Femininity and schitzophrenia

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Xev, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Xev Registered Senior Member

    At heart, it's a sort of splitting caused by the necessity of being something other than what you are. I believe it's most commonly caused by the pressures of living as communally as we do - what "I" am is defined by what my neighbor is.
    I mean it's going to happen in any society. Contemporary culture may have exacerbated it because of the pervasiveness of the media, but it's always inevitable.

    True, but the fact that it isn't something I've *ever* heard about makes it unlikely to be a common phenomena.

    Well I'm hardly *supposed* to see them, I just can't help myself.

    No contest.
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  3. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Yes of course. That's why I go to my...........happy place. They know me there.

    Very much so, but the clothing to me at least is besides the point.

    It was not up until the 18th century that gender became 'practiced' so to speak, on children. I'm sure we've all read those Dickens novels, yes? London's children were brutalized before and during that era, seen mostly as working mules that were disenfranchised in the same fashion blacks were from the "All men are created equal" clause in the Declaration.

    And the romance languages are deeply entrenched in gender specification and always have been so I don't understand what she meant by this:
    -o and -a, even -i and -u suffixes denote gender from people to objects.
    Nino, nina, yadda yadda. Even 'neutral' nouns with Greek origin are classified as 'masculine.

    Well you didn't have to. Define "... and I still see you are stuck in a slump", then.

    I will grant that this guy's pedestrian insults are working up a good stink, though. There are far more delicious ways to destroy someone besides 'nigger' and those other cute turms just as blue-collared.

    Make me, you assmilk.

    Ha! Fucked her? As if she wouldn't try to saw you off like the genital wart you'd look like once she finally looked down to see you trying to pump her?


    Anway, you say this: In any case, why this persistence to group us three?
    ...but have you forgotten how many times all three of you would be highfiving each other and smacking your lips everytime either one of you tried to best me? You can fuck with gendanken all you'd like amigo but never, ever, ever fuck with a woman's memory. Ever.

    You fuckers were also part of the reason the moderators had gendanken's 'number', Oh my brother.
    Consider it homework.
    *odd silence*

    Only remember that this 'need' to stuff my superiority down these people's throats comes after them trying to bring me down.

    Only then will you have it drilled in through your head, down your throat and all the way down through your colon that I AM better than the filth and garbage they try bringing Gendankens down with. I mostly speak of that fucking poodle and his aye aye, if you remember. But YOU sir, are far from innocent so eat it.

    I spent many months here perfectly civil before the trio's fucking inanity.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2004
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  5. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Wandering Fool and the members he tries so hard to impress:

    Obviously I'm not going to go through your post and analyze all you have written- it is boring, and time consuming. I however wanted to share our conversation.


    So the Wandering fool calls my cell while I'm in class and leaves a message littered with "nigger" and "chimpanzee"; he tries and finally reaches me the fourth time.

    He tells me he wants me to prove my "hypothesis" that he is a weak fuck who hides behind a computer screen and uses it to morph himself into the confident, intelligent man he so desperately wants to be bogus. He goes, "nigger, you have a theory, why don;t you come to Montreal and prove it. I"ll show you what the real world is like..." This coming from a fucker who knows damn well I'm in Philadelphia. But as chance has it, I'm headed to Michigan in April, and so I offer to meet him in Michigan. But of course, Wanderer, cannot have that; he must believe the lie that he actually wants to meet thehed, that he is actually interested in proving to thehed his masculinity-- when thehed knows damn well he, Wanderer, is a weak fuck (I have to save his voice message so all his admirers can hear it. The weak, scared, anxious voice is just too funny to be kept for the enjoyment of the few.). He tells me he wants to prove to me he is a strong man, and thus, debunk my "theory" of his weakness. He tells me he wants to show the sciforums community that he is a strong man.

