F-Bombs Away

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by mikenostic, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. mikenostic Stop pretending you're smart! Registered Senior Member

    Sorry Tiassa, I got tired of waiting for you to respond to my PM. If you need me to change the thread title, let me know and I will.

    Anyway, it seems that in this day and age of the frustrating economy and stock market, dropping the F bomb has become the norm.

    Now, let me get mine out of the way.....FUCK!!!
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  3. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    To never at all say it when it is within the range of possible expressions is to repress the word and the expression. It exists and it will be used.

    However, I have told many people th same thing your telling me, because there is truth to your words. Go to a Fuckville (as coined by JessieJ-something) and listen to the people talk...it's fuck this and fuck that and I don't give a fuck.

    It's OK to use the word...even play with it as I have done in this thread, but when it begins to replace other words that could be better then FUCK itself becomes digressive and void of expression. It lacks precision in so many cases, or it expresses a society that is losing its mind when fuck becomes as common as THE.

    Then the people eventually concede their thoughts to those of their habits, and vice versa. They lose grace by OVER-USING the word. And that fucking sucks. To use it is OK...at times it adds precision to expression and is befitting, though when that is all the time then it destroys the mind.

    Too much...bad


    On occasion...such as when having sex or when someone is too dumb to understand a more settle criticism...recommended
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  5. Jozen-Bo The Wheel Spinning King!!! Registered Senior Member

    One can be, as I know FAR TOO WELL, extremely rude and offensive without ever using a single swear word.

    I am running out of time.

    Before I get some rest I'd like to say that I really don't give a fuck about the differences between Americans, Russians, Germans, or any. I wasn't being serious in this thread and anyone who doubts that is a fucking idiot.

    We are discussing not just fuck here, though that be the focus word, I'd say it appears to be more about vulgarity in general, and in order to better explore and understand it, we are immersing ourselves in this sort of talk in this thread. I am not going to go about the internet saying fuck like it is a holy mantra...but in these threads I will indulge in using the word and I will also do so in other places (off or on the net) in rare occasions.

    Russian, American, German...we are getting fucking poorer and poorer and now we're suppose to turn on each other like animals...swear words or not? Divide and conquer...is it? Are we going to play along with those who'd divide us and then conquer us...leaving us in a giant messed up planetary ghetto (while glamorizing the stupidity of it?)? The uber rich needs to go....over capitalism is fucking retarded just like communism...a middle between these two is best...capumism...or whatever. There should be a law against how much fucking money 1 man can own to prevent world depressions from ever occurring, there are massive fuck orgies of indulgence right now as we struggle in poverty...fuck the super rich (slightly rich is OK...if you work hard and carefully...you ought to deserve a cap at a few million...it is enough). Who needs 40 trillion dollars?


    They should be stripped, tarred, feathered, and hung in cages before the masses of people so we can punish them with our looks...forced to see how their gluttony has failed them and to watch as we hand out "their" money before their eyes (they are stuck in cages) as we return it to the people. Then allow the hard workers to get a ahead to a point, but not THAT point. We shouldn't encourage dissidence with communism nor gluttony with capitalism.
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    The "why" of it all

    I would suggest that, generally speaking, morals are a matter of luxury. As far as I can tell, the only reason profane words exist is because people find them profane. What the fuck is wrong with fuck? If it wasn't fuck, it would just be something fucking else, like "peanut" or "Belgium".

    Human rights and decency in general seem in some way attached to prosperity. The idea that a person should be free from being raped, which we consider a human right, is a convention of society, not humanity. The point comes home in science fiction; with fifty thousand survivors of the human race, would you force breeding? Undoubtedly there are important births in the dawn of humanity that were neither romantic nor consenting. And decency in general; knock a civilized people down a couple of economic notches and they will fall into difficult patterns. Rapes, assaults, and property crimes will all rise.

    So it almost seems inevitable that profane language—as small a consideration as it seems in relation to the big picture—should blossom when luxury is threatened.

    Still, though, what does this say about moral propositions? Are they really arbitrary, or does it serve some genuine function that we should be offended at a word? Do we scale back with the decline of luxury because we must, or because we think we can?

    The article discusses the phenomenon in a correlative sense, but doesn't offer much of an explanation of why.
  8. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Mod Hat - Thread notes

    Mod Hat — Thread notes

    Obviously, I've done some work. Original thread closed, redirected to Cesspool. This splinter thread redirected to EM&J.

    Fun is fun. No foul.

    The current version should attempt to discuss the thread according to its stronger merits.
  9. draqon Banned Banned

    Thank you Tiassa, you are guiding light at the end of the tunnel of immorality.
  10. swarm Registered Senior Member

    These things come and go. We just had 8 years of uptight assholery so its natural for society to let loose a couple parting "fuck u"s.

    Then there is the dawning realiztion by the clueless that they really were getting screwed.

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