female-teacher sexpidemic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZenDrake, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. ZenDrake come to the darkside Registered Senior Member

    What think ya'll of this trend?
    A quick glance at the punishments (or lack of them)
    compared with male offenders
    highlight the difference that the court system at
    least views female vs. male offenders.

    A California woman is the latest teacher suspected of raping a
    student, as 41-year old Sherry Brians is in custody for allegedly
    having a sexual relationship with a 12-year old boy.
    She is joins a long list of women who have been accused or convicted
    of having illegal sexual activity with children.

    Among the most well-known is the case of Debra Lafave, a 26-year-old
    reading teacher in Florida accused of having sex with a 14-year-old
    boy in her classroom, car and at home. Her plea deal sparing her jail
    time and giving her just house arrest was thrown out last week and
    her trial is now slated for April 10.

    Other cases collected by WND from news reports include:

    Adrianne Hockett: Accused of having sex with a 16-year-old special-
    needs student in a Houston apartment she rented for the get-
    togethers. The boy has testified the pair would "have sex, drink beer
    and smoke weed."

    Amber Jennings, 31: Initially charged with having sex with a 16-year-
    old, the counts against the Sturbridge, Mass., woman were reduced to
    a single charge of disseminating harmful materials to a minor. She
    reportedly admitted e-mailing naked photos of herself to a former

    Amber Marshall, 23: Northwest Indiana woman allegedly had sexual
    contact, including intercourse, with several students, and turned
    herself into authorities, telling police she knew what she did was

    Amira Sa'Si, 30: Clayton County, Ga., woman remarked she didn't think
    her relationship was inappropriate based on her Internet research,
    learning the Peach State's age of consent is 16.

    Amy Gail Lilley, 36: Inverness, Fla., woman charged with an alleged
    relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

    Angela Stellwag, 24: Delran, N.J., woman accused of having sex in her
    apartment with a 14-year-old boy she met in school.

    Beth Raymond, 31: Private-school employee from Pownal, Maine, charged
    with risk of injury to a minor and second-degree sexual assault of a
    juvenile male.

    Bethany Sherrill, 24: Daughter-in-law of school-board president is
    charged with molesting a middle school student when he was 14.

    Carol Flannigan, 50: Boca Raton, Fla., music teacher reportedly slept
    with 11-year-old former student, and also had a simultaneous sexual
    relationship with the boy's father.

    Celeste Emerick, 32: Police in Huber Heights, Ohio, say she hosted a
    party where students were shown porn.

    Christina Gallagher, 26: Jersey City, N.J., woman ordered to pay more
    than $1,000 in fines, sentenced to a lifetime registration as a
    convicted sex offender and ordered to attend therapy for having sex
    with a 17-year-old student.

    Deanna Bobo, 37: Arkansas teacher allegedly had sex twice with a 14-
    year-old boy in his own bed while his parents were not home.

    Donna Carr Galloway, 33: Married mother of two found naked in a car
    with a 17-year-old student.

    Elisa Kawasaki, 25: Officials say ex-biology teacher had sexual
    relations with a 16-year-old student on up to 20 different occasions.

    Elizabeth Miklosovic, 36: Grand Rapids, Mich., woman pleaded no
    contest to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female student
    she "married" in a pagan ritual.

    Elizabeth Stow, 26: Woman from Fresno, Calif., area convicted of
    having sex with three of her students was sentenced to nine years,
    but the judge suspended that sentence and gave her one year, possibly
    on house arrest, as well as faces five years probation.

    Ellen Garfield, 43: Former student says teacher took him into an
    empty classroom where she worked, partially disrobed, and coaxed him
    into having sex with her in 1998. Garfield was acquitted of all
    charges in September of this year.

    Emily Morris, 28: Alabama woman faced a possible 20-year sentence,
    but received one year in jail for having consensual sex with a 15-
    year-old student.

    Erica Rutters, 29: York, Pa., woman allegedly wrote erotic messages
    to a 17-year-old student and had sexual intercourse with him four
    times in her apartment.

    Georgianne Harrell, 24: Sylvester, Ga., woman charged with performing
    oral sex on a 9-year-old boy, allowing students to gaze down her
    blouse and slashing her wrists with glass in front of her students.
    She pleaded not guilty.

    Gwen Ann Cardozo, 33: Colorado woman charged with having sex with a
    17-year-old male student.

    Heather Ingram, 30: Mathematics, science and business teacher in
    British Columbia had sex with a 17-year-old student.