    Now Wandering fool, even though you have asserted that you will not reply to my posts or read my posts, you and I know damn well you have been waiting to see when I would make this post. You will read it more than once, and if in your insecurity, you deem yourself too proud to renege on your word that you will ignore thehed, we both know that you will respond to thehed in the future, and that this post will come up. Calling me and spewing meaningless labels that made me and my roomates laugh was a real treat. That you have to try to convince yourself of your own masculinity by creating a scenario in which you can come out as the victor-- in your own mind anyway, by first offering to meet, and then challenging me to come to Montreal to prove my "theory" that you are both weak in mind and body is quite simply pathetic. There are much better ways to deny yourself of your true nature, but hey, I suppose the practise of constant denial can somehow make you believe the nonsense you spew. Yes you are weak, and your message, and subsequemt conversation, in which only stupidity about "niggers" and "chimps" came out of your mouth was, well....need I repeat myself? You are welcome to call again, as long as it is Thursday night after 11pm and I can put you on speakerphone so everyone can enjoy your comedy act.

    Prove your masculinity to me and to the forum by inviting me to Montreal? What stupidity. As if I did not know you were already weak? As if anyone could give a shit. As if you would really want to meet hed. Fuck, old man, learn how to sound intelligent when you talk, or at least let someone pretend to be you the next time you try this stupidity-- which in all probability, assuming continuation of your current behaviour, you will do. In any case, till the next time I decide to exact more responses from you, adios.
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  7. WANDERER Banned Banned

    Since you decided to respond to me once more through the Forum I will reciprocate.

    Oh please do monkey.

    This after the chimp calls my phone and I see his number on my call-display.

    All this true.
    But let me say how pathetically moronic this primitive monkey sounded on the phone with that voice often heard in Star Trek conventions. I doubt if this monkey has ever gotten laid. A voice that exposes a man-child not used to physical suffering or work.
    He rambled on and on and giggled nervously at his own words and jokes, in an effort to defuse the tension and relieve some of his anxiety.

    You have no idea how much I want you to make the mistake of coming here.
    I suspect that you are the kind that goes running to the police when they get their ass kicked though. A chance I'm willing to take.
    I just don’t want to pay for the trip and I’m trying to make you do the work for me.
    But I have a gift for you when you get here. A life lesson you’ll never forget.
    Something about boys, still going to school and talking big, and men.

    To which he adds in true nerd fashion and with a West Indian accent:
    “I will hit you so hard you will fall down in pain.” or words to that fashion.
    Who the fuck talks like that? Someone that has never been in a real fight, that’s who.
    “That’s exactly what I want. I want you to hit me hard and I want you to make me bleed.” I respond.
    I suspect all the evaluations he made of me, about me being bullied in school and so on, were really personal remarks based on past experiences.
    I love pain chimp. Give me some. You have no fucking idea what you are up against yet.
    You have no idea what past experiences have shaped me. But you will, hopefully.
    But why stop at Michigan, I’m only a hop and a skip away from there?
    Take a chance; imagine how ridiculous I’ll appear when you beat the shit out of me.
    I guarantee you one thing, one of us will get hurt. It might be me, who knows?
    Take a chance and put a loser like me in his place.
    I'm waiting.
    Think of all the accolades and admiration you’ll receive here. Think of all the women and how they’ll get their panties wet over your domination, little chimp.
    Think about it.
    I’m always here.

    The Wanderer is offering you the opportunity, chimp, to prove just that to all the members of this Forum, or are you just a trash-talker like all your kind?
    I know you’ve gotten used to exchanging barbs and witty insults with girls and men-children, here on this forum, where a "victory" or a "defeat" is measured by the cleverness of an insult, but where I come from words are followed by actions and the next level is sought after. Everything must have a practical, real-world consequence for me or it is meaningless and a waste of time.
    That's why I'm not as good at clever insults as some of the ones you have gotten used "debating" here.
    You have a hypothesis about me. Prove it to yourself and to the world.
    I offer you the opportunity.
    I wouldn’t go as far as pay for airfare for a chimp like you but if you so desire you have my number and my invitation.

