Favorite Depressing Songs.

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by Guyute, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Myles Registered Senior Member

    Any song that Roy Rogers sang to his horse
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  3. katyeard Registered Member

    I love depressing music. Its not that Im a depressed person, cause im rly not at all but I just love it. Anyway heres my top 5

    Winter- Joshua Radin
    Hallelujah- Jeff Buckly
    Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin
    Total Eclipse Of The Heart- Bonnie Tyler
    Paint It Black- The Rolling Stone
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  5. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

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  7. Myles Registered Senior Member

    I was talking about songs that depressed me. You have made me suicidal. Still good to see Dale and good old Gabby.

    How about Gene Autrey singing to his horse ?
  8. sowhatifit'sdark Valued Senior Member

    Berlin - the whole album, Lou Reed.
    Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
  9. [a-5] Sex machine, coin operated. Registered Senior Member

    Falls Apart by Hurt.

  10. Zanmato Registered Member

    I have literally read every song suggested, and I'm surprised that no one has posted these songs. Maybe because no one has been in a position to have a few heartstrings tugged by these songs, or because they just haven't heard them. If you've never heard them, that's depressing enough. You may not LIKE them, but at least you can say you've heard them.

    - Green Day, Jesus of Suburbia
    - Plain White T's, Hey There Delilah
    - Three Days' Grace, I Hate Everything About You
    - Aerosmith, Jaded (This may have been mentioned, I forget)
    - Coldplay, Amsterdam
    - Mudvayne, Happy?
    - Good Charlotte, Dance Floor Anthem (Very specific message, there, but good nonetheless. all other GC is terrible, unfortunately)
    - Smashing Pumpkins, Stand Inside Your Love ***

    ***honestly, if you understand what this song means, and it means something to you, it's akin to beating yourself over the head with something solid. As for those who posted Pumpkins songs before, how could you miss this one??? Zero may have had a shirt made, but this is by far their best song.
  11. Vega Banned Banned

    Anything that's played on the radio!
  12. Myles Registered Senior Member

    Bing Crosby: The Bells of St Mary's
  13. Blitzd87 Registered Member

    depressing songs

    I know im comming in late and im not reading the 20 pages to see if im repeating anyone because i know i probably am, heres my list of depressing songs. If you do not agree plz keep it to yourself

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    Otis Redding- Sitting On The Dock of The Bay ---A Classic mellow jam

    Pink Floyd-Dark Side of The Moon

    Korn-Freak on A Leash

    Korn-Comming Undone

    Days of New-Touch, Peel and Stand

    NIN-Head Like A Hole

    Guns N Roses-Knocking on Heavens Door

    SoundGarden-Black Hole Sun--- If noone has mentioned this one...wtf

    Audioslave-Like A Stone

    Audioslave-I Am The Highway

    Aerosmith-Dream On

    Allman Brothers Band-Whipping Post

    Beck-Guess Im Doing Just Fine

    Blind Melon-No Rain

    Braid Paisley-Whiskey Lullaby


    Creedence Clearwater Revival-Someday Never Comes

    Everlast-What its Like---About Putting yourself in other peoples shoes.


    GodSmack-Straight Out of Line

    Green Day-Good Riddance(time of your life)

    Green Day-Whatsername--- about seperating from a lover and thinking back


    Jimi Hendrix-Cherokee Mist

    Jimi Hendrix-The Wind Cries Mary---Jimi Wrote this one night after a fight with his girlfriend

    Johnny Cash-Delia---Kinda messed up but they all cant be pretty

    Johnny Cash-Sunday Morning Coming Down

    Kenny Wayne Shepperd-Blue on Black

    Kid Rock-Only God Knows Why

    Lil Flip-I Need 2 Find My Way--dont listen to alot of rap but this one is good

    Limp Bizkit-Behind Blue Eyes--Cover song from the orig. by the Who

    Live-Lightning Crashes

    Live-Pillar of Davidson

    Lynyrd Skynyrd-Simple Man

    Mudvayne-A World So Cold

    Moody Blues-Dust In The Wind

    Nirvana-Lake of Fire(Acoustic)

    Nirvana-Half The Man I Used To Be--- probably my Favorite Nirvana Song

    Nirvana-Heart-Shaped Box

    Nirvana-Rape Me


    Nirvana-All Apologies

    Nirvana-Something In The Way

    Nirvana-Where Did You Sleep Last Night(Acoustic)

    Our Lady Peace-4am

    The Offspring-Self Esteem---Mix Low self esteem and a bitch girlfriend and u get this song.

