Durban II: World Conference against Racism

Discussion in 'World Events' started by CheskiChips, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    Brief History:

    -1978 Conference-
    In 1978 a conference was held in Geneva, Switzerland focused on the apartheid of South Africa. With great irregularity these conventions were held as a part of the United Nation platform. They were termed "World Conference against Racism". It was again held in 1983 for non-specific causes.

    -2001 Conference-
    Held in Durban, South Africa it was now titled "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance". The majority of the conference was spent discussing the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, at least 90% of time was dedicated to this. Go back and watch the videos or read the transcripts yourself. It reinstated 'UNGA 3379' a resolution passed in 1975 equating Zionism to being equivalent to racism. During this conference both the United States and Israel removed their delegation from the conference. Other nations involved in other issues could not remove themselves in order to maintain delegation in other unrelated topics. However; both Australia and Canada made statements accusing the conference of hypocrisy.


    -2009 Conference-
    Held in Geneva, Switzerland
    Canada was the first nation to remove its delegation claiming that the conference would actually encourage racism and specifically more anti-semitism. Israel quickly followed suit.

    Iran and Lybia were put in charge of the planning of the event; and the current state of affairs reflects this decision.


    Preliminary Hearings:
    - Anti-Semitism has been defined as "Politically Incorrect to refer to the hatred of Jews, and has evolved into the anti-Arab permutation."

    - "Islamophobia is the largest racist issue we have to deal with in the 21st century." Ironically; this free speech convention condoned the free speech exercised by a Norwegian broadcast depicting the Islamic Q'Ran as being a tool of hatred that opposes free speech.

    - The Egyptian delegate speaks not only for himself, but the entire African Union. This man has more time on the floor than the speaker of the conference, and makes more points of order than the rest of the other members combined.

    - They postponed the acceptance of the NGO from the 'Canadian Israeli Advocacy and Jewish Rights' for the duration of the entire preparatory meetings, which mold the topics of discussion. Eventually the NGO backed out of the application process when there was only 3 days left in the preliminary hearings. Hypocritically; allowed "Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign" in unanimously on its first application process. All despite that the application of the Israeli NGO was rejected for potential bias connection. Hahahaha. Hahahahaha. Keep in mind that numerous delegates clearly stated that the requirements of the NGO had been fulfilled from countries around the world. Reaching from Slovenia to France.

    - Applause was given in the haul when the leader of Algeria said; "We're tired of these Zionist organizations secretly running our financial systems and controlling the world." Which was given special recognition by the chair person leader.


    The Agenda:
    The OIC has now said it expects Durban II to repeat or add the following to the travesty of the first Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (DDPA):

    • A list of multiple allegations of alleged Israeli human rights violations is accompanied by a demand that Durban II "must look into the human rights situation and urge member states to implement the provisions of the DDPA". Those provisions include the claim that Palestinians are victims of Israeli racism.

    • Wild trumped-up statements of global Islamophobia which in turn justify gross violations of freedom of expression around the world.

    • False racism charges intended to justify the introduction of roadblocks to the fight against terrorism and Islamic extremism.

    • Claims that "defamation of religion" trumps individual rights and freedoms, and that individual rights must take a back seat to the protection of unimpeachable "religious" views.

    Central Issues:

    •"...obstacles hampering progress in the collective struggle against racism and racial discrimination include...persisting impunity on...freedom of expression, counter terrorism or national security."

    • "The most disturbing phenomenon is the intellectual and ideological validation of Islamophobia...when it is expressed in the form of defamation of religions, it takes cover behind the freedom of expression and when it is expressed in the form of profiling. It hides behind the war against terrorism. The OIC believes that association of terrorism and violence with Islam or any other religion including through publication of offensive caricatures and making of hate documentaries would purposely complicate our common endeavours to address several contemporary issues including fight against terrorism and occupation of foreign territories and peoples."

    • "... some of the most worrying trends since 2001 include racio-religious profiling and discrimination, defamation of Muslims, their faith and beliefs, incitement to religious hatred and its concomitant effects on multiculturalism, national and international peace and stability as well as human rights of the affected communities."

    • repeats the Israel is racist charge. Its victims of racism include "concern about the plight of the Palestinian people under foreign occupation

    singles out Israel. No other country-specific victims are identified.

    • challenges the right to freedom of expression by calling on states to "elaborate" "permissible limitations on the exercise of the right to freedom of expression" and to "elaborate" "a voluntary ethical code of conduct" for journalists

    • gives Islam special preference. It calls on states to "pay attention to the serious nature of incitement to religious hatred such as anti-semitism, Christianophobia and more particularly, Islamophobia."


