Future Major Science Breakthrough- Levitation using anti-gravity matter.

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by albertchong1999, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    Future Major Science Breakthrough- Levitation using anti-gravity matter.

    Is there any possibilities of levitational force opposing gravity in future without using jet or wind? The answer is YES.

    As the theory of gravity discovered by Newton, there is possible for somebody to discover anti-gravity matter in future. As we know that gravity existed when there is a mass, eg planet, stars. Even our body also exert some unnoticed gravity on its own because of mass. This is really amazing as how a mass can generate gravity force in nature. There must be some sort of energy used to generate strong gravity force of the earth and other stars. Could it be generated from the powerful nuclear reactor in the core of a planet? So how do we interfere the gravity forces? Lets assumes the gravity is done by gravitron particle, so how do we deflect these particles so it will not affect us?

    The eye witness of UFO flying in the sky says that the flying saucers emit colourful light. Perhaps the alien using both visible and non-visible electromagnetic spectrum to illuminate certain material on the craft and the reaction process occurred between light and the material causes levitation of the craft itself. So the alien craft can hover in our space without visible or any detected downward force. Do we have this kind of material element in our periodic table? Or other element not in periodic table which not yet discovered that existed in other planets or solar system? Some eye witness mentioned they saw the smooth shiny surface of the craft, resemble aluminum foil. If we can gather the alien craft in its crash site and using different combination of electromagnetic spectrum illuminating the craft surface, perhaps we can found the answer of levitation.There is some relationship between gravity and light rays. As light approach strong gravity forces such as Black Hole, the light ray will bend or absorbed by strong gravity. Take note that UFOs emit visible light wave not to entice us or entertain us, they have taken every precautionary step to avoid our detection. No aliens love other to discover their presence.

    As we can see hydrogen gas can defy gravity or any lighter material will stay afloat in the liquid because of different volume density, perhaps we can utilizing this application on defying gravity in the future. Perhaps we can make the air denser than our body so we will have reduced recorded weight on earth. If we all can live in water, we will be able to defy some gravity force pulling us down but it is not the case.

    The common phenomena that UFO witnesses mentioned are their electrical system went down,eg cars, clock, tv stop working when they encounter UFO.
    There is total silent, no wind turbulent, but a dead of all electrical system suddenly. There is no coincident of all electrical appliances failure at that moment, and all the electrical instruments back to normal after UFO left . From this point of we can deduce that some instrument on UFO accidentally or intentionally alter our electrical system. They may using instrument that may interfere with our electrical system. Our electrical system is using electric charge moves from the positive side of the power source to the negative. But in aliens craft may using electromagnetism that counter our electrical system, such as negative ions move to positive or so on. With counter electromagnetism, it can counter the gravitron and develop levitation.

    Magnetic levitation may be one of the solution in future, maglev, or magnetic suspension is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. The electromagnetic force is used to counteract the effects of the gravitational force. A substance which is diamagnetic repels a magnetic field. All materials have diamagnetic properties, but the effect is very weak, and usually overcome by the object's paramagnetic or ferromagnetic properties, which act in the opposite manner. Any material in which the diamagnetic component is strongest will be repelled by a magnet, though this force is not usually very large. Diamagnetic levitation can be used to levitate very light pieces of pyrolytic graphite or bismuth above a moderately strong permanent magnet. As water is predominantly diamagnetic, this technique has been used to levitate water droplets and even live animals, such as a grasshopper and a frog; however, the magnetic fields required for this are very high, typically in the range of 16 teslas, and therefore create significant problems if ferromagnetic materials are nearby.

    Superconductors may be considered perfect diamagnets (µr = 0), completely expelling magnetic fields due to the Meissner effect. The levitation of the magnet is stabilized due to flux pinning within the superconductor. This principle is exploited by EDS (electrodynamic suspension) magnetic levitation trains, superconducting bearings, flywheels, etc.
    In trains where the weight of the large electromagnet is a major design issue (a very strong magnetic field is required to levitate a massive train) superconductors are sometimes proposed for use for the electromagnet, since they can produce a stronger magnetic field for the same weight.

    A magnet can be repulsively levitated when gyroscopically stabilized by spinning it in a toroidal field created by a ring of magnets. However, it will only remain stable until the rate of precession slows below a critical threshold — the region of stability is quite narrow both spatially and in the required rate of precession.
    A permanent magnet can be stably suspended by various configurations of strong permanent magnets and strong diamagnets. When using superconducting magnets, the levitation of a permanent magnet can even be stabilized by the small diamagnetism of water in human fingers.
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    No. As far as we can tell, no energy is expended to produce gravity.

