not foretold by some charismatic prophet and did not coincide with some other major event), the overwhelming evidence and conclusion was that an unexplainable miracle had occurred.

    (Video: Miracles and Visions: Fact or Fiction, (C) 1996, Kiviat Productions, Vidmark Ent.)
  8. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Yes,i saw it too... I was in Mathura at that point of time...


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