    Radiohead-Creep--I also have the Korn unplugged cover which i never play because the Guitar is the most powerful intsrument in the song.

    Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees

    RedHotChiliPeppers-Under The Bridge

    RedHotChiliPeppers-Scar Tissue


    Smashing Pumpkins-Bullet Wit Butterfly Wings

    Smashing Pumpkins-Zero

    SoundGarden-Fell on Black Days

    Staind-Its Been Awhile



    Sumblime-40oz To Freedom --"A 40 oz to Freedom is the only chance i got to feel happy even tho i am not"

    Shinedown-45---Song about the decideing point of suicide, he has the barrel in his mouth trying to find a reason not to pull the trigger

    Shinedown-Burning Bright

    Tim Mcgraw-If Your Reading This


    Weezer-Longtime Sunshine

    I know i missed alot was scaming through my library sorry if ya dont like my taste:m:
  14. Nunu Registered Member

    Some obscure songs

    Let me start off by saying thanks for this thread, it has greatly enhanced my playlist. I registered solely for the purpose of contributing to the list. Hopefully, you'll get something new out of it yourself.

    I'll start off with one of my favorite groups: Vnv Nation.
    "Can someone see our self destruction?
    Are we reminding ourselves
    That our existence is
    So delicate
    That without this light we are no more
    That without this light we've made we are no more"

    "Across this cursed place rage the fires
    Where the innocent are burned on a thousand funeral pyres
    In anguish parted from this world"

    "I don't believe in the existence of mercy's guiding hand...
    Not with all that I have witnessed, I cannot understand.
    Forever burdened with the knowledge that I could have been so much more
    When the truth is hard to suffer, I knew this all before."

    Illusion-may sound more uplifting to some but, given the topic, it depresses me.
    "Please don't go, I want you to stay
    I'm begging you please, please don't leave here
    I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel
    The world is just illusion trying to change you"

    Left Behind-same with this one
    "Something is wrong
    Everyone's gone
    You have been left behind
    Everyone left the demon inside"

    There is so much more by this group that would qualify as depressing, these are just for starters. Most probably wouldn't like their type of music, but listen closely to their lyrics.

    The rest I'll just list without lyrics, too much reading =P

    Placebo-Without You I'm Nothing
    Placebo-Black Eyed
    Placebo-Running Up That Hill
    Placebo-Special Needs
    Placebo-Protect Me From What I Want
    Stabbing Westward-What Do I Have To Do?
    Stabbing Westward-Falls Apart
    Stabbing Westward-Everything I Touch
    Stabbing Westward-Sometimes it Hurts
    Stabbing Westward-Waking Up Beside You
    (Many, many more by them, won't list them all)
    Jack Off Jill-Underjoyed
    Jack Off Jill-Star No Star
    Jack Off Jill-Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
    Mindless Self Indulgence-Bed Of Roses
    Minnie Driver-Learn To Be Lonely (Ending song on Phantom of the Opera movie)
    Avenged Sevenfold-I Won't See You Tonight pt. 1(I believe, may be pt.2)
    Blue Monday-Black Orchid
    Evanescence-Breathe No More (Yes, mentioning them may be cliche, but it shouldn't lessen the emotional meaning any less)
    Seven Mary Three-Cumbersome
    Jimmy Eat World-Hear You Me
    Angela Aki-Kiss Me Goodbye (either the English or Japanese version is fine)
    Sarah Brightman-The Last Words You Said
    Green Day-Working Class Hero
    X-Japan-Crucify My Love (The group is Japanese, but the song is in English)

