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Discussion in 'World Events' started by Eluminate, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. Spyke Registered Senior Member

    I don't know which it will be. I simply said if the US does choose to respond to a Chinese missile attack on Taiwan, I suspect the first response would be cruise missiles.

    I suspect those Sea Sparrows from the VSLs will spare the CVBG's CAP from expending its own weapons completely. From 50 km away the Chinese could get rid of the F-18's.

    No, you trying to compare the upcoming engagement to Afghanistand and Vietnam was irrelevant, which is what my tongue in cheek response was to.

    I think you mean the 'Eilat', but you're using the sinking of an Israeli destroyer as your evidence of how easy it will be to sink a CV? If I told you I was pretty certain I could go mano y mano with a Siberian tiger, and you asked me how I was so certain, and I told you because I once slapped my housecat around and it couldn't do shit about it, would that satisfy you? No?

    irrelevant = nico's word of the week.

    Propoganda. If the American people are convinced that China poses a threat to a friendly democracy, they might support a defense of Taiwan, although probably not a full scale war, which I don't think will happen anyway. Not any time in the forseeable future.

    But yet here we still are.

    Yes, something you never do.

    For the US to 'win' the war, she only has to prevent China from taking Taiwan. She doesn't have to invade China. The onus is on China to cross the strait.

    Mainly because those US ships in the Mediterranean stood down after the first couple of days into the war. Those ships in the Gulf still used them. But US industry can crank them out a lot faster and in more numbers than China. Ask Stokes.

    I know that every analysis I've read on both the Chinese and Taiwanese navies say that the Taiwanese navy has a decisive edge in all but numbers. It doesn't have any nuke subs of course, but its ASW capabilities are far better than the Chinese, which are poor at best. I also no that most analysts say those Taiwanese pilots are of better quality.

    Hmm, I think I've been saying from the beginning that the Chinese subs won't leave coastal waters.

    I imagine those attack boats will be begging them to come out and play.

    They better hope they can detect stealth or it will be 'ooh la la'.

    Then stay on topic.

    So you think the navy will ask State Farm for permission to use its carriers?

    No, you said hanging east of Taiwan was the 'peace zone'.


    You said your source was a US military analyst, when in fact, he was just another message board poster. I asked you from the beginning what made him credible.

    Only because what he said was adaptable to your argument.

    When in Rome, do as the Simpletons do.

    I said 'what evidence?' All that told me is that the S-400 is intended to be able to hit cruise missiles, and that the MiG-31 flying at 20,000 ft. hit a low-flying drone. How low-flying and at what speed?

    I don't really see how the battle of Kursk had anything to do with a discussion on war planning. Any battle in history could have been pulled out of the hat to show a failed battle plan. It doesn't mean planning is pointless.

    Logic according to nico. He asks for a source and I give him one, a credible one I might add, and then he asks for supporting evidence for that source. I wuv u, man.

    I won't if you don't insult my intelligence any more with comments like "Remember the Chinese have thousands of useless jets whose sole purpose is to overwhelm defense of x state, and then get the advanced fighters to finish off the stupid allied jets off like jelly."

    It's one thing to be infatuated with the Chinese, but quite another to denegerate into completely baseless statements like that.

    And to think that I was this close to buying you a puppy.
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  3. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    This thread is played out.
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