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Discussion in 'Religion' started by birch, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member


    There is a thread about religion and taxes which stems from the separation of church and state. Think about this for a moment. Why are we continuing to allow religion to have a stupidly unaccountable status?? I don't mean just in personal philosophical differences people think is so important to argue over as you can't change everyone's mind and people are being distracted in thinking this is all a matter of personal opinion like different colors when the real issue is there are key aspects of their ideology that is illegal or should be today.

    The real issue is and should be "anything" that obstructs or is against humanity should be a 'legalistic' issue, not a religious one that is continually allowed to remain bizarrely unaccountable because it is a 'religion.' What brainwashed fools, not justs their adherents but society who has become equally brainwashed to let them off the hook, for no real valid reason. hello???? splash water on your face, wake up.

    The bolded part is key and ubiquitous. The majority of muslims don't agree with the 'interpretations' of the koran, just as fundamental christians rationalize away or excuse their extreme members with the same, all for the sake of preserving their religion, even if it is a constant and dangerous breeding ground for atrocity and evil. If it was not for 'religion', this would be taken to task differently and sanely as in realistically.

    With all the brains in the world, you are telling me that no one can edit these books??? There is legitimate grounds for it, even legally. If there is a propaganda out there calling for the mass murder and prejudice against groups, the government would be on it like white on rice to abolish it or make it illegal. Nazi propaganda has been suppressed to the point of annhilation and you are telling me that a fucking nasty, blatantly serial mongering books (koran and bible) that are still in circulation today that contain not only the justification of genocide, rape, human trafficking, child abuse, ritual murder/sacrifice, mysoginy, enslavement, prejudice etc is given a greenlight and a free pass just because it's adherents give a lukewarm opinion that those parts are passe' now or they can pick and choose what's in fashion or fits their current sensibilities but oh it is still the word of god (essentially condoning)???? WTF??? They are the most bs fucking group of people that keep everything muddled and grey and you allow them this manipulation.

    There are good things in religious works but these books need to be edited based on any texts that would be considered illegal today because it is not a work of fiction to RELIGION. It is a guide to their life and political leanings and stand. HELLO???

    Any christian or muslim has no ground to stand on that their 'book' should not be edited on legal ethical grounds or else it should be abolished completely. Their excuses don't fly. They say it shouldn't be edited because it's historical. Again, nonsense because it is a religion/movement and besides has even been edited many times, even whole books left out and added before. They should be made to be accountable and that is they either agree for anything that would be considered illegal today to be edited if they want to continue to practice their religion or they forfeit the right to practice this religion or preach/propaganda to others and these books will be relegated as works of fiction/poetry/history admixture and studied for what they are. These books and members believe and say that this is all the word of god, the literal metaphor of an ultimate authority and society is going to let them keep doing that?? That is the most dangerous ideology ever because the concept of god's justification is unquestionable or is perfect to them.

    The 'religion' hallowed label is a ruse you should wake up from and should not be untouchable. Some hallowed bullshit on a pedestal, for what?? This is mass delusion and brainwashing to the hilt, even affected and made the secular community a puppet so it can keep it's illegal doctrines under a false priviledged status . It's ridiculous.

    Until society takes a real stand and calls a spade a spade and rids itself of the unethical (today illegal at least in most civilized societies), you will have groups like isis and proponents of that religion saying it is just a mistake in interpretation or they are taking it 'literally'. If you can take it literally, then that's blatantly the problem right there like a bullseye from getgo.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    But I also understand besides the logistics of it, the apprehension of taking that on as that is a serious huge responsibility because it is a religion masses of people follow and live by but at least an obvious simple step would be to eliminate blatantly literal unethical ideology by today's standards as in what would be considered illegal today. Simple, just remove, don't add.

    For instance, today if i started a religion that called for the mass genocide of a certain race or non-believers or human trafficking/slavery or pedophilia, stoning etc in the name of whatever god i choose or makeup, i would be stopped in my tracks and be taken to task by the fbi and law enforcement.

    I think there will have to come a time when it will have to happen as movements like ISIS attest to. What people write in the name of god is a very dangerous weapon and the most guilty are those who wrote it in the first place.
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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    You need to understand how taxes work. All the money government uses originates with individuals who earn money doing jobs or making investments. The state has noting to begin with. It needs to commandeer someone else's hard earned money.

    The state does not earn money, but rather takes money in a way similar to a mafia shakedown. Try not to pay taxes, or try not to pay tribute to the local God Father, and see if force will be used in both cases. Taking people's money by decree, as tribute, is not a form of earning.

