Ethinic Races!

Discussion in 'History' started by bellbottom31, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    Oh, this you thought of being theoretic skeptical of your genetics! But what i think in my view that my reasoning is simple logical that god the higher authority gave imparted us our genes and differentiated us into various races! And we as individual identities are just as same as people had been on earth in time period 600 a.d.! Only that the people races before were somewhat different and through the ages just some glimpses or way of seeing changed! Or moreover races were dispersed into each other biological surroundings!
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  3. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    Then according to my reasoning...lets say alexander the macedonian greek came to india with say 20,000 of his people and occupied for two to three years! So he tried to influx his culture/thinking into indian administration society! What if when he left india he never died! But infact went to egypt and then converted to islam! Whereas his 15,000 ranks people still remained in india! So after many years out of 1.8 billion population of india there are still only 15,000 approx. similar greeks genes remnants seen in india! While the blooming population can't mix their genetic combination with them according to laws of nature! They are majority indians alone from vedic times altering their own genes just a little bit!
    So the greeks remnants are short heighted hindi speakers alliance with some ordinary castes in india, but their facial expressions are still intact. Might be looking weak through ages but who might know they still have genes to fight!
    While there are genetic cross mutation ecology, like chinese settlers in north india, then indians looked like chinese, or south indians progressing to mid-india, then many seemed like southee!
    Whereas iran-pakistan might be having traces of other close society genes not accounting to european descendants. They have many other foreigner races, bactrian and mongolian races influxed!

    So my reasoning says that king alexander then went to alexandria egypt and built their his society!

    Here i am not saying that i am greek but i have seen many peculiar individuals very scarce with greek looks who i think are greeks descendants! Only ten in a 30 million!

    While in this part of the world i haven't seen roman people maybe very few just as tourists!

    And most genetic remnants indians are of byzantine india times not british but peculiar traces of anglo unknowns! 30 people out of 1 billion!

    While others remaining may be parsis, colored portugals and some sikhs races!
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  5. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    There are no gods. Religion is pure bullshit. Your statement that god differentiated us into races is idiotic. We already know that our ancestors all lived in Africa 200,000 years ago. The "differentiation into races" happened very recently, starting no earlier than 60,000 years ago. This was partially due to natural selection (one mutation may improve survivability in one location but reduce it in another) and partly due to genetic drift (geographically separated populations undergo different mutations). Postulation of a supernatural force is not needed to understand this. What you need is more education. You appear to know absolutely nothing about genetics and biology.
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  7. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    Then you might be white south african migrant nomad.

    As i had explained to you the heirarchy races governing the timeline throughout human history!

    Just as i had mentioned about indian races influx and its effects thereafter, then do you people living in your respective countries of europe can make out which races are whom? Or can through your country history could find in your own surroundings genetics of your neighbouring countries identities who might had survived through ages!

    Like for example germans genes surviving in england races!, germanic genes surviving in holland races, romanian genes surviving in poland races, byzantine genes surviving in australasia races, russian genes surviving in bulgaria....!
    If you could understand it, then one can make out country/races descended from whom or in other words which country/race had dominations in their ealiest history pertaining to 600 a.d.!

    Then questions would arise why doesn't french look like romans and have distinct genetics? Or why greeks never look like russians!!!
  8. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Huh??? Even though you claim to be an expert on "races," you appear to have very little knowledge of human population migrations.

    The nation named "France" was originally populated by two tribes. The Franks lived in the north. They were a Germanic tribe, speaking a language similar to Old High German--the same language from which English evolved. The Gauls lived in the south. They were a Celtic tribe, speaking a language related to Irish, Welsh, Manx and Cornish, although not as closely related because Continental Celtic was slightly different from Insular Celtic. Continental Celtic is now extinct and we have very few written records from which to reconstruct it. The Breton language is Celtic, but it is Insular Celtic because the Breton people migrated from Britannia after the Anglo-Saxons invaded.

    Thr Romans conquered the Franks and the Gauls and combined their land into one Roman province. Their culture was the foundation of French culture. The Latin language replaced both Frankish and Gallic, and evolved into Modern French. But they did not overrun the province. The Franks and Gauls remained there, and the modern French people are primarily of Germanic and Celtic ancestry, not Roman.

    Why would you expect the Greeks to look like Russians? The Hellenic people were a Western Indo-European tribe, related to the Italic, Germanic and Celtic tribes. The Slavs were an Eastern Indo-European tribe, related to the Baltic, Indic and Iranic tribes. They're all distantly related, of course, but the Greeks are more closely related to the Italians, Swedes, and Irish, so we would expect them to look more like those people. The Russians are more closely related to the Latvians, Serbs, Bengalis, Persians and Kurds, so we would expect them to look more like those people.

    If you're going to blabber about the discredited concept of "races," you should at least get your own information correctly!
  9. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    You are writing bookish knowledge! Its far somewhat true, but i think rationally seeing is more believing! I haven't been to foreign countries outside of india, i just had to fallback on using my psyche memories mind power! Intuition ofcourse helps!
  10. quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    Oh dear, that just will not do with Fraggle, Better bone up!
  11. Boo88 Registered Member

    Tried to read the OP, couldn't get passed the word 'Britisher' (one who Britishes I guess?)

    Damn, I wish I had psyche mind power to fall back on. Sounds useful.

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