    I’ve been trembling with anticipation actually; couldn't sleep just thinking about it.
    I actually predicted you would to someone on this forum and I already knew the slant you would put on the interactions between us. Typical.
    Now this can go on and on and on like it has between you and gendanken, where you engage in insults for a while and then break and then engage again in this continuing endless battle of wits, insults and put-downs but I can’t do that. It doesn't interest me.
    I'm here to debate ideas or, if need be, enjoy confrontation with a final conclusion, a 'real' conclusion.
    I always seek the escalation to the next level or it becomes tedious and meaningless.
    Let’s escalate it to the next level then.
    I’m game.
    Let’s see if behind that nerdy, whiny voice and that pudgy, ‘never done physical labor’ exterior lies the heart of a real man.

    I’m leaving for Europe in May but you can certainly make it here by April.
    Can’t wait.

    That’s right chimp I’m weak you are strong blah, blah, blah.
    Words gorilla-face, simple words. Actions are what matter in this world.
    I’m glad you dealt with your anxiety with feigned mirth and I’m sure all those PM’s from my past adversaries praising you must have raised your spirits but the proof chimp is, again, in action.
    Do you have the balls? I doubt it Hakka [Sounds, appropriately, like the sound made by a regurgitating dog].
    Shall I post your telephone number on-line like you did mine?
    Give an opportunity for any interested member to hear you for themselves.

    If you are not able to step-up to the plate, so to speak, I won’t be responding to you again. I couldn't care less either way; I have better things to do with my time than waste it with a “talker” with nothing, I repeat NOTHING, to say.
    You can talk and talk all you want and hypothesize and create elaborate straw-men to attack, little chimp. A hypothesis don't mean nothing unless it is supported by empirical EVIDENCE.
    I tried manipulating spookz to come here then I tried it with 15ofthenothing and now I’m trying to make you make that mistake.
    But nerdy idiots like you prefer just to talk. That’s why internet environments are so appropriate for your kind.
    You prefer insinuating ‘superiority’ than proving it.

    All you’ll be is an insecure, frightened little nerd-chimp that never got laid and relies on verbal acrobatics to make up for physical inferiorities.
    This is the perfect place for you to pass your abundant free-time.
    Now tell me how this place doesn’t matter to you.
    This, chimp, is your only social interaction other than your school.

    That’s right school-boy make clever excuses and put that tail firmly between your legs.
    I recall somewhere during our conversation you uttering the words “…reaching a compromise…”. Oh, how you tremble little chimp and then trying to distract me by changing the subject onto a philosophical debate.

    You’re a talker and nothing else.
    Just like spookz and 15ofthenothing, you are here to make your presence known through words and empty rhetoric followed by no action.
    I’m willing to put myself to the test against you, can you say the same?

    Now I'm getting tired of you, go off and insult a girl so that she'll notice you or something.
    Cyber-sex isn't like real sex and Forum confrontation is nothing like real-world confrontation and saying you are "superior" or whatever doesn't make it so unless you can back it up.

    A further point or two before I start ignoring you.
    This is a thread the fountainofshit started a while back.
    Notice the sheer need behind every word.
    How he pleads for attention and love.

