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Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by wet1, May 10, 2001.

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  1. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    With the steady increase in complexity, density, and hardware advances our computer network is both global in reach and far-reaching in how it touches our lives. We may be reaching a self aware computer system sooner than we know. A system that would have access to all faucets of our knowledge, behaviors, and material constructs. A system that daily has more access to our mundane lives. If such were to happen do you think that it would revel itself? I don’t think so.
    Already there are those programs, such as the SETI, which offer to those willing to participate, the software to allow computations remotely. During the time you are not on your computer it makes those calculations. At the next download/upload secession it returns the computations and receives a new batch to do. It is approaching its 3 millionth connection. This is just voluntary users engaged in what they believe in.
    And if it didn’t…
    Might we someday find that access was suddenly cut off to such a system?
    …or maybe that an intelligently directed electrical virus could infect all life. Starting with those who use said system and spreading from there.
    Such ideas, while random musings, give food for thought.
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  3. Time/02112 Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    The Key to the next stage of communicative evolution is "Quantum Computers"

    The Key to the next stage of communicative evolution is bio chemical "Quantum Computers"

    You may find yourself in the near future, hardwired by means of a special implant, equipped with a port between your thumb & forefinger to hook up to a series of Quantum Computer servers over the next generation of Quantum Communication Network Systems.

    Mobile implants using your pre-existing bio-curcuitry will also be implemented.

    I know that this may sound a bit far fetched to some for now, they may laugh, but it "WILL" Come!
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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Bio/Quantum computers

    While this seems to be staged a good bit in the future, it has a certain ring to it. A certain feel if you will. The quantum side has not yet had enough theory to make it possible to use in practical applications. But then again, there was a time when much the same was thought of solid state circuitry. Folks would tell you “give me a vacuum tube any day”. We see where the vacuum tube is today.

    Implants and communicating

    The annoying problems with computers include
    • Software that hangs has bugs or glitches in it. Making it frustrating for the user to cope with. (this ones’ for Howard)
    • Having to learn to type to communicate with the computer.
    • Having to learn computerese in some manner and degree to be able to formulate your tasks for the computer to accomplish.
    • The necessity of a programmer to instruct the computer, through a program, how to react and perform.
    • The necessity of the user to have to learn a program to get the computer to perform one style of tasks. For another type a different program to learn.
    • Susceptibility to hacker attacks, including virus, alteration of programs, and theft of data.

    No one has to tell us how to communicate with the body. It is done effortlessly and intuitively. You couldn’t explain to someone else how it is you send the command to move your arm and it responds. You do, it does. There are no “programs” in the way. The learning is done as a baby and by the time you’re a child it is instinctive. This is how communicating with a computer should be. By the time you are an adult, it should be just another of those things taken for granted that we do.

    While I’m at it, The bio side worries me a little, too. Very possibly it would need electricity to stimulate nerve paths or perhaps the cells themselves. After all, if we have a leg immobilized by a break and have it in a cast, when it is healed we have to relearn to use it again. I’m sure there would also need to be some type of chemicals for the bio side to sustain itself. And waste removal/filtering so that the cells would remain healthy. If you went on vacation and the power went out, would it still be alive when you got home? (What’s that smell syndrome)

    And if your were hooked up on a computer by biofeedback? What happens if a hacker hits you while hooked up? Does the program release you, as it should? Or are your realities and perceptions altered? Maybe I’ve seen to much TV…

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  7. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    Oy Vehy!

    Hey, Wet1.

    How about the problem of getting the client to tell you what he/she really needs as opposed to wants. God knows how many times I've programmed what the head honch wanted - and then had to go to the peon that had to use the program and rewrite it to do what really needed to be done!
  8. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member


    Indeed. The users inability to describe exactly and clearly what is needed and how it is to be performed is yet another hurdle. I have not the programmers prespective viewpoint as I'm not a programmer. (A sad state of affair, too) And in this failing have lost another point of view. Once again the community has come to my aid, so to say. See why I like this place?

    Yes this is yet another example of the failings of modren computers to meet our most basic needs. (When those needs can be acurately defined)
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