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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by darryl, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I would say that latter, however that is an opinion so it really isn't an either / or proposition.
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    The basic idea has some promiss, but they have not done any ground work other then to say they think it could be this. They need to just do the work to try to prove it already.

    I however question if large scale diffuse and solid structures can be manipulated in such a way. You can move plasma around in a with an electric field easy enough, but how much of the galaxy is charged or has the same charge? Is there any evidence that earth or the sun has an overall charge? Is there any evidence that this charge has any effect that cannot be explained by the gravition that already know? They made mention of plasma running from Jupiter to its moons, but made no attempt to show how it effects the moons orbit dynamics.

    Does not the solar wind that they use for an example also take the wind out of there sails? The charged particles come off the sun yes, but do they not also carry that excess charge away with them? In otherwords if you charged the earth up enough to be moved, then placed an object nearby with enough charge to move it, would not the charge be more likely to take the path of least resistance and simply concentrate in the area closest to the source and break off, rather then moving the whole planet?

    I think it may pan out for somethings, but not as a solution to dark matter or dark energy.
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    Considering the Wiki deletions, responses by reputable scientists and the fact that we are 7 years on and there isn't any ground braking "smoking gun" proving otherwise, You can conclude it's pseudo-science.
  5. Believe Happy medium Valued Senior Member

    LOL I didn't even notice the 7 years part, if they can't get anything done in that time it must be crap.

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