    Not required. Besides, is there a powerful nuclear reactor inside your body? Because if not, and if such a thing is required for gravity, why don't you float off the Earth?

    Nobody knows.

    Or maybe lights in the sky are not alien spaceships at all.

    No. All known elements have mass.

    Why would an alien spaceship made of anti-gravity material crash? It would avoid coming anywhere near a planet, would it not? Its anti-gravity material would be repelled from the ground.

    How do you know what aliens love?

    We already do. There are these things - we call them ... balloons!

    UFO witnesses who describe these things are notoriously unreliable.

    This is all good science, but it isn't anti-gravity as such.
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  5. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

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  7. Scott Registered Senior Member

    Wow you are very close, actually electrons are related to gravity in some manner, rather the communication between electrons and other elements inside the atoms.

    You can look up ion lifters, they do work in a vacuum contrary to what the government wants you to believe. They don't want people to know this for power and control because this anti gravity threw ionisation creates a form of over unity energy as a by product so to speak of the anti gravity process.

    Look up the B2-Bomber charges it's wings as an anti gravity devise.

    Even John Hutchinson's work just excites the atoms and ejects electrons.

    You can create anti gravity either by having a strong current running threw an object that will actually affect the electrons in that structure (electrons attracted towards the negative in all the atoms,) put a nail on a set of scales like you are going to magnetize it

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    , you will see weight change dependant upon the electrical design.

    Or you can remove electrons to create an anti gravity affect as well, put the negative on a stainless steel spoon, then strike it three or four times with the positive, this excites the electrons in the atoms of the structure, leave the negative of the battery or charger on and let the excited electrons drain out the negative then weight it again, it will lose weight.

    I have done all these tests. you can view them at griffinsofdawn.com, user name Gunner, topics free energy source page 5 at this time, other topics with more interesting information as well such as transmutation where you will find this over unity energy devise I have designed ( picture below.)

    So how I learned al this was by running a negatively charged fuel cell that I did double my fuel mileage with but also discovered some other interesting results as well such as ions building up on my cathode that create an anti gravity field around them, when i heated a 422 gram peace of stainless steel that had some monatomic hydrogen atoms on it I was able to view a 13 gram loss of weight well heating with a torch, the weight came back when it cooled so it was not evaporation, plus I knew it was going to do it as well.

    The alien crafts you refer to use this technology, of course years ahead of what I am saying, what happens to the electrical systems is these positive ions attract electrical current, negative electrons, this is the same thing that happens in nature known as thunder and lightning with the end result being an implosion.

    I have also did implosion tests with my cells and it is an implosion with a vortex spin on my end cap that was sucked in associated with implosions, you can look up browns gas implosions for verification.

    So when these completely positive ion crafts come close to electrical systems they steel the electrons because of there positive negative attraction, this messes up there hole electrical system, you see our current theory of electrical systems needs a bit of an update to, but you can find this in the link below if you decide to read the hole article.

    I loved your article and here is some positive ions and a system that will generate free electricity, my funding is taped or I would still be working on this stuff, so now I just pass the information on freely.
    I think something like this may power the world one day with electricity from the ground.

    It's crud I know, but it's just a ruff design. This may be what Tesla had in mind for us when he said free energy for the world.

    And I suspect if you had enough ions in it, it may take electrons right from the air around it.

    And of course size and amount of ions would predict voltage from the system.

    Add http to links.


    By the way if any one is new to this information and wants to see what these ions look like in quantities, here is a pick of my dissembled cell, the fine white powder on it are positive ions, and i will be showing a vid of me heating the smaller 422 gram one on scales and it will lose weight because these ions have superconducting properties.

    If any one is truly interested, and wants to learn more this vid has a lot of good information in it, he makes a few mistakes but over all its a great vid to watch.

    By the way I shouldn't have to say this but some people seem to get confused, this vid is about monatomic gold, the powder on my cells is monatomic hydrogen ions, they just have the same properties (do the same weird stuff.)

    The 81 minuet video.


    My article on transmutation that leads to my electricity hypothesis and this over unity energy devise, plus this site is where my 2 years work of my water fuel cell is to.


    Cheers, once again I loved your article, thank you.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2008
  8. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    thanks scott, i will use that to further carry on my experiment. thanks a lot....
  9. Scott Registered Senior Member

    Actually there is energy in all things, that's how we can see that the law of thermodynamics is false, inside an atom we have a constant spin of electrons and protons and neutrons, there is no input of energy, and there is no atrophy, and it puts out electromagnetic energy.

    this is direct violation of the law of thermodynamics, have you ever wondered what the energy is inside an atom that keeps the electrons and other elements from touching the nucleus? you see there is a positive attraction as well as a repulsing force at work.

