Former Special Agent Richard Doty

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Paul Warren, Jul 7, 1999.

  1. Paul Warren Registered Member

    I've just finished conducting an investigation into the former special agent, osi, Richard Doty. I received the FBI investigation on Doty. Although heavily censored, it concluded Doty did not pass the MJ12 documents, was involved in the Ellsworth AFB hoax document sent to the National Enquire. However, Doty did admit performing USAF/OSI sponsored disinformation operations against UFO investigators, particularly Linda Howe. I interviewed Doty in Jan 98. He denied any involvement in current UFO investigations.
    Biography data on Doty:
    Born Feb 15, 1950, Roswell, NM
    Father: Retired Colonel Charles G. Doty
    Uncle: Retired Major Edward Doty
    Mother: Maria Doty, nurse
    Wife: Sheryl K. Miles, bank executive
    Education: BS, Police Science, Chapman College, Orange, CA. MS, Public Administration, University of New Mexico
    Children: Megan, born ?,Richard Jr, born?
    Doty resides in Springer, NM and is assigned to the New Mexico State Police, as a Sergeant for the Bomb Team.
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  3. Doty is employed part time by FOX Television as a consultant to the X-Files.

    Doty is quiet because he is still active within the intelligence community.
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  5. Paul's information on Richard Doty is not totally correct. Since I investigated Doty for a Time Magazine article in 1998, I dug up some interesting things on Doty. His father was Edward, not Charles. Doty was born in Barton, NY, not Roswell, NM. Doty received a MA in Public Administration not a MS. Doty is a uniform division patrol sergeant with the New Mexico State Police in Gallup, NM. Doty worked as a consultant for the Defense Intelligence Agency from Jan 91 to Mar 92. He was paid for analysis on UFO related material. Doty has been associated with the X-Files as a paid consultant.
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  7. Aloysius Registered Senior Member

    Doty sounds like a typical no-neck.

    Is it the leather?
    Is it the machismo?

    Please don't breed Mr. Doty.
    All we need need is another generation of paid deceivers with zero social responsibility and no necks.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but Doty has never gone public. That sure looks like he is still involved with the cover-up regardless of what people says. If you consider what former Secretary of the Air Force, Hans Mark and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Bobby Inman said about Doty, you can draw a conclusion that Doty is still employed by MJ12 or the CIA!
  9. Mid12am Registered Senior Member

    Mostly I just like the shouting.

  10. Aloysius Registered Senior Member

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    . He was signing books at Berkeley. However, he did autograph my towel.... and I *do* know where my towel is.

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  11. My question to Cory, what did Hans Mark and Bobby Inman say about Doty? Don't leave us in suspence.

    I work at a National Laboratory and I know Doty has access to the labs. Why would a sergant with the state patrol have a security clearance with a national lab??? Why does Doty frequent a national lab? Sure sounds like he is involved with something.

    What article, Janet? I don't recall reading any article in Time about Doty. Did I miss it? I think Doty is a key player in this whole episode. Find out what piece of the puzzle Doty fits and you will find the answer to the enigma.

    Another interesting item. During a public statement in 1993, Former Director of the CIA, Richard Helms, mentioned Doty as being a friend! Huh? Which Doty? His father or Richard? More questions than answers.
  12. During a press luncheon in 1990 in Austin, Tx, Hans Mark made the statement to a Dallas Newspaper reported who asked him about UFO. The statement was this, "During my time as secretary of the air force, I had occasions to inquire about UFOs. I was given a briefing of our (AF) historical investigation of UFOs. However, I don't want to discuss that subject at this time. You might want to look up a Richard Doty. He was the expert, as I was told." Bobby Inman made a statement to a MUFON researcher in 1993 that Richard Doty was the expert in the field of UFOs.
    I'm not sure in what context these statements were made. I've spoken with the Dallas report some years ago. Too bad but he died about one year ago. As for the MUFON researcher, I believe his name was Tim Cooper.
  13. Aloysius, you are a big jerk. You obviously don't realize when you speak, you don't say anything!

    Cory says one thing, Janet says something else then the kid adds to that. Aloysius doesn't make sense (brain dead). Does anyone really know anything about this Richard Doty???? One persone says he works for the State Police, then the other says he works for the DIA, then someone says he works for FOX, X-Files! What gives. Sounds like no one really knows what Doty does. I've read a lot about him in UFO web sites but a lot of information contridicts others. Would someone tell me the truth about this Doty guy!
  14. Hey, Paul, why is your information and Janet's opposite? If you did such a thorough investigation on Doty, why is your info different that Janet's?

    Janet, same question to you?

    Beauty, you are right, no one knows anything about Doty. Did he actually serve 20 years in the air force?

    Howe many different Doty's are there?

    Anyone with any answers.

    Beauty, I like what you said in the chat session. But I'd like to see proof.

    I agree, Aloysius is brain dead!
  15. Aloysius Registered Senior Member

    damn, that's the first time i realised it was dead. damn.
  16. Tom Kendrig Registered Member

    According to the FBI, Richard Doty accompanied FBI agents who interviewed three abduction victims. According to a retired FBI agent, Doty was brought along because he was considered an expert in the area of UFOs/Alien Abductions/Extraterrestrial Visitation.

    If Doty retired in 1988, why is he still working in the area of UFOs?

    Who labaled him an expert? The Government? Richard Helms? Bobby Inman? Hans Mark?

    I'd sure like to ask Doty about a million questions.
  17. Spyder Registered Member

    Umm this is probably gonna sound like a dumb question, but what exactly is the Ellsworth AFB hoax document? I think I remember hearing something about that but can't remember exactly. Just curious since I know the place a little.
  18. Andromeda Registered Member

    Can someone point me to a URL about this Doty guy. I'm new to this scene and I've been trying to find out who you are talking about. Up to now I've drawn a blank. Can anybody help please?

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