    The chimp pretends this Forum doesn’t matter to him and that he does not seek self-validation here but look how his actions speak unconsciously of his real desire and need, louder than any of his words can.
    He posts my PM to him and then gives an account of a conversation over the phone between us. Both things I’ve never done.
    Why? Why bring others into this?
    He is attempting to rally support behind him and in a classic nerd manner he tries to point to the schoolyard-bully, that he can’t deal with personally, in an effort to isolate him and defame him. Classic. He is whining and trying to save-face as well.
    What happened is that the chimp came here long ago and started pouring his heart out on-line in an attempt to find love and understanding and appreciation and respect and an escape from his, real-world, powerlessness .
    When he didn’t receive the appropriate compassion, understanding and respect, he so needed, he retaliated by turning every thread away from the issue and onto the idea poster. This was his vengeance against those that didn’t appreciate him for what he was. His goal? To make every thread, he participates in, into a debate over personalities and not ideas and to refocus them onto himself, achieving in this way the sensation of power he so lacks in his real life.
    In true fly manner when he can’t get positive attention he opts for the more easily accessible negative one.
    He comes here often, contradicting his original assertion that this place means nothing to him. This is where he deals with his powerlessness.
    Watch how:
    He refocuses any discussion away from the message and onto the messenger where the hypothetical and suppositions, of a personal kind, have the most impact, then he sets up the parameters by which if you respond to him he wins, by ‘getting under your skin’ or by making you pay attention to him, and if you don’t he claims victory by having the last word and claiming you ran from the fight.
    So it’s a win-win situation for him since there is little chance for a more real confrontation and he knows it and knows all the tricks to avoid it. This is why he can get so loud and obnoxious and still feel safe and this is why all those twits that feel wronged and abused by me are now rallying behind him and cheering him on.

    Notice how there is never any real chance of finding him engaged on issues or subject matter and how all his posts distract attention away from opinions and onto opinion makers.
    His self-validation comes from engaging in verbal fights with no possibility of a real consequence or conclusion, in that way maintaining his own need to feel worthy and his need to believe he is ‘special’ even if nobody sees it, and in focusing the desired attention, of as many participants as possible, away from a threads focus and onto himself and his endless insults and hypothetical psychoanalysis.
    Whoever he feels threatened by, either directly or by comparison, he needs to try to dissect abstractly and point to possible weakness to placate his inferiority complex.
    All that shit about me being a self-hater were really based on personal, subconscious realizations. He was talking about ‘self’ while pretending to talk about me.
    What did I say about people exposing inner truths through outer opinions?

    By the way chimp, this thread is dedicated to ‘Femininity and Schizophrenia’ and not ‘The Wanderer and Schizophrenia’.
    Post something relevant and on topic or if you wish start a new thread about me.
    Possible thread titles:
    ‘The Wanderer’s weakness’, ‘Internet bullies and the women that love them’, ‘The Wanderer and his shadow’, ‘Why I hate the Wanderer?’, ‘Why I’m superior to the Wanderer?’.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2004
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Oh this is pitiful. Two little boys each trying to prove 'I'm da man'

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    . I actually cannot believe that you found the time to call each other. I don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted, especially considering how you both come running to these forums to 'whisper' about who said what to whom and when... it's as though you were both running home to mummy to tell. Here I thought that you were mature individuals, albeit, mature individuals with some issues and problems

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    , but this takes the cake.

    So you two got to have a little love chat on the phone? Let us know when you meet up with your rulers and measure each others dicks. Take photos and post them up. I have my magnifying glass ready

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!


    Grow up and get a life kiddies. There are better things you can do with your time than trying to prove your manliness over these forums and through the phone.
  9. Bells Staff Member

    Well said. It is true that we define and see ourselves by how others see us. We are the 'daddy's little girls', 'the girlfriend', 'the wife', 'the mum', 'the employee', 'the bitch', 'the sub', etc. I don't think that women actually have a notion of who they are in reality. We change so much that it is hard to see who we really are. We try to impress others with how much we are like them and think like them. We try to impress others with how good a mum, wife, daughter, girlfriend we are, all based on stereotypes set down by society. Our neighbour deems that to be a good wife we must be submissive and think of the man as being better, and that is exactly what we do. You are very correct when you state that the media has a large say in this. We watch shows where the woman is the perfect mother and cooks the perfect meals, cookies, cleans the house, is always there, etc and the rest of the crap. And we want to do the same. I know of many women who have children and seeing them with their kids, they become someone completely different. Where before they'd have never thought of baking cookies, I now find them in the kitchen making cookies and cakes.