    Now compliment me on my brilliant writing here.

    In any case; Durban II is really keeping to its name it's the second "Durban", which should be defined as... "Extreme Islamic Nations Conference to Wipe out Israel"
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  3. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    By the way; a funny note.

    In Durban I; Iran held the Preliminary conferences in Tehran. The conference was to eliminate Religious and Ethnic racism and hatred. It seems interesting to me that it was deemed illegal for any Jewish participants to attend. In case you missed it; they engaged in practices antithetical to the purpose of the conference.
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  5. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    Really...can even one Muslim from any country justify the actions of these countries?
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  7. otheadp Banned Banned

    I don't think anyone pays any attention to these conferences and various UN councils of human rights where all these primitive barbaric countries are members of, or are chairing them.

    I mean, nobody of consequence is paying attention. The ones who are are (1) the citizens of the countries who are members (Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, China, etc.) because their governments make them watch that shit on a loop to drill it into their heads that they live in a country that "respects human rights" and how lucky they are for that... and (2) victims of human rights abuses who get incredibly frustrated that their spotlight is stolen by a make believe people and by a bunch of terrorist scum. Ask the Tibetan monks how they feel about the UN human rights council and the upcoming conference in Durban.
  8. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member


    Ahh Pot Head you are so right.. I am in so agreement with you. Look you brought up a great point. The following is the living proof.

    See also: United Nations General Assembly resolution
    November 29: UN General Assembly Resolution 181: the 1947 UN Partition Plan, accepted by Jews and rejected by Arabs, as well as the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, who claimed that the UN had no authority to pass such resolutions
    December 11: UN General Assembly Resolution 194: the conditional right of return of Palestinian refugees
    May 11: UN General Assembly Resolution 273: admission of Israel to the UN
    March 22: UN General Assembly Resolution 3379: equating Zionism with Racism
    December 16: UN General Assembly Resolution 4686: annulled Res. 3379

    Really people of consequence really don't give a shit about UN these days and there are millions of them where you have come from.

    Wait I think there are more..

