Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by SnOOzY, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. On Radioactive Waves lost in the continuum Registered Senior Member

    I remember hearing that the "flower" part was a mutation of a real flower.
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  3. Zero Banned Banned

    It is not the point of evolution is false or not. It is merely a wellsubstantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, supported by physical and/or testable natural phenomena. There's the fossil record. And microevolution is just about covered.

    On the other hand, creationism has no basis. It has no physical or testable evidence whatsoever. Moreover, it is based on a religious doctrine. It needs faith. Nothing can be more contrary to the spirit of science than a self proclaimed "theory" that does not allow itself to be tested. Evolution theory? If someone comes along and produces sufficient evidence that it is otherwise (for example, someone could claim that invisible pixies come and make little changes on every newborn organism...as a stupid example...if he could prove it, by bringing in those pixies and demonstrating it, that'd work) it will be ditched. A scientific theory must be falsifiable to be scientific. Otherwise it is just another religious doctrine. Like creationism/intelligent design.

    I've discussed this a zintillion times over. Also read one of the 2002 issues of Scientific American, I forget which one. The one with the "sugar medicine" on it, it has "10 answers to creationist nonsense" on it.

    Someone quoting a thread I started! This is an honor.

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    There is no god, afterlife or divine love. There is only Entropy, the mother from which we were all born. She tugs our souls with the beautiful, maternal love of chaos. Why do you keep Her waiting?
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  5. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    i think that the biggest problem of creationism is that it doesn't give any reason to do biological research.

    Evolution creates questions and predictions. You need this if you want to do research.

    Once you accept creationism you can just as well stop doing research since there will be no logical predictions (god can do whatever he wants) and the story has already had its conclusion. God did it all

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