female-teacher sexpidemic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZenDrake, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    It is also a scientific fact that young men, especially in their adolescence and youth have a strong sexual need for men (Psycholgists call it the homosexual 'phase'!)

    So it makes all the sense for men to have relations with other men in their youth and then get married to girls in their late youth or early middle age.

    That way they will get the chance to be men.

    a.) Why don't you learn to argue properly? It's really annoying when you get examples out of context. None of the examples you've given above prove anything but present us with your biases.

    b.) I don't see the point about who is exploiting whom if both the younger and the older youth are happy about it.

    You are clearly mistaken. It's not just about languages. It is about distortion of truth through dubious concepts.

    Lemme ask you, does your culture have a word for 'homosexual'?

    When the entire world is speaking or using English, it cannot just reflect west's concepts and worldview? And even English did not have the word before the end of nineteenth century. So its also about a whole lot of conspiracy!
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  3. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    And Happeh, don't forget that it is not so much about English as it is about science and what is nature and what is not!

    So when a word is inappropriate, it needs to be pointed out.
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  5. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I have not seen this scientific fact anywhere. From my personal knowledge, young men would screw squirrels. They are sex machines. That does not mean they are really squirrel lovers deep down. It means there were no female humans readily available.

    If the tribe says "you have sex with the young girls we kill you", then the men may develop tastes for other men. Like in the USA right now. You have sex with young women, you are bad and need to go to jail. So right now the USA is in the midst of the entire country turning gay. Every show on TV has a gay or is about a gay or is celebrating or proselytizing gay.

    Look at other people. Asians, Muslims, Hispanics all have sex with young girls. You don't see their major TV shows promoting gay as the best way to the future.

    Properly as in buddha friendly? No thanks.

    If you take heroin and stick it in someone's arm, then ask them if they are happy, they will say yes. They are on drugs. If you stick your penis in someones hiney and ask them if they like it, they will say yes, they are in sexual satisfaction.

    If you had treated them right and shown them sex with a women, instead of taking advantage of them and poking them in the hiney, they would say the sex with the woman was what they wanted. They only say they like the man sex because that is what they know and are familiar with.


    Fag. Buttpumper. Fudgepacker. Cocksucker. Dicksucker. Pervert. Gay. Penis Polisher. Cock Gobbler. Girly man. Fairy. Wimp. Pussy. Woman. Parasite. Fagosite. Energy suckers.

    I think much of the english language changed in the nineteenth century. We are not speaking nineteenth century english now. I don't think that is a conspiracy.
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  7. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps you're not at all in touch with a side of you that simply wants the nasty grind with anything remotely fine. I am to some degree. I find often that impulse is at odds with socially acceptable practice. That statement was a confession of my own confused judgement on the issue.

    Perhaps you misunderstand or presume too much. Apparently you simply can't relate. That's fine.
  8. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    You're crazy man. You don't know how logical discussions are conducted. It's a waste of time to meddle with you!

    Properly, as a person giving his time to a forum like sciforums should do! If you just want to vent your views, I'm not interested, especially when they are so far removed from reality.

    An example:

    If you take heroin and stick it in someone's arm, then ask them if they are happy, they will say yes.

    Now, I'm sure, noone has talked about anything even closer to manipulating the experiencing sensations of anyone.

    That is what I've been saying !

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    But the whole concept of 'heterosexuality' doesn't acknowledge that. It says people are incapable of enjoying eroticism from same-sex.

    a.) something which is natural should come naturally (it will at the right time!). If it has to be taught, it is not natural --- at least not for that time.

    b.) Societies have been showing youth how to have sex with women for ages, and they have been discouraging them from sex with men for an equal amount of time.

    Why is it that they still have to use such extensive mechanism of rewards and extreme punishments to make men 'heterosexual'? It shows that what you're saying is utter rubbish.

    a.) the boys in these tribal societies grow up with women. It's only when they reach a certain stage in adolescence that they are transferred to the male group. How come they did not develop a liking for girls earlier?

    b.) In many parts of the Muslim world, e.g. in some parts of Afghanistan, it is an acceptable practise for men to have younger men as lovers. The male lovers are kept even when the older youth gets married. The men are known to indulge their male lovers a lot. And this practise is like a universal one --- i.e. it doesn't happen just with a few 'gay' guys.

