FOX News: "Bringing the story home"

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Tiassa, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Newsman on Iraq Looting Charge (BBC)
    Well ... what can be said here? We figured it would be someone from FOX? How much else is going on? That sort of thing?

    FOX News employees (or former employees) aside, the BBC article lists some of the missing treasures:
    Such are the costs of war.

    The article notes that several other journalists and at least one American soldier are also being investigated. This can be expected, but who couldn't have guessed that the first journalist down for this kind of thing would be from FOX?


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  3. 7DZ Registered Senior Member

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  5. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    Greed gets to the best of us. And reporters certainly are not the best of us.

    Ok.... cut off their right hand so they have to eat with the same hand they wipe their rears with.
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  7. blankc Your superior Registered Senior Member

    That is both sad, and funny. Are the stolen goods going to be confiscated returned to some Iraqi museum or something eventually?
  8. Microzoft Registered Senior Member

    We will probably do like the British did during their colony in Iraq. We will replicate them in a sort of “restoration” project and later return them the replicas, but only when Iraq has a democratic government that can take care of it accordingly.
  9. hypewaders Save Changes Registered Senior Member

    ...and of course beg, borrow, steal, and keep the real plunder for ouselves. Fortunately, the age of empires is past, and America less capable of raping peoples and nations as thoroughly as the Brits did in their day.

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