Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by superstring01, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. superstring01 Moderator

    Did anybody see the epic ending to my favorite TV show since Battlestar Galactica? I really loved the last two episodes.

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  3. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    Saw the first part last night then wasn't that enthusiastic about what was going on so I did not watch the second part. how does one "transport" another being from dimension to dimension when one of the beings, the child, doesn't know how or where they are going? I just didn't get hooked on that story line.
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  5. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I like this character but I just can't believe he could have been involved in as many fringe science projects as this series leads you to believe. After all genius or not he just hasn't had the time needed and he's been locked up for seventeen years to boot. But I still like the plot.

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  7. Der Großmann Registered Member

    Have you seen any of the show before that one episode?
    It doesn't sound like it, and seems odd that you'd only watch a final episode...
    There is precedence in-show for this, including moving Peter between universes as a child.
    Also Olivia was pulled between the two by Bell, and she didn't know what had happened.
    In-show, and in real-life, as long as there is a "door" or some way to move between two universes, why does the subject need to know what is happening?

    As for KilljoyKlown, I did really like the character, but also felt that it was poor how he had invented almost all of the devices/methods used in the show. I understand the implications of it, but some more variety in origin would have been nice.

    As for OP, I saw it and enjoyed it.
  8. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    When watching a multi season TV series it's always best to start with the first episode of the first season. Dexter is a TV series that needs watching from the beginning. Sure am glad I have Netflix. I just love watching many seasons of a TV series with no commercials and long waits between episodes.

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  9. johnstephen Registered Member

    Earlier i was regular viewer of this show but due to my busy schedule not attached with this show.
  10. Jeeves Valued Senior Member

    I found the ending quite satisfactory. Too bad about September, but he was doomed all along. It's an intriguing enough series to be worth buying the DVD. Good story and dialogue; terrific acting; many surprises. The only thing i dislike is the far-too-many sadistic scenes - which seem to be de rigeur nowadays.
  11. Upstate8987 Registered Member

    there's a new book out based on Fringe universe too. My wife didn't like it though.

    The show was pretty good, though.

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