flour mill independence?

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    So long time ago even i have forgotten history watched on tv and read in books. So you all too might had read about mahatma gandhi father of the nation of india freedom democracy struggle against british rule oppression in his days of 1850s to 1947s when india finally got freedom. So i was thinking who was actually mahatma gandhi? he was actually a person of that times india a bread flour wheat mill churner....
    These people customs are still seen with loose clothes working in india all covered with wheat husked powder and turning the conveyor belt motor wheels of the mill. And india and the world took it as cloth thread spun. But actually when britishers used to live in india for over 800 years centuries they wanted good quality bread for their meals. So indians used to make their living with bread mill churners some even in that time. And there was some crisis of british importing salt bags and wheat from england. So all the people, freedom fighters of that time sardar patel, pandit nehru, subhas chandra bose etc used to come at mahatma girni wala to churn their wheat into flour. And they used to weigh in a balance with weight before raw and then in fine powder was the weight same exact? so that was the world back then and their lives........LOL funny.
    so they make gandhi meaning funny double meaning.....
    And at lower parel some lady white and her husband came to see a museum of bread flour mill from small size to chimney mill height.....haha inventions....

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