Extrasolar planets may actually be stars

Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Porfiry, Oct 30, 2000.

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    <!--intro--><b><a HREF='mailto:davew@exosci.com'>DaveW</a> writes:</b> A recent study presented at the American Astronomical Society suggests that the majority of recently discovered extrasolar planets are not actually planets, but are rather brown dwarfs. Part of the problem is technological (in terms of the difficulty in detecting orbiting bodies) and part of it is a classification problem. "Unfortunately, some astronomers have started calling objects less than 10 Jupiters in mass 'planets', a sort of mystical dividing line. To be scientifically correct, we should just call these objects 'substellar'." says George Gatewood of <a HREF="http://www.pitt.edu/">UP</a>. SpaceDaily has the <a HREF="http://www.spacedaily.com/news/extrasolar-00j.html">full story...</a><!--/intro-->

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