Fall of the US

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Da Vinci, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Haaaa true

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  3. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    If you did not (or perhaps could not as program may be "too disturbing" to show in US) see CNN/international's program: "we were warned / tommorow's oil crisis" you can at least read the text at:


    To give just at taste of the program, it goes month-by-month thru the economic changes in US and in one year (2009). By end of the year, essentially all roads are free of trucks and cars, etc. Even mail delivery by government is very reduced. etc. What gas is available is for official use, etc.

    Fact that shelves at your food store are essentially empty is not mentioned. Since most of US food travels long distances to your table and there are many guns floating around in US, the program optimistically avoided mentioning the hungry marauding armed bands. - That is "too disturbing," even to show in foreign lands, but if you can think at all, and accept the other projections of the program for year 2009, you will realize CNN/ international was being "very optimistic."

    I am sure glad I decided to leave US and retire in Brazil 12 years ago. Thanks to alcohol powered cars (and now even alcohol powered, crop-dusting planes), great agricultural productivity, energy self sufficiency, strong exports and growing trade surpluses, especially with rapidly growing Chinese demand, Brazil was a good choice. I just hope I can get my grandchildren out of US in time.

    Here at sciforums and in my book, Dark Visitor (see web site under my name) I am doing all I can to help "wake up the US."
    CNN has, IMHO, done US a great service with this program, but I fear it is now too late for US, given the infrastructure US has spent 50 years building:

    Surburban sprawl, abandoned public transport for SUV & highways, decaying central cities, GWB's foreign war expenses, twin and growing deficits, retiring baby boomers soon collecting Social Security instead of being the major tax paying group, rising interest rates, falling average wages (in real terms), outsourcing of good jobs, GM going bankrupt, "brain drain" now reversing to favor Asia and India, etc., etc. ...

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    PS, later by EDIT---You can still buy land cheap in Brazil, avoid the snow, etc. Surprizingly, until you understand that in the tropics the summer days are not as long as in US, it is often hotter in mid summer in US than in Brazil.

    Every one of any means, even a professor who retired early, has at least one maid as the poorly educated majority have very low salaries. (I paid about twice the "going wage" ~$120/ MONTH, for a man to work standard 44 hour week in the fields of my farm, and watch my house* there when I was in Sao Paulo. At farm, I lived in the larger of two simple 2 bedroom houses of farm (He lived in near-by smaller one with wife who grew fresh vegitables, fruits, etc for all.) Farm had 50 steers on about 120 acres, partially wooded, with stream cascading over rocks into approximately 1 acre lake. - Farm cost $20,000US (cattle not included). That is cheaper than most because it is up in the mountains and almost exactly mid way between Sao Paulo & Rio - a three hour drive from either city. Seller wanted dollars, 12 years ago, so there was no conversion loss. Now few, or none, want dollars as dollar value is rapidly dropping in Brazil. - It has lost about 40% in last 12 months, but this is mainly the Brazilian Real getting stronger. The big drop in the dollar is yet to come. - I often foresee things coming well before others. I sold farm two years ago as was too busy building house on larger lake only one hour from SP.)
    * One draw back of Brazil, is robbers. - They are much more common than in US, but that is understandable, given the low wages and lack of jobs. I have never been robbed, but know several people who have been, one more than once. It is amost expected and routine on the city streets at night: Be nice to the robber, give him you money and watch if it is expensive type, ask him for your ID papers back. (Big pain to get them reisued and you almost need them to park a car etc.)

    Main danger is the poorly trained police, not the robber, so you should be nice to the armed robber. Every few weeks in Sao Paulo or Rio, some robber's victum is shot by a policeman. About a years ago, when several robber victums were shot by police in one week, a funny newspaper cartoon appeared. Picture shows: Victum is on street corner with view of approaching policeman. Robber's view of policeman is blocked by corner of a building. Victum is saying: "Please hurry. - The police are coming!"
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  5. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Yes, that was evident during hurricane Katrina. You saw the worst of human nature and the best at the same time.

    I've been studying human nature for a very long time, Light.

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    I say the world in its relativism and humanistic point of view will eventually fall into a state of anarchy such that everyone will want some form of standardization for corporate and personal safety. Voila, in steps a charasmatic man and his ideas that will sweep the world by storm.

    The world is becoming ripe for such. It is not there yet by any stretch, but it is headed that way.
    I apologize Light. I just took your first statement as sarcastic disbelief.
    I agree with you it may take 1000 years or it may happen at the end of our life time, but I strongly believe it will happen.
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