    Another thing to think about is why the moon has not crashed into us after 4.5 billion years if all there where was a attraction, there is a force that keeps it away as well as close, the free fall theory just does not add up if one takes time to think of it, take an elongated elliptical orbit, we are supposed to believe that the planet goes all that distance away then is some how slowed enough to make it return but not crash into the object that has made it return?

    It really is more like we see inside of atoms and the positive attraction as well as the repelling force, science has now admitted to a repelling force they are calling dark mater because of the repelling they view of galaxies, they are getting close.

    Watch the disclosure project on google video by Dr. Steven Greer, of course you did not see this on the controlled media. Over 500 now Scientist, NASA X NASA officials, Air trafic controllers, Military X Military, and many others have come forth to tell us the truth, as well as many astronauts now, as well as some major government officials.

    There here and have been coming here for thousands of years, there is tons of evidence, even some physical evidence that the government did not find out about it and take it til it was to late.

    As for there clocking, they actually have inter dimensional capabilities but there are also some very interesting cloaking devises of our own coming out now, look up the invisibility cloak from Japan. It's very cool.

    That depends what system they are using, if there using an electrogravitic system then messing with there electrical current can bring them down, or if there ionised a force of electrons can bring them down. If you watch follow up vids of the people from the disclosure project you will see they brought some down with strong radar signals,.

    Alot of officials that where at the Roswell incident came forth to tell the truth as well, you can view lots of there videos now.
  10. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    Scott, do you have any idea about interdimensional structure in the universe? how about testing my 4-D idea that can help us warp in space? thanks for your help...
  11. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Hello Scott,

    Atoms don't put out electromagnetic energy unless they first receive energy from outside to excite them from their ground states.

    It would be if it ever happened, which it doesn't.

    In the classical picture of an orbit, no repulsive force is needed - only an attractive one. The kinetic energy of the electrons does the rest.

    No force is needed to keep it away. If there was no attractive force, the moon would move in a straight line rather than in a circle. This is basic Newtonian mechanics. Are you aware of this?


    Think of it this way. If you threw a ball straight up in the air, what would it do? It would rise to a maximum distance off the ground then fall straight back down to eventually hit the ground. Now consider instead that you threw the ball at an angle to the vertical. As it goes it, it also moves sideways. When it comes down it hits the ground far from the point it was thrown. Now, if you could throw it sideways fast enough then it would go so far sideways that it would not hit the Earth when it came back down - instead it would "miss" and go into an elliptical orbit.

    You're thinking of dark energy, but that has nothing to do with atoms.

    There's no convincing evidence.

    No human plane I've ever heard of has ever been brought down with a strong radar signal. This alien technology must be primitive indeed.

    A lot of Roswell people are making some very nice money out of lying about Roswell.
  12. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    ok, James R... how many experiment had you done in the past?

    there is attraction and repulsive force acting in an atom to form equilibrium, and the force exists in nature.... do study more....

    Quantum mechanics tells us that all energy in the universe comes in packets of energy called 'quanta' and every atom or molecule in the universe can only have certain energy levels to accept these quanta. When absolute temperature is reached, all movement of the particles will cease. However quantum mechanics will show that a 'zero point energy' exists. This means some energy will always remain that can never be removed. Therefore the electrons will vibrate in their orbits around nuclei, with the nuclei themselves will spinning around.

    UFO and aliens believe it or not is up to you...
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2008
  13. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    Albert, both you and Scott are talking pure nonsense. Apparently, neither of you has spent any time learning even the very, very basics of science in general and physics in specific.

    I strongly suggest that both of you stop making fools of yourselves here and go do at least a LITTLE studying before you bother to speak about such things in public again.

    And yes, I realize this is the pseudoscience section - however, the balderdash you two are presenting doesn't even come up to the standard of making interesting fantasy.
  14. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    Read-only, what certificate you got in science? BSc? MSc? PhD? if got nothing then shut-up please... go to chat in leisure section like events section or entertainment section..
  15. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    Yes, I happen to have three degrees, if that's any of your business - exactly how many do YOU (or Scott) have?????

    I also spent a large number of years working in THE (then) foremost research laboratory in the entire world. Have you even set foot in such a place in your entire short life???