    Janelle Marie Bird, 24: Accused of having a two-year affair with a 15-
    year-old student from East Hill Christian School, in Pensacola, Fla.

    Jaymee Wallace, 28: Basketball coach in Tampa, Fla., charged with
    having an 18-month lesbian relationship with a student.

    Joan Marie Sladky, 28: Redwood City, Calif., woman sentenced to six
    months in county jail for having sex with a 16-year-old student after
    pleading no contest to four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse,
    oral copulation and penetration with a foreign object.

    Katherine Tew, 30: Married English teacher from Greenville, N.C.,
    arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student.

    Kathy White, 39: Charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student
    in Lumberton, Texas. Victim alleges: "She just started grabbing me
    and hormones were on and it just happened."

    Kelly Lynn Dalecki, 28: Woman from St. Augustine, Fla., pleaded no
    contest to charges she had sex with a 13-year-old boy.

    Kristen Margrif, 27: Michigan woman accused of having sex with a 16-
    year-old male student in her car or at his summer workplace.

    Kristi Dance Oakes, 32: Former Tennessee high-school teacher
    allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old boy who was in her biology class
    the previous year.

    Lakina Stutts, 40: School-bus driver admitted to cops she had sex
    with a 14-year-old student in her home and in a car outside the boy's

    Laura-Anne Brownlee, 26: Former music mistress at a top private
    school in Belfast, N. Ireland, was sentenced on six charges of
    indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

    Laura Lynn Findlay, 30: Middle-school band teacher in Buena Vista
    Township, Mich., charged with having sex with at least 5 students,
    one as young as 14.

    Margaret De Barraicua, 30: Sacramento, Calif., area woman arrested
    after police found her having sex with a 16-year-old male student in
    her car while the woman's toddler was strapped into a seat in the

    Maria Saco, 28: Passaic, N.J., woman sentenced to a year in jail for
    an intimate relationship with a teen student who was 14 when they
    first met.

    Mary Kay Letourneau, 34: Des Moines, Wash., woman did prison time
    after having an affair with a sixth-grade student, and had two
    children by him. The couple recently married.

    Melissa Michelle Deel, 32: Bristol, Tenn., woman pleaded guilty to
    crossing the state line into Virginia to have oral sex with a 13-year-
    old male student.

    Michelle Kush, 29: Ohio woman allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old
    boy several times during summer break.

    Nicola Prentice, 22: British woman from Sheffield, England, given a
    12-month suspended jail sentence after she seduced a 16-year-old
    student and began a 19-month affair.

    Nicole Andrea Barnhart, 35: Colorado woman reportedly told police she
    loves the 16-year-old boy with whom she was having sex. She pled
    guilty to felony sexual assault on a child, resulting in a two-year
    prison sentence and a minimum of 10 years in a sex-offender probation

    Nicole Pomerleau, 31: High-school English teacher in Charlotte, N.C.,
    accused of having a sexual relationship with her 16-year-old student.

    Pamela Smart, 22: Media-services director at Winnacunnet High School
    in Hampton, N.Y., had convinced her 15-year-old lover to murder her
    husband. The Nicole Kidman film "To Die For" is based on her story.

    Pamela Turner, 27: Former model and beauty-pageant contestant accused
    of having a three-month sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy.

    Rachelle Vantucci, 32: Ex-substitute teacher in western New York
    admitted having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

    Rebecca Boicelli, 33: Redwood City, Calif., woman gave birth to a
    baby last year and DNA test results gave prosecutors enough evidence
    to prove the father is Boicelli's former student, who was 16 at the
    time of conception.

    Rhianna Ellis, 24: New York City teacher who allegedly had a 10-month
    affair with an 18-year-old, and allgedly gave birth to his baby.

    Robin Gialanella, 26: Elementary teacher in Toms River, N.J., engaged
    in kissing, and inappropriate conduct and conversations with two
    sixth-grade boys, ages 11 and 12. She was sentenced to 364 days in

    Robin Winkis, 29: York, Pa., woman allegedly had sex with a 17-year-
    old boy after giving him alcohol.

    Samantha Solomon, 29: Fired after school bosses learned she was
    having sex with a teenage boy. She denies the charges.

    Sandra "Beth" Geisel, 42: Albany, N.Y., woman was fired from her job
    at an private all-boys school after police in found her in a parked
    car with a 17-year-old. She pleaded guilty to a single count of rape
    and was sentenced to six months in jail.

