Game: Mafia 3 - The Enemy Within

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by James R, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    [size=+3]Mafia 3 - The Enemy Within[/size]

    This post will be updated with deadlines and player status information as the game progresses. If you need to know who is still alive and who is dead at any time, check here.

    [size=+2]The game is over. The Aliens won on NIGHT 5.[/size]

    Personnel who were still alive at the end of the game (9 out of original 13)

    Base Commander (anti-climactic)
    Doctor (Vaiorom)
    Biologist (11 parcal)
    Snow mobile driver (phoenix2634)
    Dog handler (sisyphus__)
    Psychologist (Enmos)
    Reporter (inzomnia)
    Cleaner (Asguard)
    Physicist (BlueMoose)

    Personnel who were killed

    DAY 1: Mechanic (phoenix2634) shot by the Security Guard. The Mechanic was human.
    Personnel voted not to kill anybody else on day 1.
    DAY 2: Nobody.
    DAY 3: Cook (Challenger78) received 6 out of 12 votes from the personnel and was shot on the spot.
    DAY 4: Radio operator (CheskiChips) killed by 5 votes out of 11 from personnel.
    DAY 5: Security guard (Betrayer0fHope) killed by 4 votes out of 10.

    Other events of note

    DAY 5:

    The antidote was applied to the Security Guard (Betrayer0fHope).

    By this time, most people realised that the aliens were dominant.

    DAY 4:

    The Commander (anti-climactic) swapped the roles of CheskiChips and phoenix2634. From that time onwards, CheskiChips has been the Radio Operator, while phoenix2634 is the new snow-mobile Driver.

    The Driver (phoenix2634) takes the Biologist (11parcal) to the Outstation tonight.

    The Dog Handler (sisyphus__) wanted to tell the Driver (CheskiChips) to go feed the sled dogs during the vote. But for some reason, he just didn't get around to doing it. Strange.

    The Psychologist (Enmos) announced (incorrectly) that the Driver was an alien.

    The Physicist (BlueMoose) uses his EM pulse on the Psychologist (Enmos) tonight.

    DAY 3:

    No real progress was made today in finding the aliens.

    The Commander (anti-climactic) chose not to swap any roles again.

    The Doctor (nietzschefan) used the ANTIDOTE on the Security Guard (Betrayer0fHope). The Security Guard was not an alien at nightfall.

    The Biologist (11parcal) had trouble using his antidote today.

    The Cleaner (Asguard) was moved to the Outstation by the Driver (CheskiChips).

    Nobody was given dog-feeding duty.

    The Physicist (BlueMoose) trained his EM pulse on the Biologist (11parcal) to prevent him using any powers on NIGHT 3.

    DAY 2:

    The Commander (anti-climactic) decided that the roles of base personnel were fine as they were.
    The Doctor (Vaiorom) did not apply his antidote.
    The Biologist (11parcal) applied the antidote to the Security Guard (Betrayer0fHope). As far as anyone can tell, the antidote worked as intended.
    The Dog Handler (sisyphus__) didn't nominate anybody to tend to the sled dogs today.
    The Psychologist (Enmos) and the Reporter (inzomnia) both reported on their investigations.
    The Radio Operator (phoenix2634), the Cook (Challenger78) and the Cleaner (Asguard) have all said something of what they knew.

    Following the vote:
    The Reporter (inzomnia) was driven by the Driver (CheskiChips) to the Outstation for the night.
    The Physicist (BlueMoose) turned his EM pulse weapon on the Doctor (Vaiorom).

    DAY 1:

    The Doctor (Vaiorom) decided to take the risk of applying the antidote to the Reporter (inzomnia). The reporter survived the application of the antidote without any visible effect. Assuming that the antidote is effective, base personnel can safely assume that the Reporter is now human.

    The Biologist (11parcal) seems to be unable to apply the antidote to anybody today, for currently unknown reasons.

    The Psychologist (Enmos) has compiled a psychiatric assessment of a particular person on the base.

    The Reporter (inzomnia) has also dug around to see what she can find out about somebody.

    The Security Guard (Betrayer0fHope) took the unexpected step of shooting the Mechanic (phoenix2634). The Mechanic did not survive. Following this incident, other members of the base removed the Security Guard's weapons.

    The Physicist (BlueMoose) was driven to the base Outstation, where he will be safe tonight.
    The Psychologist (Enmos) has been EM-pulsed, so that he is unable to use any alien powers, if he has them.

    Index to the thread

    DAY 1 starts immediately below.
    DAY 1 twilight starts here.
    NIGHT 1 and DAY 2 starts here.
    NIGHT 2 starts here.
    DAY 3 starts here.
    NIGHT 3 and DAY 4 starts here.
    NIGHT 4 and DAY 5 starts here.
    The game ended at NIGHT 5. Night 5 and post-game discussion starts here.
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    [size=+2]Mafia 3 - Roles and powers[/size]

    Powers are exercised, unless otherwise specified, by posting in bold in the game thread, as in the examples given below.