    It's you that should find somewhere else to visit and post. Your "brand" of science stinks to high heaven!!!
  16. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    Read-only... from the thread that you had started, you are bluffing about your status... go to entertainment section, this section is not for you...
  17. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    What thread that I started???? Do you also have a problem with reading comprehension as well as being practically ignorant of physics and other scientific fields?????

    You began here by being simply foolish - but you are now escalating that into making yourself look idiotic.
  18. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    No, i had read your thread but most of it is rubbish... or not science relevant.. most of it personal attack...
  19. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    I have absolutely no idea what thread you are talking about. I've started very, very few of them - mostly I just contribute to genuine scientific threads and avoid garbage like your postings.

    I came in here simply to see what was going on because all the serious threads have greatly slowed for the time being.
  20. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    you started 20 thread altogether. which is NOT scientific relevant and most of it rubbish. all your remaining post i won't read because you waste my time... i will ignore you. bye.
  21. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    I told you very plainly that I started NO scientific threads, simply provided information in those of which I was qualified to do so.

    You, on the other hand, are dishonest and a scientific fraud! You've not presented much more than a sprinkling of true scientific information since you've been here. The rest is pure, unadulterated garbage!
  22. albertchong1999 The truth is out there Registered Senior Member

    read-only, if you are not scientific, then don't become an idiot and start to destroy other useful scientific thread. go back to school you kids. i wonder you had finished your high school or remain unemployed now.. go out and seek a decent job...
  23. Scott Registered Senior Member

    I can only give you my hypothesis.

    I suspect its all to do with our vibrational energies, I higher vibrational energy may take us into different dimensions, black holes may just be such a higher vibrational energy that is beyond our view spectrum. I suspect ionisation will lead us to these other dimensions as i have seen some of my hydrogen ions disappear, and they actually went to another place, be it time or dimension, as I stirred the pile to see if it was still present but not in our view spectrum, when the ions came back the powder was unaffected, this proves that it went some where else, be it time or dimension or both.

    These other dimensions may not have the same time as we know it, gravity is related to space time, and when dealing with these ions that have anti gravity properties it takes us into different dimensions therefor time will be an interesting factor to learn about from these higher vibrational energy's as well.

    You can also view the secrets of the lost ark for verification of this dimensional travel and disappearing ions that i viewed, It was known a long time ago, at least the anti gravity properties, it has been deliberately kept from us, although they may not have understood it as we can now, ions can and do increase intelligence when used in a proper manor as well, plus it has tremendous healing properties as well, you can look up ionised water, or Kagen water.

    Please explain your 4-D idea? I am not sure what you are referring to, i may be able to help, not sure.

    Hi James, electromagnetism is what holds every thing together, if it where not for this energy inside atoms nothing would exist as we know it now.

    If it where from a big bang as we are lead to believe and only an attraction there would not be spiraling period, all objects would move in a strait line until collision.

    Think of it as a shot gun blast of magnets with only an attractive force, if it where only an attraction there would be no orbits, there would only be objects going in a strait line and attracting to each other, the end result being a collision.

    There is an attraction but a repulsion that keeps larger objects from finalizing there collision depending about the make up of the planets (atom structures.) and size.

    You are using outdated text books, think for your self bud.

    Ask your self why universes are more or less flat in the large spectrum of things, this can only happen with opposing forces at work. orbits to have these opposing forces.

    I use an elongated ellipse because it's easier for people to understand, we are told it's flying off then is pulled back by the sun because of it's gravitational pull right? what is the force that pulls it back yet it does not crash into the sun again if it where only an attraction, think of it as rolling a metal ball by a magnet, the ball may pass the magnet but it will come back then join with the magnet, not revolve around it.

    That's a great explanation but it does not explain the non collision part, I love the NASA's (Never A Strait Answer) site where they show a planet orbiting then getting closer then they simply just take the ball and drop it back into it's outer orbit *rolls eyes*.

    Dot forget the moon and the planet are moving threw time and space at the same time, 4.5 billion years is plenty time for these two objects to have complete there attraction being this close if there was no repulsing energy as well.

    Your explanation requires energy to keep it in the air, so does the moon to keep it in orbit.

    Yes, dark energy as they call it, I am referring to an opposing force seen in the universes that I suspect is the same force that keeps electrons and neutrons and protons from colliding with the nucleus, think of it this way, the mass is what gives us gravity so mass from atoms that have this repelling force in them as well may create this energy that is separating the universes and keeps the moon from crashing into us as well.

    There is plenty of evidence if some one takes the time to view it, in fact full disclosure is happening now, 3 major countries are slowly releasing there UFO information, even the Vatican has said there is life visiting us but we have nothing to fear, as well as God created them too.

