Endangered species cloned

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by spankyface, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. spankyface Registered Senior Member

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  3. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I couldn't access the link

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    But I do remember watching something some time back about the possible use of cloning with the Cheetah population.
    The problem with the cheetah was a mixture of low numbers and imbreeeding, and they mentioned that Cheetah's will die out shortly if something isn't done about it.

    Due to the fact that their Genepool is of similar bloodlines it means that mankind is going to have to step in to keep the population alive, not just so future humans can see these creatures inthe wild, but so they too survive.

    Of course some will say this is tampering with the pattern of nature, perhaps they are suppose to die out, perhaps we aren't suppose to interfer in either their lifelines or sublevels... Of course I think we should take that risk anyway.
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  5. spankyface Registered Senior Member

    I clicked the link it opened it up. Who knows?
    Well the article points out that if we're playing God now, then we played God in taking over their habitats as well... well, quoted it's something like this:

    "I've heard a lot of people saying we are playing God," Dr Robert Lanza told the BBC. "Well, we do play God when we wreak havoc on the environment, we play God when we destroy their habitats and shoot them for sport.

    He also suggests we should restore their habitat before bringing them back.
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  7. kmguru Staff Member

    Does that mean if we can bring back Dinosaurs, should we?
  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    If you brought back a dino, where would you keep it? What would you feed it on? who would clean up its doo-doo? And when it eats a neighbours pet, who's going to be brave enough to take it to the vet? (That includes Spading.)
  9. kmguru Staff Member


    All those animal lovers that complain the existence of man...and blame man for everything...
  10. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Isn't it so that human kind is responsible for the distinction of these Animals in the first place???

    And now they want to bring them back by cloning...Yeah, yeah.

    Nice theory. Never heard of the sheep they cloned in the UK? It didn't work out that well for the sheep. It grew older much quicker and it was certainly not a happy sheep.

    It is nice they want to do something about the distinction of Animals but I wonder if this is the way...

    In the Netherlands there is a Zoo in Amersfoort where the Cheeta's are getting baby's by their selves. They have a lot of them now. And what are they doing with all these Cheeta's?
    Sending them off to other Zoo's to be looked at by humans...

    It is far from what a Cheeta should have to live his/her life. Locked up in a Zoo?

    What about the Wildlife? That is over...for the Cheeta's and other beautifull Animals (Tigers, Panda's etc.) who were shot by humans to get their skin and theeth.

    And now they want to clone them. Guess they have to do some biological homework then, for I don't see it happen in a GOOD way for the near time being...

    Bringing the Dinosaurs back to life?? Oh that would be great.
    Please, let them do so...

    Restore their Natural habitat?? How and where??
  11. Dreamsa Dare to Dream! Registered Senior Member


    Also even if we clone these animals, we still cannot solve the problems.

    Can these cloned animals multiply with the others as they got identical genes?

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  12. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Okay I've got an answer for you Dreamsa

    Lets say you clone two creatures from a batch of embreo's and you manage to create a male and female, they might have very small genetic differences (purely for the Embreo's cloning being at different intervals)

    It's possible that during the cloning process, a few genes can be altered also.

    But lets say you have two adult animals that suffer the same genetics, then you have to do the following:

    Split the creatures up from one another, and infect one with a Common Cold that neither have had before.
    Allow the Cold to be fought off by one of the creatures antibodies and then allow them to mate with each other.

    That one cold will have created a new genetic stem within the creatures geneology just because of the new antibodies. (Of course you have to allow enough time for the genetic code to spread across the body of that creature.)
  13. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Thus...Artificial Wildlife...?

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    Messing with their genes. Yeah, yeah...
  14. Sorry everyone, to re-copy info from another of my posts, but I disagree with that program, because I think that if you read the literature, the problem with the cheetah's breeding habits is, that it will not breed with those cheetahs that ARE living in close proximity. A maharajah of India found that out at the cost of 7,000 cheetahs he tried to breed. I think the correct term would be 'bottleneck', not 'inbreeding'; somewhere in the past, all present day cheetahs are descendants of one female (in other words they almost died out before). I personally think, the cheetah may be the perfect animal for its niche; it has speed, agility and beauty (but that doesn't ensure the species has breeding success) .

    The problem with cheetahs is that they live to close to 'Man the Destroyer of All Things', and they are not evolved to fight off the other successful cats, hyenas & dogs. They used to live from S. Africa to S. India, now only a scattered few in India, Iran & Africa.

    As evidenced by supergerms now; those that make it, live to breed another generation, ad infinitum...
    For more info on cheetahs, you can start your search here:


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