    Base Commander (anti-climactic)
    The Commander has some power over personnel functions at Base Alpha.
    Twice during the entire game, the Commander may declare that two people swap jobs. All powers are also swapped between the two players concerned, but alien status remains as it was. (i.e. the people change jobs, but not whether they are alien or not). The swap is effective immediately it is declared.
    Example: Swap: Vaiorom and 11parcal

    Doctor (Vaiorom)
    Can administer the antidote to one person per day. If alien, the person becomes human again.
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: The antidote does not take effect until the moderator (James R) posts that it has been applied, so don't assume you've been "cured" if the antidote is given to you and you're an alien. Wait for me to confirm it.)
    Example: Antidote: 11parcal

    Biologist (11parcal)
    Same as the Doctor.

    Snow mobile driver (CheskiChips)
    Can drive a single nominated player (other than himself) to the Outstation each day. That player can't be converted to an alien that night.
    Example: Move to safe location: 11parcal

    Dog handler (sisyphus__)
    Can delegate one other person to feed the sled dogs each day. Unfortunately, they are fed at the time the vote is taken each day, so that person will miss the vote (i.e. their vote doesn't count that day).
    Example: Dog feeding duty: 11parcal

    Mechanic (phoenix2634)
    Can defend one person (other than himself) from being killed by the other players per day.
    Example: Protect: 11parcal

    Psychologist (Enmos)
    Can psychoanalyse a single person each day. Will know for sure if that person is an alien or not.
    Do this by sending a PM to the moderator (James R).
    The information gained may be shared or not, at the Psychologist's discretion.

    Reporter (inzomnia)
    Can investigate a single person each day. This works the same way as the psychologist.

    Radio operator (unixgeek13)
    Is in radio contact with the outside world. Can get hints about aliens (moderator will PM these from time to time.)
    The information can be shared or not, at the RO's discretion.

    Cook (Challenger78)
    Tends to interact a lot with other people on the base. Gets hints from moderator from time to time, as for the RO.

    Cleaner (Asguard)
    Has access to people's rooms on the base. Can find out certain information this way. Gets hints from moderator from time to time (as for RO and Cook).

    Security guard (Betrayer0fHope)
    Has a big gun, and only once during the game, can use it to kill ONE other player.
    Example: Kill 11parcal.
    The person killed by the security guard is immediately dead and can play no further part in the game from the time the kill is announced. The moderator's confirmation of this is not necessary, but this can only be done once, so use the ability wisely!

    Physicist (BlueMoose)
    Invents a helpful electromagnetic pulse weapon. This can be used to stop any single suspected alien from using any alien powers the following night. This doesn't stop that alien voting, but prevents them using any secret alien powers they have. The EM pulse has no effect on ordinary humans.
    Example: EM pulse: 11parcal.


    Aliens also each have one special power, which they will be informed about by PM from the moderator.

    Aliens are also able to use any powers they had when they were human.
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    [size=+2]The Enemy within - DAY 1[/size]

    Base Alpha is an isolated base for scientific research, situated on the coast of Antarctica. There are 13 personnel spending winter at the base. The 24 hour darkness at the moment is making everybody a bit depressed, and everybody also feels a bit claustrophobic from being stuck inside most of the time while polar storms rage around the base.

    Two nights ago, there was a bright streak in the sky, and a meteor appeared to land not too far from the base. A team was sent out in the snow mobile to investigate. Pieces of the meteor were brought back to the base and kept in the lab. The base's geologist was assigned the job of checking out the meteor. He appeared to be fascinated by the meteor, saying it was made of an unusual material he had never seen before. He worked late into the night analysing the material.

    Yesterday, during the evening meal, the geologist was involved in an accident in the kitchen. Passing too near the stove, the edge of his shirt caught the flame and started to burn. As the cook rushed for the fire extinguisher, a startling change occurred in the geologist. His skin appeared to break open, revealing a seething mass of green blubber and tentacles. His head moved up and backwards and his mouth revealed razor-sharp teeth. He had apparently turned into an alien creature! Having been revealed, he immediately moved to attack those who had previously been his friends.

    Quick thinking saved the day. The cook sprayed the creature with the fire extinguisher, while the security guard quickly put several bullets into it. The base's physicist ripped a wire out of the toaster and applied the live electricity to the creature. The cleaner grabbed the nearest bottle of ammonia and flung it at the creature, while the mechanic hit it over and over again with a large wrench. Within 10 minutes, the creature was clearly dead.

    The 13 remaining personnel held a meeting to decide what must be done. They concluded that the creature had been disguising itself as a human while it waited for the coming ship to take it back to a large city. If such a creature could escape into the wider world and gradually take over the bodies of human beings, all human life would be at risk. Steps would have to be taken to find out if any other personnel had been converted to alien creatures before the first one was discovered.

    Over night, the biologist and the doctor worked furiously to find out the nature of the alien being. Amazingly, they think they have invented an antidote that could potentially reverse the alien transformation process. However, they warn that the antidote could be a two-edged sword, because a knowledgable alien might be able, simply by adding the right ingredient, turn the antidote into a substance fatal to any ordinary human who imbibes it. The biologist and the doctor don't trust anybody but themselves to use the antidote on anybody, but are open to advice from others.