    You see UFO topics on the news all the time now, this is gradual disclosure. there is even a NASA tape that says Huston we still have the alien craft under observance.

    Add http and .

    //www DOT ken-welch.com/Reports/Aliens.html

    Even former Gov.Fife Symington that claimed the Phoenix lights where flairs came forth and says it was an alien craft.



    Are you aware that j Allen hynek from project blue book that explained all sitings away later became a UFO enthusiast?

    There is so much evidence it would take me a year to list it all, sorry but refusing to believe is not going to change the fact we are not alone.

    Master Chief Sergeant Danial Salter confirms the radar connection to UFO crashes, 3:58 on the time.



    No human plain uses the technology they use, other than the B-2 bomber now using aspects of this teqnolidgy, and craft we are not told about, in fact mose sitings now are our craft's, we just don't shoot our own craft's down.

    The people that where at Roswell and later told the truth where mostly on there death bed's and told there families. People that come forth make no money unless they write a book or something, most just get ridiculed by closed minded people that refuse to look at the overwhelming evidence out there.

    Fortunately the tide is turning and now the skeptics are looking rather foolish, i guess you didn't take the time to watch the disclosure project?

    Cheers James.

    And what are you referring to specifically? or are you just ranting because you do not understand?

    albertchong1999, ignore read-Only, he is one of those people that thought he learnt every thing and correctly when he closed his last text book, he may have a good memory but lacks the ability to think for himself.

    He clearly is striking out in anger and can not hold an intelligent conversation by showing us where are mistakes are made.

    I have a grade 8 education Read-Only, i never claimed to be a scientist, and i am glad because most that I meet that actually never invented anything and just have a good memory and lack the ability to view what there told with questions when they don't actually make sense or are incomplete.

    I have learnt what I have because I have actually done the work and therefore it lead to an understanding. i took the time to do the research because i found it interesting, many times I have seen things that science can not explain but yet wannabe scientist tell me i did not see what I saw, i find that strange to say the least, i guess some people can not grasp the fact we are still in our infancy of understandings of some things.

    People like you just want to talk about how much you know, not what we may not know or things that may not have been explained properly, again memory does not add up to true intelligence read-Only, and I have to say you are probably full of it with your credentials as well. You seem like an angry little child having a tantrum to me.

    It's also funny how some wannabe scientist forget that true science is nothing more than the accumulation of updated information, some appear to look at it like a religion and fight new information feverishly so until they have no choice but to except it.

    It's been happening for a long time unfortunately, it happened with heaver than air flight, the discovery that the earth is round, and that we are not the center of the universe, ect....

    Shameful really.

    Albert, don't you just love it when people start ranting without taking time to do the research or view the evidence because they think they know it all already, the funny thing is that they look like the fools to the people that have took the time to research and back there hypothesises with science. *rolls eyes*

    Some time ago because of my work I said that removing electrons (hole doping) would aid in superconductivity ,and that the freezing of current superconductors is simply just slowing down the functions inside the atoms creating the superconducting force that makes magnets levitate above them, both now proven by science.

    Also I suspect it is the wave function that becomes stronger by the removal of the electrons or messing with the flow disrupting the communication between electrons and other elements inside the atoms that gives us gravity, and this wave function is what has the anti gravity properties (the repulsing force that keeps the electrons ect.. away from the nucleus.)

    Albert, you will love these vidoes.

    This one has a levating coil in it.

    Add http and the .

    Boyd Bushman Part 1
    ://www dot youtube.com/watch?v=eckSEyeIuRk

    Boyd Bushman Part 2

    ://www dot youtube.com/watch?v=ylHyUcElhDo&feature=related

    I am not so sure in this one, but it may be true if these wings are lacking in electrons. it's still a fun watch and it may explain the bat and bee's problem in that that they should not be able to fly, it's my hypothesis that there wings lack electrons that give them a tiny bit of this anti gravity field, I suspect humming birds have this as well witch also explains there high flapping rates and speeds, well to us anyways because they may be in there own time space, a by product of anti gravity.

    This is how alien craft moves like 90 degree turns, they look down on us and we are moving slow, we look up at them and they appear to be moving super fast.

    Not the less great watch even if it is science fiction, although the science seems to back my claims in that this material repels electrons (dielectric.)


    ://www dot youtube.com/watch?v=o2Xil-4isHg

    Cheers bud, it's nice talking to some one with similar interests

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Last edited: Dec 29, 2008

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