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    I recalled a weird vision in which i was living in mumbai from 1981. Then in 1990, mumbai was considerably empty. Hardly there were only two rickshaws, a scooter on a road. The atmoshpere was like a tropical isle. The city pehaps had only fifty taxis. I was then ten year old, and i used to ride a huge suzuki gs150r bike. The local people were mainly parsis, konkani marathis and christians. On the other side muslims used to live. And it was like el salvador. The community living was like in pc game SIMS city and one could casually talk to one another. And there was hardly any crime, the police were infact of fire brigade! There were only forty students in every college and the pollution was somewhat low! People used to work and food/drinks were free! When i was 15 year old in 1995, my height was 6 ft.3inch. In contrast, the present day mumbai is so much crowded by people who say they are mumbai residents but infact belonged to different indian far off states!

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