    Resolution 42: The Palestine Question (5 March 1948) Requests recommendations for the Palestine Commission
    Resolution 43: The Palestine Question (1 Apr 1948) Recognizes "increasing violence and disorder in Palestine" and requests that representatives of "the Jewish Agency for Palestine and the Arab Higher Committee" arrange, with the Security Council, "a truce between the Arab and Jewish Communities of Palestine...Calls upon Arab and Jewish armed groups in Palestine to cease acts of violence immediately."
    Resolution 44: The Palestine Question (1 Apr 1948) Requests convocation of special session of the General Assembly
    Resolution 46: The Palestine Question (17 Apr 1948) As the United Kingdom is the Mandatory Power, "it is responsible for the maintenance of peace and order in Palestine." The Resolutions also "Calls upon all persons and organizations in Palestine" to stop importing "armed bands and fighting personnel...whatever their origin;...weapons and war materials;...Refrain, pending the future government of Palestine...from any political activity which might prejudice the rights, claims, or position of either community;...refrain from any action which will endager the safety of the Holy Places in Palestine."
    Resolution 48: The Palestine Question (23 Apr 1948)
    Resolution 49: The Palestine Question (22 May 1948)
    Resolution 50: The Palestine Question (29 May 1948)
    Resolution 53: The Palestine Question (7 Jul 1948)
    Resolution 54: The Palestine Question (15 Jul 1948)
    Resolution 56: The Palestine Question (19 Aug 1948)
    Resolution 57: The Palestine Question (18 Sep 1948)
    Resolution 59: The Palestine Question (19 Oct 1948)
    Resolution 60: The Palestine Question (29 Oct 1948)
    Resolution 61: The Palestine Question (4 Nov 1948)
    Resolution 62: The Palestine Question (16 Nov 1948)
    Resolution 66: The Palestine Question (29 Dec 1948)
    Resolution 72: The Palestine Question (11 Aug 1949)
    Resolution 73: The Palestine Question (11 Aug 1949)
    Resolution 89 (17 November 1950): regarding Armistice in 1948 Arab-Israeli War and "transfer of persons".
    Resolution 92: The Palestine Question (8 May 1951)
    Resolution 93: The Palestine Question (18 May 1951)
    Resolution 95: The Palestine Question (1 Sep 1951)
    Resolution 100: The Palestine Question (27 Oct 1953)
    Resolution 101: The Palestine Question (24 Nov 1953)
    Resolution 106: The Palestine Question (29 Mar 1955) 'condemns' Israel for Gaza raid.
    Resolution 107: The Palestine Question (30 Mar)
    Resolution 108: The Palestine Question (8 Sep)
    Resolution 111: " ... 'condemns' Israel for raid on Syria that killed fifty-six people".
    Resolution 127: " ... 'recommends' Israel suspends its 'no-man's zone' in Jerusalem".
    Resolution 162: " ... 'urges' Israel to comply with UN decisions".
    Resolution 171: " ... determines flagrant violations' by Israel in its attack on Syria".
    Resolution 228: " ... 'censures' Israel for its attack on Samu in the West Bank, then under Jordanian control".
    Resolution 237: " ... 'urges' Israel to allow return of new 1967 Palestinian refugees".
    Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967): Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area. Calls on Israel's neighbors to end the state of belligerency and calls upon Israel to reciprocate by withdraw its forces from land claimed by other parties in 1967 war. Interpreted commonly today as calling for the Land for peace principle as a way to resolve Arab-Israeli conflict
    Resolution 248: " ... 'condemns' Israel for its massive attack on Karameh in Jordan".
    Resolution 250: " ... 'calls' on Israel to refrain from holding military parade in Jerusalem".
    Resolution 251: " ... 'deeply deplores' Israeli military parade in Jerusalem in defiance of Resolution 250".
    Resolution 252: " ... 'declares invalid' Israel's acts to unify Jerusalem as Jewish capital".
    Resolution 256: " ... 'condemns' Israeli raids on Jordan as 'flagrant violation".
    Resolution 259: " ... 'deplores' Israel's refusal to accept UN mission to probe occupation".
    Resolution 262: " ... 'condemns' Israel for attack on Beirut airport".
    Resolution 265: " ... 'condemns' Israel for air attacks for Salt in Jordan".
    Resolution 267: " ... 'censures' Israel for administrative acts to change the status of Jerusalem".
    Resolution 270: " ... 'condemns' Israel for air attacks on villages in southern Lebanon".
    Resolution 271: " ... 'condemns' Israel's failure to obey UN resolutions on Jerusalem".
    Resolution 279: " ... 'demands' withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon".
    Resolution 280: " ... 'condemns' Israeli's attacks against Lebanon".
    Resolution 285: " ... 'demands' immediate Israeli withdrawal form Lebanon".
    Resolution 298: " ... 'deplores' Israel's changing of the status of Jerusalem".
    Resolution 313: " ... 'demands' that Israel stop attacks against Lebanon".
    Resolution 316: " ... 'condemns' Israel for repeated attacks on Lebanon".
    Resolution 317: " ... 'deplores' Israel's refusal to release Arabs abducted in Lebanon".
    Resolution 332: " ... 'condemns' Israel's repeated attacks against Lebanon".
    Resolution 337: " ... 'condemns' Israel for violating Lebanon's sovereignty".
    Resolution 338 (22 October 1973): cease fire in Yom Kippur War
    Resolution 339 (23 October 1973): Confirms Res. 338, dispatch UN observers.
    Resolution 347: " ... 'condemns' Israeli attacks on Lebanon".
    Resolution 3379: "...'establishes' Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination". Repealed by Resolution 46|86.
    Resolution 425 (1978): " ... 'calls' on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon". Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon was completed as of 16 June 2000.
    Resolution 350 (31 May 1974) established the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, to monitor the ceasefire between Israel and Syria in the wake of the Yom Kippur War.
    Resolution 427: " ... 'calls' on Israel to complete its withdrawal from Lebanon".
    Resolution 444: " ... 'deplores' Israel's lack of cooperation with UN peacekeeping forces".
    Resolution 446 (1979): 'determines' that Israeli settlements are a 'serious obstruction' to peace and calls on Israel to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention".
    Resolution 450: " ... 'calls' on Israel to stop attacking Lebanon".
    Resolution 452: " ... 'calls' on Israel to cease building settlements in occupied territories".
    Resolution 465: " ... 'deplores' Israel's settlements and asks all member states not to assist Israel's settlements program".
    Resolution 467: " ... 'strongly deplores' Israel's military intervention in Lebanon".
    Resolution 468: " ... 'calls' on Israel to rescind illegal expulsions of two Palestinian mayors and a judge and to facilitate their return".
    Resolution 469: " ... 'strongly deplores' Israel's failure to observe the council's order not to deport Palestinians".
    Resolution 471: " ... 'expresses deep concern' at Israel's failure to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention".
    Resolution 476: " ... 'reiterates' that Israel's claim to Jerusalem are 'null and void'".
    Resolution 478 (20 August 1980): 'censures (Israel) in the strongest terms' for its claim to Jerusalem in its 'Basic Law'.
    Resolution 484: " ... 'declares it imperative' that Israel re-admit two deported Palestinian mayors".
    Resolution 487: " ... 'strongly condemns' Israel for its attack on Iraq's nuclear facility".
    Resolution 497 (17 December 1981) decides that Israel's annexation of Syria's Golan Heights is 'null and void' and demands that Israel rescinds its decision forthwith.
    Resolution 498: " ... 'calls' on Israel to withdraw from Lebanon".
    Resolution 501: " ... 'calls' on Israel to stop attacks against Lebanon and withdraw its troops".
    Resolution 508:
    Resolution 509: " ... 'demands' that Israel withdraw its forces forthwith and unconditionally from Lebanon".
    Resolution 515: " ... 'demands' that Israel lift its siege of Beirut and allow food supplies to be brought in".
    Resolution 517: " ... 'censures' Israel for failing to obey UN resolutions and demands that Israel withdraw its forces from Lebanon".
    Resolution 518: " ... 'demands' that Israel cooperate fully with UN forces in Lebanon".
    Resolution 520: " ... 'condemns' Israel's attack into West Beirut".
    Resolution 573: " ... 'condemns' Israel 'vigorously' for bombing Tunisia in attack on PLO headquarters.
    Resolution 587 " ... 'takes note' of previous calls on Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and urges all parties to withdraw".
    Resolution 592: " ... 'strongly deplores' the killing of Palestinian students at Bir Zeit University by Israeli troops".
    Resolution 605: " ... 'strongly deplores' Israel's policies and practices denying the human rights of Palestinians.
    Resolution 607: " ... 'calls' on Israel not to deport Palestinians and strongly requests it to abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention.
    Resolution 608: " ... 'deeply regrets' that Israel has defied the United Nations and deported Palestinian civilians".
    Resolution 636: " ... 'deeply regrets' Israeli deportation of Palestinian civilians.
    Resolution 641: " ... 'deplores' Israel's continuing deportation of Palestinians.
    Resolution 672: " ... 'condemns' Israel for "violence against Palestinians" at the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount.
    Resolution 673: " ... 'deplores' Israel's refusal to cooperate with the United Nations.
    Resolution 681: " ... 'deplores' Israel's resumption of the deportation of Palestinians.
    Resolution 694: " ... 'deplores' Israel's deportation of Palestinians and calls on it to ensure their safe and immediate return.
    Resolution 726: " ... 'strongly condemns' Israel's deportation of Palestinians.
    Resolution 799: ". . . 'strongly condemns' Israel's deportation of 413 Palestinians and calls for their immediate return.
    Resolution 1559 (2 September 2004) called upon Lebanon to establish its sovereignty over all of its land and called upon Syria to end their military presence in Lebanon by withdrawing its forces and to cease intervening in internal Lebanese politics. The resolution also called on all Lebanese militias to disband.
    Resolution 1583 (28 January 2005) calls on Lebanon to assert full control over its border with Israel. It also states that "the Council has recognized the Blue Line as valid for the purpose of confirming Israel's withdrawal pursuant to resolution 425.
    Resolution 1648 (21 December 2005) renewed the mandate of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force until 30 June 2006.
    Resolution 1701 (11 August 2006) called for the full cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.

