free mmorpg's?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by esoterik_appeal, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    There's Second Life that one only costs a one time fee of 10 dollars (unless you wanna' own land, which you'd only want to do if you were some disgusting troll who had 8 hours a day to divote to the game). Though it kind of sucks and everyone builds ugly ugly ugly crap and gets pissed off at you when you try to suggest how they might make it look better, and behave as if you just flat out told 'em that they've just made an ugly ugly peice of crap.
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  3. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member

    Well, yeah I do, until recently when the game seems to lag like hell, aside from being boring...... I've played that game for a few months (I also loved the cutesy look), and the furthest I can say about your problem is related to the crazy lags I was having before I quit (though I may return once in a while), that is, after installing the latest patch that time, when I play it, the frame skipping was horrenduous... I'm not an expert I apologize... that's the furthest I can think of.
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  5. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    No need to apologize, it's certainly not your job to give me technical support

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    I've e-mailed them about it, although I don't quite expect to get a great answer (questions like these always seem to go unanswered whenever I have them--the same problem happened with Battlefield 1942 way back when).

    Thanks anyway. I can't play it for very long at a time anyway, so I'm not sure I'll play it too much if I can't get it to work properly.
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  7. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Dam, what was that MMORTS called? Oh yeah, Shattered Galaxy. That is really quite good.
  8. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    I'm still playing runescape and am even paying for it now. It seems one of the few games you can play on a crappy computer.
  9. curioucity Unbelievable and odd Registered Senior Member

    Well, guess I'll do what I usually do: list all MMORPGs (and other type of MMO games in that sense) and comment them one by one.

    Maple Story: The idea of 2D MMORPG is definitely new to me, so I enjoy this game quite for some time. UNfortunately, after a while, this game becomes way boring, annoying especially when it lags, and very heavy for my system...... I may return again some day, but not now.

    Runescape: I see this game is definitely a p2p game, because the free features definitely are way below enough to make this game fun. And again, boooooooooring. Though as an interesting note, this game uses Java rather than built in client....

    MU Online: Once you hit lvl 20, this game is trash. It looks fun at first, being a Diablo rip-off, which is actually its downfall too.... taking elements from popular game but fails to live up to expectations....

    Gunbound: Funny, but in a few weeks, becomes extremely boring. True, they add lots of new features, but the new features added are the shop items only, not new vehs, maps, or game style...... sad sad sad...

    There're some others I've played as well, and none of them actually makes me interested much.
  10. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    Thanks Dreamwalker. I've been sifting through these choices and trying out ones I haven't heard of or played yet (Maple Story, Conquer Online, and Kal Online specifically).

    I'm not sure if Maple Story will work, and Conquer Online doesn't seem to want to download itself correctly, but Kal Online is working perfect.

    I'm a lvl 6 Archer (w00t), and I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

    The game is suprisingly nice being in beta, although I haven't played nearly enough for that claim to be valid.

    I do like, however, the absolute butchering of the English language in the game. It's quite funny, and I almost hope they don't fix it for the official release (well, maybe not, but it's still pretty funny).

    Good stuff so far.
  11. Bachus Registered Senior Member

    Same problem with WoW here, but only if there are lot's of players in a small area. Then the game loads all the stats of all the players nearby into the ram. Geting 1.5 gig of ram mostly works (or get an awesome graphics card).
  12. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member


    My name in-game is Troggdor Burninator, hit me up some time!
  13. Jinoda Registered Senior Member

    Oh, my Kal Online in-game name is "Jinoda" (unexpected, I know). Send me a PM if anyone here ever plays it (I don't know how to send pm's yet lol, so you'll have to until I look up how).

    Oh, and Guild Wars looks even sweeter. I just don't feel like footing the bill to buy it just yet. Maybe one of these days.

    lvl 11 archer now! (had nothing really to do I spent my time killing demons and stuff).

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