Earth is a living organism like a tree

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by jsispat, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. jsispat SURESH BANSAL Registered Senior Member



    I have developed a new theory of earth formation and want to consult with you .i need your help.

    Pls see below theory and below link showing evidences.

    Main Objective :

    From Visual and Intelligent evidences my theory is very much close with complete mechanism of Planet Formation and Some help is required to prove it Scientifically.

    This is reverse theory for Earth Formation. Main Point is the Earth Is Expanding and Growing. From Visual evidence of Continents there are so many close points that continents have been separated from each other or we can say that can be fit in smaller globe when earth was young. Same when we observe the Bark of tree we find that Bark is separated from each other or can be fit in smaller log of that tree, we have seen It.

    Please see the Link for More Clarification

    In Brief:

    Some type of meteoroids containing amino acid and organic chemistry are seeds of planets. Out of these meteoroids some can germinate in Asteroids. Out of these germinated asteroids some can convert in big planets only and rest died in the process of growth. As one tree is a result of one seed same one planet is a result of one meteoroid only and earth is covered with thick bark. You can observe tree log of mature tree you will see mountain formation, resin eruption as volcano. All living organ produces and need same type of minerals like Fe, Ni, Cu, Mn, Zn ...... etc and same contains earth also. This is a very much common factor for all living things indicate that earth is also a living organ like a tree and same type of birth also.

    I agree with second part of Plate tectonic theory but as per first part the biological process of earth is due to motion of plates because same thing happening in log of tree.


    1. Universe is like a natural forest where different-2 Planets are growing and last dying. As in the natural forest where different-2 seeds of trees & plants are germinating and converting in big trees & plants, And after completion of their age, start dying.

    2. As in the natural forest Tree and Plants produces thousands of its seeds and only few seeds can germinate and after germination few can convert in big trees only same as old cosmic bodies produce millions of Meteoroids and few Meteoroids can germinate in asteroid and out of these asteroids a very few can convert in big Planets only. Meteoroids containing Amino Acids and Biological chemistry are seeds of Planets only

    3. As seeds contains Amino Acid and Proteins. The main properties of seed same Meteoroids (seed) contains Amino Acid & proteins.

    4. Plate Tectonics is the main part of this theory. But biological process of the Earth is responsible for the motion of plates only. At some point on the log of tree You can see black plates in the red core of log of tree are pushing white crust of log toward outside extraordinary, making like mountains on log of tree. Same Plates in the Earth formed Mountains. Please see the attached link for more clarification.

    5. Minerals available on Earth or we can say mineral produced by Earth are also produced by all living things. I mean Iron, Zn, CU, Ni, etc. Are produced by all living thing by biological process. This is very much common factor for all living things including Planets. If Earth is a just ball of rocks only then It can not produced different-2 minerals like all other living things even if it can produce different-2 minerals it can not deposit its mineral in different-2 mines that actually we have. It will become alloys when reaching in different-2 mines. These different-2 pockets of minerals are possible only if Earth is a living thing only. (Intelligent Point )

    6. As tree has bark around it same Earth is also covered with bark. Continents are part of bark of Earth. When log of tree increases in girth its bark starts cracking and separating. Same Continents starts cracking when Earth started growing and expanding. There are lots of points on continents clearly indicating that at earlier stage of Earth they have separated from each other.

    7. As resin erupting from log of tree same volcano are erupting from Earth.

    8. Log of tree contains core and crust as per attached link same Earth has core and crust. As red core of tree is hard and termite cannot eat easily same core of Earth is so hard that we can not dig it easily.

    9. This is the complete mechanism of Planet from Meteoroids to Asteroid and Asteroid to Planet. As same from seed to small germinated plant and from germinated plant to big tree.

    10. Summary: Planets are living thing like Tree and Plants & taking birth from seeds (Meteoroids) & having biological growth. Here universe is a soil where there Meteoroids are germinating & converting in Planets.

    11. Mountain Formation : Mountains are forming on Tree like on Earth

    12. Crude Oil (Mixture of Organic Compound linked with living organism ) has been formed due to Metabolism of the earth as same organic oil formed in the bark of tree. (fossil oil theory is wrong and crude oil is forming like this process only)


    Suresh Bansal
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  3. origin Trump is the best argument against a democracy. Valued Senior Member

    Sure, I recommend that you visit a health professional. Hope that helps.

