Female Orgasm

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Tyler, May 20, 2002.

  1. Zero Banned Banned

    Hm. I agree, though. If all the STI people died soon enough before they had children, same with the infected kids who are born with it (I think that happens all too often), it would quickly end.

    One of the things about virginity is that once you lose it, you can NEVER go back. It is a privilege.

    Besides, I didn't say it was not OK to suck and fuck if it's your spouse. Well, then, have all the fun you want. It's one of the good things about marriage, isn't it? Physical, emotional intimacy? Sharing, giving and taking...
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  3. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    So, what, we euthanize all carriers, including children? Their chances of survival continue to improve dramatically as medical care improves.

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  5. Zero Banned Banned

    Well, it's their fault they got the STI so it's not exactly worthwhile to rush to find cures. Concentrate on prevention, and stop such stupidity like indiscriminate sexual activity. If you get AIDS, or something, it's your fault. Or your parents'. (if inherited)

    There is a big exception, which is the case of rape. Hmm. Now that is a very unfortunate and twisted social phenomenon for which I have absolutely no answer, so you can have that one.

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    Any thoughts?
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  7. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    i think your an idot

    A) what if you do the right thing and the condom breaks?
    B) what if the person lied to you about having aids?
    C) why does an inocent child who was only unfortunate enough to get infected parents deserve it?
    D) what about the OTHER infection methods? (nedle stick injurys for nurses and the like)
  8. Zero Banned Banned

    Ouch. That hurts

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    and I think you're supposed to say "You're" instead of "your". And what do you mean idot???? i???? Anyway we'll let is pass since it's not the point here...

    Did I say that having sex before marriage was the "right thing" to do at all? Did I? Please, if you bothered to read even half of my posts this misunderstanding would not happen. If you get an STI by having sex before marriage you deserve it. No matter what precaution you take.

    Duh, you get tested for AIDS before you get married. And if you trusted someone and got AIDS by sex before marriage, you deserve it. I'm not sure if testing is legally required for marriage (it probably is), but any sane couple would get tested. Both of them.

    Did I say that the kid deserved it? And while we're at it, why do minorities have to suffer discrimination? Did they deserve to be born minority?

    A kid dying of an inherited STI is all the more reason for the parents to burn in their guilt. And all the more reason to promote abstinence before marriage (which, unfortunately, very few Americans even have the self control to do)

    Nurses? If they remembered anything from their training they would follow proper sanity procedures. The ultimate penalty for not paying attention in training/class I'd say. All used needles are marked 'biohazard' in any proper hospital or clinic or any proper medical something.

    Another thing. Same applies if you got an STI while having extramarital sex you doubly deserve it. Stick with your tested spouse.

    I realize that this is impossible for most people in the US. Human is frail, and few people can stand up to the pressure. Very few people have the self control. But it is better to wait. And to stick to your spouse.

    On something different here... um Asguard I seem to remember you from ArchSpace...am I wrong? I remember seeing the name "Assguard" somewhere...oops sorry I mean "Azguard"

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  9. allant Version 1.0 Registered Senior Member

    Accidents are a fact of life. Nurses get tired. Yes all neadles are a biohazard, but if you accidently get bumped by some drunk, just after you take a sample from someone you dont know has aids, and stab yourself then what ?

    If you want to make the person who has an accident responsible for the accident then your retribution is at least consistant.

    An aids test before marriage - ok if you have touching faith in the system that says to you this is 100.00000% reliable. Me I don't buy it, accidents happen and not everyone is 100% logical , thoughtfull, awake, and wary 100 % of the time - or even 100% of the time there is a risk.
  10. Zero Banned Banned

    ? How would a drunk get into a hospital? That's a weird hospital ...letting drunks into biohazard storage areas...does a professional taxi driver then be exonerated if he is tired and he crashes the car killing several people in it??? Explain.
  11. ubermich amnesiac . . . Registered Senior Member

    shut up tyler

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    dont speak in euphemisms. i watch these "documentaries" too. in fact, i think the best ones are by that sexologist "jenna jameson."
  12. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    Notice I said 4 hours! Not 'endless hours'!!!
  13. Zero Banned Banned

    Endless hour? Lol...makes you rethink the definition of an hour...

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