    It's the same everywhere. We no longer know who we are. We look at femininity and see it as something weak, until we want to catch a man and we start batting our eyelashes. The media tells us that to be women, we must dress in a certain manner, wear make up, do our nails and hair, speak and act in a particular way. When we act differently to these norms, we are judged as not being women or we are seen to be lesbian, butch or a bitch. Women who try to be themselves (whoever they actually are) are labelled by our neighbours and by society in general as being something abnormal, because we are acting outside the norm.

    All in all Xev, with that statement above, you hit the nail squarely on the head.

    PS. By saying 'we', I was not talking about anyone in particular, so please do not take offence. I was only making a general statement

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  10. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    LOL! Android is the wandering fool.

    Also a west indian accent and a trekkie voive? You need to lie better.
  11. Bells Staff Member

    Forgive me for being wrong here, but Fountainboy stupidly paraded Wanderboy's phone number? Hmm interesting. Wanderboy should have realised that Fountainboy was immature enough to post said number on these forums, therefore, one would think that Wanderboy would be old enough to know NOT to give out his phone number to the weirdos on the net. Sure I understand that Wanderboy wanted to defend his male virility, but to give out his phone number to one such as Fountainboy? I have been watching the little arguments between those two for a while there and the constant posturing has been amusing. But it is no longer so. What we now have is a situation where people's private numbers are being paraded around like a show dog and threats being bandied about as though it were candy.

    Honestly, Wanderboy, I thought you better than that. I also expected more from Fountainboy. If you've gotten to the stage where you're soooo angry by what is said on here that you're sending PM's with phone numbers and addresses, then maybe it's time to step away from the computer and live life on the outside. You know? Real life?

    And PS. I do not think I was being unfair. Both called each other sizing each other up like a couple of teenagers. One should not have given his phone number away and the other should not have posted it on here. If someone bothers you to that extent, ignore them. I've had my arguments with both Wanderer and Fountainhed, yet at no time have I ever given either of them my number with the message of call me and we'll meet for a rumble. Don't you find the whole thing a tad ridiculous? Again I shall say. If you find yourself driven to the point where calling each other up in the bid that you can meet up and try to see who's the bigger man, it is time to step back. Sheesh, it's a forum. Only a forum.

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  12. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    This just had to be done. Wizzle always reminds me of this guy.

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    Come Back Here You!!!! I'll Bite Your Legs Off!!
  13. Bells Staff Member

    Errr ok droid...?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    As for my name calling? Well it was actually Wanderboy (not Wonderboy) and I was also calling the other party Fountainboy. If they feel offence, I'm sure they will let me know. Although I'm sure that Wanderer will be much obligin' to you for defending his honour as you have. And as for you never having seen Wanderer 'demeaning' my name? Well you obviously haven't been here long enough. But don't let me detract you from your little hero worshipping there.

    Slurp? What? Was he drinking loudly or something? Huh?

    I'm glad you found my posts to be purposeless droid, it means that I have done my job in here well. Having had only 65 posts, it is obvious to me that you are trying to stay on the good side of everyone. It's cute. Really. But if I have a problem with Wanderer I tell him so and if he has a problem with me, he does the same. Read back on some other threads where this has happened and you'll see what I'm talking about. If I wish to call him Wanderboy, I shall. Wanderer is a big boy and is more than capable of defending himself. But next time I'll be sure to get your ok first. Alright?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Ok, to be blunt. What in the hell are you on about? I wasn't aware that I was trying to own up to anything. But err thanks for pointing that out to me. Your time and energy obliges you to treat the rest of my post as already being moot, but you posted the reply anyway? If my point was so 'purposeless', why in the hell are you replying to it? And my foot is in my mouth? I didn't realise that I was sucking my toes. Thanks again for pointing it out to me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and laugh at you

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  14. Xev Registered Senior Member

    True, but this is simply part of being human. Men are equally comprised by the definitions of others.

    Society has power because it has seized the power to define. What you're saying is very true - the sheeple hate anyone who is different from their notions of what one should be. They especially hate women who break the mold.

