End Paper Money, Big Drug Deals & Save US economy

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by Billy T, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    Couldn't that apply to any form of money? :bugeye:
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  3. Light Registered Senior Member

    Well, Billy, at this point the rest of the post doesn't matter because you've effectively killed ALL international trade for the U.S.

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    While I do understand what you mean by the "purchasing power can leave", you've created a situation where only the 'bits and bytes' of U.S. electronic money are good in the U.S. If no one in the U.S. is able to deposit my Swiss cashiers cheque into their own account and allow the banks in both countries to transfer "monetary value" between them, then international trade cannot exist. That could only work IF the U.S. maintained a zero trade-balance with all other countries at all times. An impossible situation to accomplish.
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  5. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    You would have to find someone in the US who wanted to buy foreign currency to purchase imports from another country. If the amount of money going in doesn't equal the amount going out, the exchange rates get out of wack.
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  7. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Not true.

    Trade in both goods and services is possible even without any money (E.g. my fat pig for a week with your Swiss wife, etc.)

    Although I will soon be vacationing in Switerland for ten days, all alone, SwissAir will not seat my pig beside me in first class*.

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    so simple direct barter will not work. Thus, I admit, the direct barter system is no good for the needs of the modern world.

    My proposed system allows for global circulation of "non-specific” purchasing power (not a specific pig and not US electronic money bits.) The internet is used to facilitate global indirect barter trades.

    For example, you say a week with your wife will cost "W" Swiss Franks, and I see if anyone, anywhere in the world has "W" Swiss Franks that he will sell to me (and can get them to Switzerland, if not there already.) for "P," or less, US electronic bits.

    My neighbor Tom, who has had his eye on my fat sow for weeks, will give me "P" US bits for my pig, so I do not want to pay more than "P" US bits for "W" SFs.

    I just checked with the Yahoo currency page. Your wife is in luck! (A week touring with me for a change.) The current cost of "W" Swiss Franks is (P - 2) US bits, so we have a deal.

    SUMMARY: I lose a pig to Tom, who gets my fine sow but now has P less bits. I get something to do during Swiss nights for a week, and I also get 2 bits added to my bank account. You get "P" SFs added to your Swiss account and a week free of your nagging wife. Your wife gets a tourist trip with me thru Switzerland. All should be happy. - Ain't this modern barter system convenient and swell!

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    Love the new electronic-cash morality!

    See your wife soon at the Zurich airport. Hope you do not mind the 5-day hold I put on the dispersal of the P Swiss Franks. I needed to be sure the woman at airport at least resembles the one in photo you sent. (I do not want to trade a prize winning pig for a week with a plain one.)

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    No true again.

    I now know from whom I bought the "W" SF. He is a local government officer in Nigeria, who had been "storing value" outside of the country in Swiss Franks. I do not think he intends to import anything from the US with the (P-2) US bits he got from me. I think he is only diversify his holdings of corruption gains /bribes. When he does decide to buy some US product (or service) it will change the US trade balance with Nigeria, so you are right - It is very rare that there is an exact bilateral trade balance between any two countries, but the continuing "twin deficits" of the US have been making the value of US bits on the Yahoo currency board drop against almost all countries ever since the start of 2011.

    (2011 - no mistake - all this is a report from the future. You were either not married or happily so, back in 2005. The serious nagging started in the cold winter of 2009 with the fuel shortage.)
    * I do not know why not. I have seen some worse looking "pigs" on airplanes.
    My sow, Pinky, is quite attractive and an especially good breeder.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 28, 2005
  8. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    I once had a banker lady offer me a credit card....

    and she actually said... "why not.. ya know you cant really by a car or a house without establishing a good credit rating..."

    and i said to her... "are you listenning to yourself..??"

    if it looks like a duck, and walks like a dick, and talks like a duck....
    its probubly a duck.

    and the idea of giving us all a numbered cards.. or verichips or anything...

    is literally the fullfillment of prophecy.... the mark of the beast...

    if it is a chip... they can implant it in your hand...

    if its a card... you will be holding it in your hand, just the same...

    either way you become a numbered asset for those who rule...

    you become regulated and controlled capital....

    wake up.

  9. wkirby Registered Member

    I like the idea, but as a few have already pointed out, many if not most will be unwilling to switch to a system like this. But, I think we may be two or three generations away from something like this. I'm 22 and rarely have cash on hand. I think as society becomes more and more tech oriented and as we advance toward a paperless society, you'll see ideas like these become more of a reality. Nice post!

    Please visit Kirby on Finance!
  10. Nasor Valued Senior Member

    You are simply talking about money. Using credit cards, verichips, or whatever is just another way to transfer money from one person to another. It's pretty much always been true that you can't buy anything without money. How does this qualify as "fullfillment of prophecy" any more than paper money did?
  11. Light Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, right!

    Do you realize the exact same things were said when they started issuing social security numbers? And again when banks converted from just names to account numbers? There were even some foolish people that raised the same alert and wouldn't have phones - because again a number was issued.

    Would you really rather go back to trading a few hours work for a pig, then try trading the pig for three or four pairs of clothes? And what if pig is all you have right now and nobody wants pigs for a few days?
  12. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    What's to stop them from bartering for the drugs? One way prostitutes and online porn girls get paid is by items, not cash, to circumvent those types of laws. Buy a girl an item she has on her list, and they provide you with their service. Heck, that's also what a lot of sponsors do as well. Instead of giving em money, they shower em with items their company creates.

    In these days of fast cash, people seem to have forgotten that there's a such thing as buying items without the need of cash.

    - N
  13. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    cash is not tracked... and where and what you buy is known only to you.

    credit cards... determine how much you can spend, and borrow.. and keeps a record of all you activities... all your likes can be found.. where you go.. and soon... who you spend time with..

    they want you to borrow... they want you in debt to them.

    all of you... they then own part of you... and you work to pay them off at ridiculous interest rates...

    you have become a debter slave worker... the only differense is they let you walk around in the city... so you think you are free...

    but if your credit goes bad.. you wont be able to buy anymore...
    and no one will lend you money so that you can sell...

    credit then.. controlls your entire life... have fun.

    6o years ago... few had debts....

    30 years ago... more people had to finance to buy...

    20 years ago... most had to finance...

    10 year ago... everyone would likely need to finance.

    today... most cant get fnancing to buy a home.

    60 years from now.... you will all be slaves.

  14. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I don't know what you guys are on about. They can already track your money.

    Your money has magnetic tracking strips in it. Or they did. There is a scanner that counts how much money is in your wallet, your suitcase or your clothes. You can't hide it.

    Someone did an experiment. They took new 20 dollar bills and put them in a microwave. They microwaved them for some period. Each bill burst into flames along a very narrow area. Upon investigation, each narrow area was found to contain some kind of....I think it was a metal film kind of thing. Something that will show up on a scanner.

    You know those thin metallic strips they sometimes wrap CD's in? One of those kinds of metal strips.

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