    If you notice I even inlcuded the resolution which are agianst arab countries as well, so you don't feel that you have been treated unfairly 'again'.
    Even though I fully support the existance of Israel peacfully they have a full right to defend themselves from any aggression and live according to their religion, but I am afraid of extremists like you and cheski. Zionist, extremists or whatever you are you think you are.. you are a disgrace to Judiasim, disgrace to Jewish people. Shame on you and your hypocritcal mentalities.
  9. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    You can't even spell Judaism, much less practice it.

    Watch the Durban II conference and see for yourself whether or not it's insanity at its finest. Why is it not shocking to you that easily more than 90% of all resolutions in the council go against Israel? Have you ever even watched a hearing?

    And how am I an extremist? I don't like Muslims; 95% of Muslims don't like Jews. The difference is I don't go out of my way to hate Muslims.
  10. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member

    I sure don't know how to spell Judiasim.. thanks for correcting me.
    I never say that those conference are not insanity. I simply pointed a fact to pot head that no one cares about those resolutions. ;-)

    Yes you are an extremist, racist and a hater. You don't know 95% of muslims and if I don't hate you it doesn't mean that I am 5%. There are millions who do not hate you or jewish people. Maybe they just hate their extremist mentality or their zionist mentality... but in the other hand you Hate ALL the muslims and you admited it that you are a hater. Unlike many muslims even right here in this forum do not hate you.. See the difference.

