Fahrenheit 9-11: free downloads

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bruce Wayne, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Bruce Wayne . Registered Senior Member

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  3. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    It was a terrible, terrible film. I really despise Moore, but I went into this thinking "okay, bowling was full of lies, but from what I've read this one's good, more like Roger and Me." While Fahrenheit has far fewer blatant lies in it, the connections Moore makes are very far-fetched and the movie just turns into a sob story by the end. The last 40 minutes or so of the film can be summed up by the line "a war occured, in it some people died". Those last 40 minutes say absolutely nothing else.

    I talked with a prof of mine about this and he said the point of the hour or whatever of sob story is just to show people exactly the effects of war on families in America. Well, if you were so absolutely blind and retarded as to need to be told that a parent is upset when their child dies, I'm amazed you're capable of sustaining your own existence.

    Poorly done movie. Moore is to politics what Tammy Faye Baker is to devout Christianity, or the Matrix to a graduate philosophy course.
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  5. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    It is just aired on TV here in Germany, I would not discard everything as lies, but some things are just not shown right, and the assumptions made are not always reasonable. But I do not think it would harm anyone to watch it.
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  7. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    Some of the video of Iraq is amazing. The interviews with the soldiers are interesting. It is a very ballsy documentary. Sure, some of the assumption and links are suspect. The background on the bush family is very relevant and not many knew about it until this came out. Information is always important even if you have to wade through some bull to get to it.

    People like tyler hated moore going into it so thats all they got from it.
  8. Norman Atta Boy Registered Senior Member

    At least Moore has the 'guts' and determination to tell the world that Bush is an 'Idiot" and his past four years as president of the U.S. has been a disaster, not only for america, but specifically Iraq!

    Atta Boy
  9. otheadp Banned Banned

    the uneducated crowd of sheep will take every word and lie of his for a fact and then bring it into the polls with them. that's Moore's target audience: brainless zombie sheep (besides his other 2 big fans: bin Laden and Nasrallah.)

    Tyler: to add to your analogy, he is like Jerry Springer to TV. and by the way, the 1st matrix would make an interesting discussion for a philosophy class
  10. Roman Banned Banned

    War is hell. But, since telling people that might not let us protect Israel & Oil, let's condemn Michael Moore for saying so.
  11. Norman Atta Boy Registered Senior Member

    I guess there must 100 million 'brainless zombie sheep' in the U.S. just waiting for the opportunity to elect a new president who isn't an idiot like Bush...... Lets hope that all 100 million of them go to polls and vote for Kerry! I'm sure Michael Moore would want to thank you personally for your support.......Likewise, Bin Laden and Nasrallah!

    Atta Boy
  12. Hideki Matsumoto ñ{ìñÇÃóùâ?ÇÕêSÇÃíÜÇ©ÇÁóàÇ ÈÅB Registered Senior Member

    Just a thought here. Bush was doing "God's" work by killing 100,000 or so Iraqis? and how about associating with Gerry Fowell and the Teleavangelist crew? Republicans are scary shit!! and for the US to go to war with the Al Quida is like the Nazi party and Mousellini fighting each other. Both are extreamists/ makes no sense!!
  13. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    It is very disturbing to me that Moore can make a documentary about Bush and make Bush look stupid but when others make a movie about Kerry those people are ridiculed and told they cannot show their movies ridiculing Kerry. I'd say the Democrats are the ones trying to be DICTATORS!
  14. Bruce Wayne . Registered Senior Member

    Ever hear of FOX channel? traveller?
    Do the terms flip-flop and first French president of the U.S. of A reing a bell?

  15. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    You are confused. People were mad because they were going to show the kerry documentary on public television. Thats like showing F 911 on ABC during primetime. Get it?
  16. Sprafa Thou have chosen war Registered Senior Member

    Farenheit 9/11 was a piece of propaganda, but it was nontheless extremely good. It wouldn't have made so much controversy.

    "Bowling for Columbine" was quite accurate, I've read Bowling for Truth and all they dispute is associations and a few factual errors and edits. While F 9/11 had to by nature use those misleading paths to accomplish it's goal, BfC had a a few misleading facts that didn't really mattered in the end.
  17. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    I've heard this arguement from almost everyone I've talked with about Moore, but I still don't get it. When about 95% of the world agrees with your pint, it's not ballsy or courageous or anything else to say it. It's like congragulating me for making a film that condemns Polpot (note:not that I'm aligning Bush with Polpot). Why would you congragulate me for being ballsy? Sure some people still back Polpot, but the disturbingly overwhelming majority of the people agree with me. That arguement simply makes no sense.

    Maybe my high school phil class can do it, but my anallogy was for like a seminar graduate course. Anyway, not important.

    So simply because Moore is against the war and says so it's wrong to condemn him for being a poor director or for making poor connections, or not following logic, or making up facts....

    I was unaware that supporting a good side meant one was excused from any kind of criticism. Just for clarification, who else am I not suppose to hold to any kind of standard?

    Oh, and, "But, since telling people that might not let us protect Israel & Oil". Maybe you can help me out on this one but I can't figure out what in the world made you write this. Either you're implying that I don't like Moore because I'm strongly pro-Israel (which I'm not), or you're making it as a general statement, in which case it's useless. Or there's something I'm missing; feel free to fill me in here.

    I completely disagree that the States is extremist in any kind of sense that Al Qaeda is, but even if we're going to ignore that...
    You're sentance is just plain wrong. Extremist factions fight each other all the time, always have and most likely always will. The point of any kind of "extremism" (if we can generalize this much) is to reach an ends by any means necessary. Now, if I have an ends x and you have an ends ~x and we're both extremists and both doing everything in our power to reach our ends, we have a conflict, right? In fact, this is one of the most basic and simple facts I can think of.

    An excellent job of proving nothing. Many of the people on this board self-profess hatred for Bush - should we then discount every single thing they have to say about anything Bush says?
    Moore gives an entirely slanted and bias account of this. NOT that I disagree that Bush has relevant connections to Saudi interests - but if the best thing you can say about the film is that it educates a few people who never bothered to read the news about an issue in an extremely bias way, you're not saying much.
    People will never wade through the bullshit. That's a simple fact. If a person has an opinion, and they go see this movie and the movie backs it up, what do you htink the odds are they'll go try and find the counter-arguements to figure out what was true and what was bullshit? I've not met anyone who's done that after seeing Fahrenheit.
  18. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    The fact is many people, for whatever reason, did not know about many of the issues brought up in the movie. The bin laden family exodus, the saudi business connections, etc. Maybe because it wasn't on the nightly news or something.

    Many won't I agree. Do saudi business connections automatically mean war = rich screwing the poor? Nothing is that simple of course. But my point is at least it gets the information out there and gives people another view.

    Railing against this movie is misguided, IMO. If you want to argue the specific issues, fine. If you feel Moore lied, cite examples. I have no problem with that. It just seemed you had a grudge against him and weren't willing to take the positives F-911 had to offer....
  19. DeeCee Valued Senior Member

    The power of nightmares

    For anybody who missed this (i.e anyone outside the UK) I'm pleased to announce that it's finally arrived on SuprNova.

    The Power of Nightmares pt 1 synopsis
    (links to pts 2 & 3 on the same page)

    I really can't recommend this three part show enough. It puts Mike Moores pitiful rants into perspective. If you have a brain in your head and an interest in the world you live in I suggest you fire up bittorrent and catch all three hours of it here (yup three hours)

    The best thing I've seen all year.
    Dee Cee

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