    When churches and other nonprofits like PBS, become tax exempt, all that means is their hard work is not taken by decree and given to people who did not earn it. One is allowed to keep their hard earned money and the mafia leaves them alone. Even the mafia will give tribute free status to churches.

    If a mafia collector went to collect the weekly $100 tribute, and he gave you $20 back, he did not give you anything. He merely took commandeered less of your money. He never owned what he took so he did not give you anything. A tax break is merely less money being stolen by decree by people who did not earn it.

    If the system was set up, where the Government provides service up front, like a store or trade, and then allows the taxpayers to shop for what it needs, this is not shakedown. The way it works is, the money is taken first and some services are provided, often for things that never add up for most tax payers. It is like paying $100/month for fresh veggies each week, but all that is offered is turnips.

    People on the left seem to think that stealing; criminal rights, is a way to earn money; valid profession, and that religions should be targets of the public sector shakedown, so hard earned money can be diverted to friends of the thugs, don't provide the value they steal.

    Trump understands who earns the money and who owns that money; tax payer. He also knows the government needs money to operate as the public servant. The ideal is to offer value, up front, to the taxpayer, shakedown the least amount in tribute, and expect more effort from fewer public servants.

    Democrats think the servants are the masters and as master, they have the right to steal from the slaves, and kick back to those who vote to keep them in power. To the democrats, the taxer is a slave with no rights. Tax exempt religions frees, some of the slaves, which is not the Democrats way.
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  7. birch Valued Senior Member

    the point wasn't about taxes. the dumbest mistake you make is you often attribute characteristics to the wrong party as i've often noticed those that you accuse liberals of is what conservatives are more guilty of and vice versa. it's like you are schizophrenic in that department or cross eyed. i wonder if you have aspergers or autistic in some way. Most conniving, thieving, unfair distribution, powermongering, materialistic, top down type mentality and modus operandi are conservatives, not liberals. They are infamous for greedily taking the most and giving crumbs as if they are helping or doing right. It's almost stereotypical, that's how pathetically stereotypical it is. two key aspects: they are very much into control and controlling others from a solid and protected, greedy base. lmao. it was just to illustrate how religion is one of those institutions and ideologies that is not held to normal standards that would be to other organizations.

    anyways, the old and new testament of the bible are really two different religions. the old testament god is unusually aggressive and the new testament god is unusually passive. I"m just speculating here but i think part of the issue is at least subconsciously, christians at least may be reticent about comletely foregoing the old testament because they are afraid it will make them too vulnerable and the old testament god is there to kick ass if need to resort to that. The problem lies in their hypocritical religion because it's not just unbalanced, it's contradictory. They also have numerous denominations based on rather trivial differences that are meaningless but a better revised ideology has not been forthcoming and the koran is even worse and it's no surprise what the outcome is considering what's in it. you really have to wonder about people who follow a religion but pretend it's innocent and the book is so perverted. in some ways, they are just as suspicious as those who take the bad parts literally when its literally stated. well, yeah.

    As if no one can come up with a religion where a maniacal murdering sadist vs a turn the other cheek masochist is not a forever issue. how about it's right and okay to defend oneself but oppression of others is not ethical either. I don't see how that's so difficult a concept.
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  8. birch Valued Senior Member


    You see how religion should not be allowed to legally do any type of propaganda they choose because they call it a religion. No other organization would ever be allowed to. Religion is a bizarre blindspot even for the secular community and government as if they are blindfolded by religion the same.
  9. Ted Grant II Registered Senior Member

    Good point. It's about time somebody crossed commandments such as...
    “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do".

    But some people manage to see a good side to such rules.
    They want God to be Good, so they cook up some commentary that shows God in a good light.
    For example, "slave" becomes "servant", which doesn't sound so bad...

    "The laws in this chapter relate to the fifth and sixth commandments; and though they differ from our times and customs, nor are they binding on us, yet they explain the moral law, and the rules of natural justice. The servant, in the state of servitude, was an emblem of that state of bondage to sin, Satan, and the law, which man is brought into by robbing God of his glory, by the transgression of his precepts. Likewise in being made free, he was an emblem of that liberty wherewith Christ, the Son of God, makes free from bondage his people, who are free indeed; and made so freely, without money and without price, of free grace".
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  10. river


    I understand where your coming from , I've understood this for years . And military and governments .

    What is needed is a good sharp shock ( from Pink Floyd , Dark Side of the Moon ) awaken the populace.

    But of course those that have caused this problem have a , non interference BS policy .

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