    The physicist, too, has managed to perfect an electromagnetic pulse weapon that he has been working on as a hobby over the winter. It seems to have no effect on ordinary humans, but it might just have an effect on the strange makeup of the aliens, preventing them from using any weird alien powers they may possess.

    Life at the base must go on, but the personnel must find out if there are any other aliens among them, and if so eliminate them. The sled dogs still need to be fed, and the rooms still need to be cleaned.

    An investigative reporter is embedded on the base for the winter. He was assigned to report on the science being done here, and to make a documentary on life in Antarctica. Now, he must put his investigative skills to good use to uncover any remaining aliens. The base psychologist has agreed to help. Aliens may not be able to impersonate human beings perfectly, and maybe the psychologist will be able to tell the difference...

    The new day begins. The base personnel have improved their position. They have hope. The radio operator has called for a ship carrying a helicopter to come as soon as possible to take all survivers of this alien encounter off the base, but the ship might take a week to get here.

    In the meantime, it is up to the personnel on the base to solve their little problem...
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  7. Anti-climactic 2+2=5 Registered Senior Member

    "Well men, today is the first day of the wait for our rescue. I expect everyone to do their jobs well, and no slacking off!"
  8. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Information on who is and who is not an alien will be sent by PM in the next half hour or so. Aliens will be sent further information on special powers. Some human players may also get information specific to their roles.

    If you do not hear anything by PM within the next half hour, you are human.

    The aim of the humans is to eliminate all aliens. Each day a vote will be held and one person killed. To register a vote, use bold.
    Example: Vote: 11parcal
    Unbolded votes won't be counted. If you wish to change your vote, please unvote your previous vote (this will help me keep track of votes).
    Example: Unvote: 11parcal. Vote: vaiorom
    Note that you can also Vote: No kill if you wish. This is the same as saying you personally do not want today.

    The aim of any aliens is to convert all other players to aliens. Aliens may not talk by PM during the DAY. They may only talk by PM at NIGHT, when the game thread is closed.

    Please post any questions about the game mechanics or role powers in the sign-up thread, here:

  9. 11parcal Saint of Cynicism Registered Senior Member

    The biologist 11parcal paced quietly in his chambers, after years of being nothing but a town gossip he had finally gone out and gotten a degree, only to be led into another frightening mystery, surely he could solve another case?
  10. Anti-climactic 2+2=5 Registered Senior Member

    The base commander Anti-climactic was disgusted at the distinct lack of discipline shown in the members of Base Alpha. He thought that maybe this crisis will straighten them out
  11. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    So do others nominate them? Or do I nominate them?
  12. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    It's your choice, CheskiChips. You can change your mind any time up until the end of the day.
  13. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    Everyone should check in as soon as possible!
    Maybe send a message out to everyone in the game to remind them.

    Okay all; it's time to begin the alien hunt, everyone grab your pitchforks and keep your eyes out for green things glowing in the distance!
  14. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    after being arested the former town mayor escapes from a labor camp and ends up working at the base as a cleaner. how did i sink this low

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  15. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    haha....sooo.....Enmos how you doin?
  16. phoenix2634 Registered Senior Member

    The mechanic arrives thinking how did I end up in Antarctica? Cold, wintery, polar hell.
    I always wanted to head south. The job ad mentioned the south. But I wasn't expecting this far south.

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  17. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    I'm fine, you ? You look a bit green around the nose..

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  18. Tnerb Banned Banned

    I only wanted to say "I am here" and that I am reading .. so I will stay tuned for another hour or so (it is late).
  19. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    It could be good if all players could change their user titles to their role in the game.

    Remember: players MUST post at least once every 24 hours, or you will be assimilated ... er... replaced by somebody else.

    The Driver, the Dog handler, the Mechanic, and the Physicist can freely post who they want to use their "special power" on, and change this at any time. These powers will be applied to whoever was last named before the end of the DAY. In other words, you can change your mind about who you want to use your "power" on during the day.

    The Doctor, the biologist, the Psychologist and the Reporter may only use their powers ONCE during the day. Once you have posted a use of your powers, you cannot change your mind. The Psychologist and Reporter must PM the moderator to use their powers. You must wait for the moderator's response (by PM in the case of the psychologist and reporter, or by public announcement in the case of the doctor or biologist).

    If you are an alien, the antidote has NO EFFECT on you until the moderator (me) says it does. You DO NOT instantly become human again and you should keep your alienness a secret until told you are human.
  20. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member


    Who do you think the geologist would have reported the amazingness of this discovery too ?
    The next person he came into contact with would probably be the base commander.
    But, theres nothing to say this game runs like real life.
  21. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    I don't think he reported it to anyone..

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  22. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    This game reminds me of "The Thing"

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  23. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    is it even worth voting today concidering that there is what james 1 alien?

    unless inzomnia or enmos can tell us who the alien is right now and we can end the game right here its probably a good idea to wait till day 2 at least till we have more infomation because voting someone out now would probably only drop the ratio from

    12:1 (11:2 tonight) down to 11:1 (10:2)

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