    Shelley Allen, 35: East Texas teacher's aide accused of sexual
    assault and faces a possible 20 years behind bars.

    Shelley White, 24: Geography teacher in Britain had been engaged to
    be married before she kissed a 15-year-old student on at least three
    occasions. She avoided jail, but received 12 months community

    Stephanie Burleson: Volleyball coach and teacher at Floresville High
    School in Texas six years ago, pleaded guilty to all charges for
    molesting a 16-year-old female student. She was sentenced to 10 years
    probation, and required to register as a sex offender.

    Susan Eble, 35: Former teacher's aide is accused of having a sexual
    relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

    Tara Lynn Crisp, 29: Police allege she had sex with a student at
    least three times beginning when he was 14.

    Toni Lynn Woods, 37: The Braxton County, W.Va., woman confessed to
    having sexual intercourse with three juveniles a total of four times
    and oral sex with one of those juveniles and another juvenile a total
    of four times. She resigned.
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  3. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, I don't think it's a "trend". And your long list of suspect/convicts does nothing to prove otherwise.

    Baron Max
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  5. cato less hate, more science Registered Senior Member

    that stuff probably happens all the time, it has simply become popular to bust people on it and plaster their names and faces on all sorts of media.
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  7. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

  8. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Sure it is a trend. They are being encouraged to do this as part of the plan to destroy American society. You know that popular show "american housewives"? It is all about teaching your wife and girlfriend how to have affairs with the neighbors while you are away at work.

    You know that sheltered science world you live in? That one that blinders you? You need to come out from their and go watch the Lifetime channel. The lifetime channel is devoted to showing women having sex with men and boys, married and unmarried, any situation you can think of.

    These shows tell these women how great it is to get the big one wherever you can find it. And if you get caught, their might be fights and crying, but after that, you can go get more big one.

    Really. Some of these TV shows are scandalous. Not from a moral view but from the view of "how does this TV show affect the health of our society"?
  9. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    I concur, heh.

    I will gladly let any woman victimize me in a sexual manner. And the same held true when I was under age.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    - N
  10. android nothing human inside Registered Senior Member

    Men are such wimps these days. At least boys are excited about sex. Maybe it is in part because men and women alike are drama queens?
  11. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Thats only a tiny fraction of the student-teacher sexual reactions. It is actually quite common.
  12. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    What I want to know is what motivates a teenage boy to turn in a hot teacher proving sexual gratification? This stuff is like a penthouse forem letter come true.
  13. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Nothing surprises me about this issue. Neither the long list of offenders, nor the reaction of people to it.

    In fact the reaction of the following reader sums it up all:
    I think we can compare it with the reaction that was sought to be raked up when by this BBC reporter (some Mohammed guy) who was enraged at Michael Jacksons sexual relationships with adolescent boys.

    I'm not surprised and my entire research about the oppression of men points to what this thread amply highlights. A heterosexual society is keen to train its boys to be 'heterosexual', and it does not look at such incidents as serious. On the contrary it actually subtly encourages such incidents. The serial "The opposite sex" had an episode which actually glorified this schoold kid being attracted to an adult woman.

    A man having sex with a boy is seen as one of the worst crimes, because it threatens the fragile but elaborate mechanisms that the society has built to kill a boys power to have sexual bonds with another male. It's been the same even in pre-heterosexual societies, especially in the west.

    But there is a difference between how men and women are treated. A heterosexual society seeks to protect and indulge its women. Therefore, if an adult man has sex with a minor girl, that becomes an issue. Men are anyways treated as secondary citizens in a heterosexual society, and they have few rights in any case.

    The heterosexual society brushes off the sexual exploitation of men/ boys at the hands of women.

    When a woman has sex with a boy, the western heterosexual society rather sees it as if the woman is doing a favour to the boy by encouraging/ teaching him to be heterosexual.

    And if you combine this with the intense pressure that boys live in the west to be heterosexual you get an exact picture of their exploitation. Like one boy narrated to me in a counseling session:

    This teenage boy used to go to an adult female tutor to study. He said, the tutor started behaving funny and would sit close to him and one day started to rub his pants.

    The boy did not fancy that girl and in fact was not looking for sex with anyone (boys in my society don't usualluy have sex before marriage!). But, he could not say no or resist her unwanted advances, because otherwise the woman would have seen him as 'impotent' or worse a 'homo'. He was under intense pressure to have sex, and he did.