    These are just off the top of my head, I may post more as I rummage through my playlist. Hope you enjoy these

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    P.S. To the person who mentioned Komm Susser Tod, you are my hero. I had heard the song long before, but had never seen it mentioned in topics about depressing songs. Not many people realize it for what it is, one of the most depressing songs out there.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2008
  15. cavan Registered Member

    i am shocked that i havent seen "butterfly kisses" by bob carlisle... i definatly reccomend you check it out. beautiful song.
  16. Guyute Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    sigur ros....anything by them.

    Its been a long time. Anyone out there???

  17. Gustav Banned Banned

    5.11 AM (The Moment of Clarity)

    And the moment of clarity
    Faded like charity does
    I open one eye
    And I put out my hand just to touch your soft hair
    To make sure in the darkness that you were still there
    And I have to admit
    I was just a little afraid, oh yeah
    But then...
    I had a little bit of luck
    You were awake
    I couldn't take another moment alone.
  18. Myles Registered Senior Member

    Bing Crosby: White Christmas
  19. StacyO16 Banned Banned

    My Favourite depressing songs.. ive got a bit of a list but they are all really good and get to me everytime i listen to them

    Broken - Lindsay Haun
    Everything - Lifehouse
    I'll take everything - James Blunt
    Carry you home - James Blunt
    Shine on - James Blunt
    Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood
    Dust in the wind - Kansas
    Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
    My december - linkin park
    no roads left - linkin park
    nobodys home - avril levigne
    slipped away- avril levigne
    say (all I need) -one republic
    shadow of the day - linkin park
    starts with goodbye - carrie underwood
    stupid boy - keith urban
    the only promise that remains - reba ft. justin timberlake
    waiting - city and colour
    what hurts the most - rascall flatts (this song gets me to tears every time)
    whiskey lullaby - brad paisley ft. allison krauss
    storm - lifehouse
    fall at your feet - james blunt
    everybody hurts - REM
    You - switchfoot
    your guardian angel - red jumpsuit aparatus
    boston - augustina
    calling all angels - train
    amazing grace - any randition
    broken and beautiful - suzie mcneil
    believe - suzie mcneil
    train wreck - elliot yamin
    feels like tonight - chris daughtry
    a perfectly good heart - taylor swift
    trying to find my way - lifehouse
    whatever it takes - lifehouse
    broken - lifehouse
  20. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    this may seem strange to those who havent seen the TAC ad's but Merry merry christmas is one of the most depressing songs i know

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  21. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

  22. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    Mad World
    Gary Jules (cover of Tears for Fears)

    All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for their daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere
    Their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow
    And I find it kind of funny

    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying
    Are the best I've ever had
    I find it hard to tell you
    I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles
    It's a very, very
    Mad World
    Mad world

    Children waiting for the day they feel good
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
    And I feel the way that every child should
    Sit and listen, sit and listen
    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
    Look right through me, look right through me
    And I find it kind of funny

    I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I'm dying
    Are the best I've ever had
    I find it hard to tell you
    I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles
    It's a very, very
    Mad World
    Mad World
    Enlarging your world
    Mad World.


    OURS - "Meet Me In The Tower"

    I'm paralyzed from head down
    Realized pushing their doubts
    I'm burned by all the fire
    Thats spread within my house
    You put them there so you can put them out

    When courage strikes we'll come out
    And wait around with our heads down
    Turn me to the sky, turn me upside down
    A way to feel alive, a life thats mine

    Cause I am like a big strong cable
    I am like a girl so soft inside
    Finally today I'm able
    To put you in the ground
    I'll meet you in the ground

    The mirror fell and I
    I may as well have been blind
    The days passing like cars
    I'll meet you in the tower
    If they can dream then
    Oh why can't I?


    I've finally stablized
    Everyone will see
  23. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    I think Mad world is the only one that made me cry. so far.

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