    Clearly, you're wrong again.

    a.) Those are English words. So you're not from the non-western world. You sounded like you were from out of that part.

    We know that the western world has coined the concept of 'homosexuality'. But since no other culture has ever known such a concept --- even when it is regarding such a basic part of our existence, its validity is highly suspect (but that is just one reason!).

    b.) these are words of abuse. Societies use words of abuse when they want to discourage people off something. They do it to put pressure on men to desist from their natural needs. They proves nothing though. By force, you can make people say that "the sun comes out in the night"! The truth will not change just on account of what you make things out to be.

    It is not just a matter of language. It is also a matter of how we want our society to be, and what mechanisms we use to put pressures on our men. Language is just a handy tool! If they say there is something like 'homosexuality' they should be able to prove it. (I've already disproved that there is no heterosexuality in nature!)

    We are not interested in what you think! We want to know what is happening out there in reality --- behind all those forced masks of heterosexuality. And we want to know why?
  9. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    I once read a case where the police locked up a 20 year old man with his mother, stripped them in lock up and then forced them to perform incest!

    Most so-called 'homos' in my society end up getting mattied and rearing children. The phenomenon is not unheard of in western society either!

    Can you tell me how all that is possible?
  10. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    No one gets a hard on when they feel humiliated and threatened --- whether they are what you call heterosexuals or homosexuals (sic and sick!).
  11. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Notwithstanding the above examples, yes erections do give us an insight about what the man finds sexually exciting and what he does not --- especially, when they are involuntary.

    And talking about erections, let me narrate some examples, mostly from my work experience, that will shed a light on male sexual nature.

    Example 1:

    An 18 year old boy narrated how he was made to strip in front of a female officer (she was young too!) along with 20 other boys for a medical test in the army. He felt extremely bad about it. He says the entire group hesitated in pulling their underwears down. And had to be ordered sternly.

    He says the female officer inspected everyone's penis closely (without touching it). Only one of the candidates got an erection.

    Does it tell us anything about the heterosexuality of men, especially when they are young?
  12. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

  13. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    In my work I sometimes have to examine penises (now don't laugh, its all part of my work!). And here is what I have observed.

    Most of the men that come to me for counseling (or with sexual problems including STDs) are young --- between 15 to 35 yrs (actually most between 18 to 25 years). I'd say that in 80% - 90% of the cases the men get an erection the moment they bring their stuff out!

    This is one of the things that made me take the notion that almost everyone has sexual feelings for men, seriously.

    I have tried to analyse this phenomenon. And I have found that this is directly linked to how macho I feel or look. In the period (2000 - 2001) that I felt/ looked the most macho, almost 100% of men got an erection --- it was unbelievable!

    I know that this happens in the west too, with people who call themselves 'heterosexuals'. But I guess the incidence would be much less in the west --- because the heterosexual identity works as a psychological barrier, and so does the strong social stigma that exists in the west. Mental anxiety can interfere in with erections in a major way!

    So what does all that tell us about male sexual nature? Is everybody a 'homo' then? In that case it would be absurd to say that someone is gay. Because it would be like saying he is two-eyed!
  14. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    You know Buddha? That is what every thinks about you.

    And you ought to remove that hamster from your hiney. The one that you are referring to as we? That is animal abuse.
  15. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    I wonder why you find yourself qualified to testify as to "what everyone thinks". You also claim to represent "the silent, thinking majority". As if you are privy to their thoughts.

    It's rather obvious that you are not.

    IMO, this is indicative of megalomania. I think your ego is rampant.
  16. Fafnir665 You just got served. Registered Senior Member

  17. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    That's actually my point.

    If that kid gets a hard-on while being humiliated and threatened from the older high school bullies, it means that boy isn't being humiliated and is instead enjoying being forced by those older males which means he's probably a homosexual the same way a boy who gets a hard-on by his sister means he's fantasizing about her.

    However, as you said:

    "I once read a case where the police locked up a 20 year old man with his mother, stripped them in lock up and then forced them to perform incest!"

    I thought people don't get hard-ons when being threatened and humiliated as you mentioned? If that is so, then that 20 year old male that had sex with his mother must have been fantasizing about her to get erect and fool around with her, otherwise his lil willy would have shrivelled up in embarassment being threatened and all.