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  5. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I'd see what you are saying as a metaphor more than actuality. Do you understand what I'm saying? :shrug:
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  7. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Now I kind of agree with your op . Not entirely mind you . Not quite like a living organism like we universally define life . More of a cycle of life . An Order by the cycle of life. Where as the predictability has an appearance of intellect by the routines of the cycle . Something we rely on . Stead fast by human time tables . We may find our selves being more like the earth than we think now, or even a tree like you hypothesize . Different time tables yet a similarity by being systematic in nature
  8. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    I thought this would be about the Gaia Hypothesis.
  9. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Yeah Me too. Witchery came to mind , our even that group , Something of Rome . Can't remember Spidey Help Me out. A secret society with Rome in it that worship Gaia . The group is linked to enviro terrorism motivations by indoctrination of global warming hypothesis. God I can't remember? Elitist group
  10. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

  11. Nocturnumbra ... Registered Senior Member

    23 just depends how you define life. Planets can be either geologically (I know, dumb thing to call it) alive or dead, which is to say that at some point, their interior basically becomes solid and they become just a hunk of rock. Planets are geologically alive if they still have magma flowing through their interior, et cetera. But what is life? We can't really scientifically determine what is alive and what is not, unless we have a fixed definition for life. Most people would agree that animals, plants, and fungi are alive. What about planets? What about fire? What about machines? And what about abstracts? Are religions alive? Are ideas alive? Where do we draw the line?

    Here's what Courier has to say on the subject:

    I've thought a lot about this...I would personally define life as something that tries to further its influence, either by growing, spreading, or reproducing (all of these are pretty much the same thing). Sure, you could draw the line at consciousness, but consciousness is kind of an illusion. It's like life...something that's scientifically hard to define, because it doesn't have a very scientific basis to begin with. Do machines have consciousness? So on and so forth...I don't think that consciousness matters.

    So something that tries to spread itself and further its influence is alive. And if that thing fails and becomes inert (inanimate, deceased, dead), that is death. So I would say that, yes, planets are alive (if they're still geologically active). They don't spread insomuch, but they are self-perpetuating in nature...until they die. Fire is alive. That one is pretty obvious. Machines can easily be alive...particularly if you have machines that are building machines. And I would say that abstracts too can be alive, particularly religions. A religion is totally dead if it was completely forgotten...lost in time. If they're at a point at which they're spreading quickly and not likely to go under anytime soon, then they're very much alive. If you believe that the entropy of a closed system can increase (indicating an arrow of time), then I suppose that the universe could undergo heat death, and cease to "live"...although I personally don't think that entropy works like that.

    Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that I don't believe that life is really all that special. the earth is alive. That's cool. Doesn't really change anything. At all.
  12. Motor Daddy ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ Valued Senior Member

    It's all just motion to me.
  13. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    This entire premise and all of the offshoots posted here are sheer nonsense!! Pure garbage at it's worst!!

    By the stupid, ignorant logic displayed in the thread, ANYTHING could be classified as alive under certain conditions. That would include all gas molecules because they move around and the space they occupy when heated expands. It would equally apply to pure, sterile water as it freezes because the crystals grow (expand) as they form.

    This whole business does not even rise to the LOWEST levels of pseudoscience and the posters who hold to this crazy notion are in serious need of mental help!!!
  14. jsispat SURESH BANSAL Registered Senior Member

    Crude oil has biotic origin but not a fossil fuel or not has been formed from any organic matter from surface because it has deep origin also. It is a scientific evidence that earth itself is a living thing and producing hydrocarbons like all other living things.
  15. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member


    Yes, there's many walnut trees around and the world is full of nuts!

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  16. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    You are confusing superficial similarities with deep connections. Just because two things seems to share similar properties does not mean they are the same thing.

    Clouds and cotton balls are both white and fluffy, but you don't think they are the same thing, do you? Of course not.

    Continental drift has similarities with the expansion of a tree trunk, because similar physics is involved, but that doesn't mean Earth is a tree.
  17. origin Trump is the best argument against a democracy. Valued Senior Member

    That is absurd. See you in about 9 months, I guess.
  18. wroberson Registered Member

    Summary: I agree with the Summary. This planet is like a living individual.

    Recently I Saw an experiment where unobserved photons create a wave patten as it passed through a barrier with two separate slits or passageways. But when the photons are observed going through the passageways, the wave pattern is lost, and a pattern of random particles is seen.

    It only implies that through observation, things look act and feel differently than when they are unobserved.

    I also agree with some of the other ideas you mentioned. Earth expands and contracts like everything else.

    I Have collected, sold and eaten meteorite. I have a current collection of 75.
  19. Gravage Registered Senior Member

    The fact is 5 years ago scientists would laugh at to saying this, but not today, they are not completely excluding that Earth is a conscious living organism, none is laughing today to this hypothesis, the main problem is it is unprovable.
    But just because something is unprovable, it doesn't mean it isn't true, after all we still don't where the life begins and how is created, what makes it different from dead matter.

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