End of Infinity

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Votorx, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Votorx Still egotistic... Valued Senior Member

    I admit this is a truly ridiculously stupid idea that I only spent around 30 minutes thinking about. Nonetheless I still want input or for someone to expand on it.

    Ok so we have the concept of infinity. A never ending sequence but for now we will think of it as an uncountable number. A fact about infinity I thought of and believe to be true:
    - Each and every digit of Infinity is 9.

    As well (in accordance to this "theory") I think there's an end to infinity. Thinking of it numerically this end would be when our infinite number reaches universal boundaries, in other words, the point when universally the number cannot exist (though this number will never ever be percieved).

    Actually, infinity is just an inconcievable figure, it doesn't mean it doesn't have an end it simply means it inpercievable. For instance when you set up a simple problem (Infinity)/(Infinity), according to our math laws this will equal 1. How is that possible for something that's never ending? Well 1, it proves that each number in Infinity is equal to a uniform digit, and 9 being the highest possible single digit is the most probable one. 2, it also proves that at some point, although inpercievable by us, infinity does come to an end, and the only way I think this is possible is because of the universal boundaries mentioned above.

    In a similar sense we can think of infinity as completely dependant on our universe, ever increasing as our universe is. With each second, no, each 1/(Infinity) of a nano-second, the universe and our infinite figure increases. But at the same time during that 1/(Infinity) of a nano-second our universe and our infinite figure is at stand still, having both a definite beginning and end. Well this is just really a side idea.

    Its either this or our mathlaws are wrong. And seeing as the accomplishments we've made with modern day equations I'd have to say the mathlaws are right. So with this in mind lets take a different view. With each digit in Infinity being 9. Logically Infinity/9 for the stand still mentioned above would come out with a inpercievable sequences of 1s.

    And...I lost my train of thought... I'm going to sleep... tommorrow I'll remember what I was talking about. Hopefully

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  3. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    Imagine an infiniely long string.
    It can have an end. It just can't have two. Only one part of infinity has to be inconcieveable. The rest can be clear as day.

    Just something to think about.
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  5. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    so how is a series of infinite 2's or any other number any different to an infinite series of 9's?

    "In a sea of infinite variables, there is always an equal amount of the infinite on either side of the divide. infinite positive vs infinite negative = 0"

    Thus anything that is deemed to be finite, is premised in the infinite.

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  7. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    just a thought.
    Take and infinite number of pi('s)....and .......[ 3.149~ * infinity ] and count the number of digits.....

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  8. enton www.truthcaster.com Registered Senior Member


    The end of infinity is y.
  9. marv Just a dumb hillbilly... Registered Senior Member

    The difference between an infinite past and an infinite future is "always". Not a difficult concept to grasp.

    Infinity is a metaphysical concept, so trying to attach physical properties to it is useless. Thinking in terms of an infinite numerical sequence, whether positive or negative, is only a math game and teaching tool. The Big Bang is a pseudo-religious satisfaction for the human need for scientific, concrete answers, e.g., "Where did it all start?"
  10. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    if there was a begining to time there can be no before time.....as there can be no "after" the end of time.
  11. Satyr Banned Banned

    Infinity is the concept of exclusion.

    When a cell divides it creates a membrane to separate itself from the duplicate cell.
    This act of exclusion is what defines self.

    Self is the act of setting up ones own limits, in relation to a conceptual Other.
    This creates the consciousness of duality.
    The conscious unity of cells perceives what was cut off as outside as the Other and inside as the Self– inside being that which contains its vital organs and the source of its consciousness or the mechanism that created the membrane of exclusion.

    This also creates the concept of infinity.
    Both sides have infinite possibilities of unity but the outside in perceived as the alien unknown, and therefore, the threatening infinite outside.
  12. Prince_James Plutarch (Mickey's Dog) Registered Senior Member


    Your argument is manifestly wrong. If infinity has an end, then it ceases to be infinity, -by definition-. To speak of infinity having an ending is akin to speaking of a square with but three sides.

    Moreover, I would argue that since infinity does not have a value (unlike 1 or 322232352) that one cannot divide infinity from itself.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2005
  13. marv Just a dumb hillbilly... Registered Senior Member

    You cannot have an infinite number of digits!