    But then comes the question: Why do you care what other people think?
    In modern democratic societies, we have a great deal of leeway to simply be as we wish. The consequences are simple - one lives outside the love and law of man and men.

    I'm fond of feminist theory, Bells, it was my first introduction to philosophy. But where the feminists err is in trying to reform society, they want to rebel and take others with them. You can't do that. You can only stand alone.

    I like Wuotan in Die Walkurie:

    "denn selbst muss der Freie sich schaffen
    Knechte erknet doch ich mich nur!"

    [The free man must create himself
    I can only create subjects to myself!]

  15. Bells Staff Member


    Thank you for replying to my 'purposeless' post.. I feel that after the strong rebuke from Roid, in the midst of that hero worship, that I should be thankful and fawning...lol

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    True. Humans being the social animals feel that they cannot survive without the love and support of those around them. That if they are rejected by society or deemed to be an outcast, survival becomes difficult and life becomes dark. If they only knew the peace they would get from the noise if they were outside the norm

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    . The peace from the demands placed upon them by society.

    Heh, feminist theory was my first introduction into legal philosophy as well. And I agree with you whole heartedly. Feminists also try to dominate the female into being what they think she should or could be, they become the society by which the female is judging herself. If she acts outside the norms set down by the feminist society, she is outcast from them as well and she will view herself as having failed her womanhood and her sisterhood. It is the same vicious circle.

    Well said!
  16. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Describes you quite perfectly, wouldn't you say?

    Oh shut up. Perhaps you'd like a reminder and have it oulined to you, maybe?

    Cocksuckers and lions and bears oH my.....cocksuckers and lions and bears Oh my...so many of them, like roaches.
  17. Bells Staff Member

    Why yes Gendanken. It does. I'm so loved and supported by those around me that I left the dark place behind and am now blinded by the light. Positively blinded! So you think if I squint too much in this light I'll get wrinkles? Ah well, no matter. There's always botox

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  18. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member


    Even your sarcasm is bovine.
  19. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    And who the fuck is talking about your steps, little boy?

    Read the post again or get a three year old stuff you with reading skills.

    Cheeky one liners won't do my little leprauchan. Now elaborate.
  20. Bells Staff Member

    I'm udderly glad you think so.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself with that one... moooooo


    You merge? Really? I thought you were a sucker. I mean what with comments such as these:

    And you're sure you don't suck? Oh yeah, that's right. You think you merge. Whatever you say Mr Hoover.
  21. 15ofthe19 35 year old virgin Registered Senior Member

    Umm, android, I have never directed a post at you. If you're sticking up for Wizzle, don't you think your cavalier attitude runs the risk of being VERY suspect?

    You should consult nico on this subject. She has forgotten more about being exposed than most posters will ever know.
  22. Bells Staff Member


    you bore your fangs at me because I called Wanderer 'wanderboy'. How you could construe that as an insult to yourself is still beyond me, but somehow you did. You then went on to talk about his greatness and masculine virility. Now any individual reading these threads would find that amusing. You failed to realise that Wanderer is more than capable of telling me that he felt insulted, instead you jump into the fray and feel insulted for him. I made a comment about their little love chat and you got offended. Go figure.

    You're amazed at my being sour? Well in case you weren't aware, I'm as sour as an unripe orange

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    . But my comments about their calling each other as they did was not meant to be insulting. Why did you find it so? You find Wanderer enlightening? Good for you. More power to you. I find him interesting to read sometimes, other times I just go 'nah' and move on. But I do find my lamp enlightening when I flick it on

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    . I have read Wanderer's posts and I pitch my insults where I see fit as he pitches his when he sees fit. I was not aware that there was a standard which I was meant to adhere to in regards to insulting Wanderer. I shall keep that in mind from now on.

    And don't worry, I say 'merde' more than you could possibly know

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ... lol...
  23. Xev Registered Senior Member

    What...the fuck has happened to my thread?

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