    - N
  18. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Neildo, I don't think you're getting it!

    First of all, the above posts by me where I have talked about how 90 - 100% of men got erections while being examined quite strongly refutes your claims of someone being a homo --- it seems the majority are homos --- by your definition. Or no one is!

    Second, although voluntary erection does not come about when one is humiliated, but when you prod someone after a period of time the person will get an erection. That's how our anatomy works! Otherwise, there was no way you could force men to be heterosexuals!

    Let me tell you about an incident this gay guy narrated. This friend of him told him that he could never get an erection with another guy. They took it up as a challenge, and the gay guy won!
  19. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member


    Maybe you're just giving off a chick pheremone or something. I've been probed by male doctors and no offense intended, but I never sported wood.

    Maybe you just have a sublime ass or something? Hehe.

    Have you validated your numbers? Surely someone could gather data from other sources to verify your assertion? I find it to be hard to believe.
  20. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    I've shared what I have observed. It is for you to draw your conclusions!

    I don't think when men feel attraction for other men, they want or like their ass or to fuck them --- for all your dismissive stereotyping. My observation (not talked about here) also strongly points to the fact that the primary object of men's sexual attraction for each other is 'penis' rather than the 'butt' --- and it surely doesn't mean that they want it inside their butt --- that is just a 'heterosexual' propaganda that sex has to involve penetration of somekind!

    And don't forget that my observation strongly says that men seem to be attracted more to masculinity in other men. They would be wary of allowing themselves an erection in front of someone they consider less masculine than themselves.
  21. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    What you have observed is particular to you. I want to know if there has been any corroboration of the numbers, as I find your observation pretty difficult to believe.

    You don't have a sense of humor at all do you?

    As far as your observation about the key point of male attraction to one another, my comment was a joke. Lighten up.

    Have you asked any other penis examiners if they have similar experience with frequent wood of the examinees? (that's a serious question posed jokingly, as I'm a dork and find humor wherever I look)

    If you have not, then I'll just be on my way.
  22. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member


    May I ask what work you do which allows you to examine penis'?
  23. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Wesmorris, the laws of nature don't change for me or any particular individual.

    Having said that, yes there are several factors that work.

    a. My society is very accepting of male eroticism for other men (at least if it happens without talking about it!) and accepts even expects men to have such feelings for men. It is considered a part of 'masculinity' and men would be expected to feel sexual if in such a situation with another man.

    b. Outside our office, you'd find posters (amongst a lot of others that talk about men's gender and sexual health issues) that treat the issue of male-male sexuality with acceptance --- as a masculine and mainstream feeling. That can work to put people at ease about their suppressed sexuality --- which suddenly comes to the fore when you've to show your penis to a man.

    c. Of course, the sexual aura of the examiner would also count --- and in my analysis the biggest component of this aura for straight men is the 'straightness' of the examiner --- besides other things. (here by straightness I don't mean heterosexuality, but masculinity, including social masculinity. Heterosexuality would become important only as far as it is considered important for social masculinity, and a lack of it is considered detrimental to acquiring social masculinity).

    I have a sense of humour, but male sexual interest in men has been denigrated a lot, and men joke about it a lot to remove their discomfort in peer groups --- therefore, as someone who cares a lot about men's issues, it is not something I can just joke about --- especially when I know its power to scare men away from their same-sex needs.

    But I have not really minded your joke and I do take it in a spirit of comaraderie!
    Like I said, Wesmorris, the laws of nature don't change for me or any particular individual.

    I think I spoke to a Doctor about it, and he said that it is a common thing, although not as common as my experience. I think with doctors it is a completely different scenario than with counsellors. I was myself examined a couple of times by Doctors/ other staff, even prodded and touched --- but except once I've never had an erection --- that too when I was prodded for a long time by a lower staff who was examining me. It's just too formal with them.

    I have read internet sites about this phenomenon, and it seems the thing is common in the west too, but of course the frequency is much less than what I've experienced, but way too much than what the heterosexual ideology would have us believe. But then like I said the social conditioning, the sexual and more importantly the 'masculinity' mores of the society --- all has a lot of effect on the phenomenon.

    Also you have to understand that my observation about men universally having sexual need for men has been corroborated with a horde of other experiences in various fields and aspects of life.

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