    If you begin with a single digit and then say, "I can always add more digits", the last digit added becomes one end of a finite string just as the first digit is the other end. That is why I said that an infinitely long string of digits is just a math game and teaching tool.

    Infinity can only be a concept. Forget digits. It could be any "thing" to which you wish to add additional "things". By definition, you simply cannot add to infinity.

    On the other hand, the act of adding more "things" to a string of "things" could go on for an infinite length of time. But in that case, we're talking about eternity, not infinity.

    N.B. The only thing that is both infinite and eternal is the universe in which we happen to find ourselves for some finite period of time and space.
  14. waterpump999 Registered Member

    Infinity Boundary

    Fascinating thread! One approach, that I have suggested in another thread on infinity, is to consider the concept of the infinity _boundary_. In the simple case of positive integer number we can conceive of a situation where there is no magnitude limit, but a boundary of 'quality' or 'attribute' which ac be described as 'positive number integerness'. In other words the infinity of positive integer is bounded by quality or attribute, but not bounded by magnitude. So we have an entity containing calculable components - the infinite realm of positive integers, with no magnitude limit, and a non-calculable component - the attribute or quality boundary of 'infinite positive intergerness'. There is a lot more to be said on this subject.

    This inherent dual nature of the reality of certain infinities has been alluded to by other respondents to this thread - eg the concept of exclusion / cell boundaries, superb metaphors. And this dual nature of infinity accounts for certain paradoxical qualities. Yes they are concepts having reality in our mind, but these concepts form the basis of language that we use to define our past, present and future and the way we attempt to comprehend our relationship to each other and with the universe.

    There are implications for the Hilbert's Hotel paradox if the above concept of infinity is accepted, but probably not appropriate for this thread?
  15. rr6 Banned Banned

    Duality of Infinity

    macro-micro infinity
    ..outward( higher ) and inward( lower )......

    conceptual infinity---numerically mathematical concept
    ...macro( 1,2,3....etc ) micro( -1,-2,-3.....etc ).....

    spatial infinity non-occupied space( <> )---in contradistinction to our finite space of occupied space( (1) ) or as (O)
    ....<1> or as <O>.....

  16. absols Registered Member

    infinity is by definition no end

    but where end exist then truth is not infinity, existence being beyond infinity that allow some ends to b real, so relate end to superiority in another concept, existence, where superiority cant b but objective and ends to free reality life

    that is why i say, infinity is true superiority, where the present is constantly pointing superiority so is not present
    but also infinity is true freedom, which is very close to nothing without being it nor being any nor smthg,

    that is how negative infinity is not true, it is forced concept for not recognizing the character of infinite being freedom superiority or superior freedom, for not recognizing that infinite is smthg by itself so there cant b infinity by the use of else destructions

    this is how all evil figures are revealed being more gods then satan, it is all about opportunism and inventions of else abuses, for powers and possessions that would guarantee a wealthy existence without having to b true
  17. youreyes amorphous ocean Valued Senior Member

    Infinity can have an end where it has a beginning.
  18. absols Registered Member

    no by definition infinity is beyond beginning and end

    beginning and end belong to same concept, time or present, when beginning is present objective is, when end is present freedom is

    infinity is the truth beyond beginning and end, the always not the present

    which again prove how infinity so like the void is actually to freedom superiority, what is beyond freedom and superiority, how existence is due to infinity becoming real, objectively free and free objective realisations

    this is the issue too, it seems like even the most superior present objective realisators, lack the truth of infinity

    and the beginning is where the duality started between the conception of existence way inferior and not related to the truth

    that is how beginning is also an end, since not always

    beginning and end belongs to existence relative needs or wills
  19. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    How many points between 3 & 4 are there on the number line?
  20. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    You guys would do a lot better to post this on the Math & Physics subforum. In short order it would be straightened out by some people who know what they're talking about.

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  21. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    @Gmilam --

    If I remember my maths correctly the answer is "infinite", right?
  22. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    Give that man a cigar... or something.

    There you have it folks, infinity with both a beginning and an end!
  23. Arioch Valued Senior Member

    Give me every possible amount of money between three and four dollars.

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