Freedom is an ever expanding comprehension

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    Freedom is an ever expanding comprehension

    Society is not a collection of individuals but is a system of containers.

    Non-philosophical forms of inquiry are intellectual endeavors constituted by certain basic assumptions. A scientific form of inquiry assumes that the world is an ordered whole and that we can, through reason, acquire knowledge of this whole. The world of science is governed by laws that define causal effects that are measurable and perceivable by humans.

    Reality may be a rainbow but it is the case that humans reason from within container like boundaries; thus we are always within a container. However, the trick is to enlarge our containers and thereby gain a more universal perspective. We must find a means to examine our assumptions. Each container is constructed with its own assumptions. That is why philosophy is so useful. It is a container within the largest container, or at least Philosophy likes to think so.

    By reading backward we get a sense of the universal and the relative, the essential and the arbitrary. We can form the basis of reading critically with questions to act as our guide to understanding. We can learn to see beyond the surface appearance. We can learn to stop our general practice of sleep reading. We have learned in our schooling to sleep read, sleep listen, and to become apathetic regarding all things intellectual. By reading backwards we can begin to comprehend the irrational assumptions of our superficial consumer culture.

    Freedom is an ever larger container.

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