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  11. CheskiChips Banned Banned

    Discernment is a gift given by a belly of Talmud. You don't have the Talmud and you cannot discern...your indifference is your weakness. But I enjoy that you have it, as it keeps you from gaining any real power anyways...
  12. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member

    See thats is what I meant.

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  13. pjdude1219 screw watergate i want to know about zaragate Valued Senior Member

    Your dealing with someone who thinks terrorism is ok so long its a jew doing it.
  14. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Islam itself is the greatest cause of racism in the world today.

    Ishaq:243 "I heard the Apostle say: 'Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!' He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.... Allah sent down concerning him: 'To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful doom." [9:61] "Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, 'If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's.'"

    Ishaq:144 "A rock was put on a slave's chest. When Abu Bakr complained, they said, 'You are the one who corrupted him, so save him from his plight.' I will do so,' said Bakr. 'I have a black slave, tougher and stronger than Bilal, who is a heathen. I will exchange him. The transaction was carried out."

    Qur'an 9:97 "The Arabs of the desert are the worst in unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger."

    Tabari II:11 "Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of the Turks and of Gog and Magog who were cousins of the Turks. Noah prayed that the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from Japheth. He prayed that the African's color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks."

    Tabari II:21 "Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham's descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his descendants met Shem's, the latter would enslave them."

    Tabari IX:69 "Arabs are the most noble people in lineage, the most prominent, and the best in deeds. We were the first to respond to the call of the Prophet. We are Allah's helpers and the viziers of His Messenger. We fight people until they believe in Allah. He who believes in Allah and His Messenger has protected his life and possessions from us. As for one who disbelieves, we will fight him forever in Allah's Cause. Killing him is a small matter to us."

    Bukhari: V9B89N256 "Allah's Apostle said, 'You should listen to and obey your ruler even if he is a black African slave whose head looks like a raisin.'"

    Ishaq:450 "It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah's army is bound to disgrace you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them there, black slaves, men of no descent."

    Ishaq:374 "The black troops and slaves of the Meccans cried out and the Muslims replied, 'Allah destroy your sight, you impious rascals.'"

    Bukhari:V4B52N137 "The Prophet said, 'Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him.... If he [the black slave] asks for anything it shall not be granted, and if he needs intercession [to get into paradise], his intercession will be denied.'"
  15. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member

    But I am trying to tell him that I do not hate but but he hates me just because he belives that I am evil.

    If he thinks that islam is evil religion then his religion should have thaught him other wise? right? Does his religion teaches him to hate others? Then he is no better, he is just like those muslim extremists. Difference is, only extremists hate jewish people but in Israel ( not all jewish people ) but mostly israelis hates muslims from anywhere. That is racism, that is hatered, extermism and when they start killing them or people like cheski wheny the propogate killing muslims of all regions, then they are after all terrorists, not much different from islamic extremism.

    As for oil mastery... two words for you friend.. "mental diaheria". No one can help you now. We all can smell it for sure. :bawl:
  16. otheadp Banned Banned

    Ever since primitive and backwards savage terrorist "countries" learned to use western diplomatic language and tools, that is what has happened to those tools -- they've been cynically and grotesquely manipulated and now they lost their importance and meaning. Nobody's paying attention. And the whole time the suffering of real victims goes unnoticed.

    All you can do is blame "Judiaism"... all *I* can do is point a finger at you and laugh.

    There's a talk now about forming a League of Democracies -- something that will replace and undermine the broken institution called UN.
  17. StrawDog disseminated primatemaia Valued Senior Member

    A pathetically broad and idiotic statement. Followed by religious texts quoted out of context.

    What then is Zionism?
  18. skywalker 3 @ T M 3 Registered Senior Member


    Proof that you are a retard. I never blame judiasim for anything.. are you feeling guilty or something? lol. Come on pot head.. you know I am on your side.. I was just pointing out some facts. Thats about it. :shrug:
  19. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    World Conference against Racism? Hmm, now that it's over, does that mean that there is no more racism in the world?

    Or was it just a bunch of liberal doo-gooder old farts blowing hot air again?

    Baron Max
  20. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    Just a bunch of liberal do-gooder old farts blowing hot air again, and being duped by those who are the biggest raciest in the world, and not a Jew in sight.

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