    This happened a couple of times, and then he stopped going for his tuitions. But could not tell his parents what happened. Nevertheless, the guy brags the incident amongst his peers to gain 'social masculinity'.

    What do you people think of this incident?
  14. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    So when a boy is exploited by a woman, he is expected to enjoy it! Good! Talk about social pressures.
  15. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    I can relate other incidents of sexual exploitation of men at the hands of women in a heterosexual society --- and this exploitation has the sanction of authorities:

    a.) Freshmen boys are made to strip naked in front of a gathering of people --- that includes girls that know them. In some cases women force strip the boys. Boys are made to masturbate in front of girls.

    b.) Highschool students are asked to strip in front of their head mistress and other female staff, in the U.S. for medicals.

    Do men have a choice to say no! Men are supposed to enjoy this humiliation, if they are supposed to be 'really men'. Men can't complain without loosing their manhood. But this happens only in a heterosexual society. They feel just as violated and humiliated as do women. But a wimpy, heterosexual society is sensitive only to women's needs, feelings and rights.

    In a traditional society, a man is well within his right to feel violated. In fact he will fight this in order to save his honour and manhood.

    Men are really in a pathetic condition in a heterosexual society. And the queer heterosexuals that don't deserve to be called 'men' in the first place gladly submit the entire male race to this inferior, helpless state.
  16. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    You bet, Western heterosexual men are really wimps! --- the lowliest kind I know of! They allow the subjugation of men! That's the pits. They don't have a sense of honour! All they want is to be ruled by sexually aggressive women! It sucks!

    Why do you care to call yourself a man in the first place!
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2006
  17. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    12 years old.... is to young...

    but it depends on the male..

    i dont see it as rape...... since the boy wasnt harmed.... in fact he was lucky.

    i remember several teachers saying things to me... alone, which might of lead to some sexual fanatsies... except i was to shy...

    such is my loss.... i could have had her if i wanted to... but i was too shy..

    it all comes down to whether the boy wanted to... or was he pressured.

    if he had the hormones to want to.. then i dont see a crime.

    there is a difference between an adult woman having sex with a boy..

    and an adult male having sex with a young girl.....

    boys dont get pregnant...

    and nobody cares if he gets lucky..... they just get jealous...

    other boys i mean.


    its a double standard... but its reality...

  18. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Ahh! Too many spaces inbetween lines!
    Learn to type correctly, and use proper grammar, or fuck off, MT.
  19. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    Hapsburg.... go fuck yourself.

    spaces between lines makes it easier to read... dah... moron.

  20. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    No, it just makes you look like a retard who hasn't a good enough grasp at the English language.
    However, I do agree that female teachers fucking male students is okay, and male teachers fucking female students is not.
  21. Buddha1 Registered Senior Member

    Thank you both Mt and hapsburg. I'll use your posts as evidence in the thread, heterosexuality is queer.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2006
  22. River Ape Valued Senior Member

    I think there are two very different issues here. If a female teacher has sex with a fourteen year old male student there is a problem [1] because it breaches the professional relationship that ought to exist between teacher and student, and [2] because the student is considered too young to have sex.

    I am in favour of dismissing from their posts people who engage in sexual relations inappropriate to those posts. This is not only teachers, but college professors who have sex with students who may be well into their twenties; also doctors who have sex with their patients, etc. And although you can do nothing about it, I don't favour bosses screwing their secretaries. (Screw someone else's.)

    However, I take a dim view of laws which decree that having sex with a girl or boy a few days before their sixteenth (or whatever) birthday is the most heinous of crimes, but if you wait those few days it is perfectly okay. In particular, a society that approves equally of heterosexual and homosexual activity, but attempts to compel healthy heterosexual fourteen-year-old boys to celibacy seems to be an odd place. It seems to be a society in conflict with what nature says is healthy and normal.
  23. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    He is not a retard. He is smarter than you. If you were a scientist, you would figure it out, instead of accepting it as "just the way it is".

    Read and look at what he wrote. The spacing and the words. What does it remind you of?

    Music. Chanting. Religion. Poetry.

    It is a way of speech meant to subtly hypnotize, control and brainwash you. Human beings are animals that react to certain stimuli. If you talk like a preacher or a poest or whatever, it works on the brain of the person. They cannot help their reactions unless they know how the manipulation works and they can put a label to it when it occurs.

    This type of speech makes the person writing it appear to be on a higher level. Over time, simple people that never bother to figure things out will gradually accept this low level subtle brainwashing that he is superior. You will never realize. He will own you or anyone else after awhile.

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