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Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by thecollage, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. thecollage

    thecollage Registered Senior Member

    I am writing a D&D Cookbook. If any of you have recipes you would like to contribute please forward to me via private message.
  2. thecollage

    thecollage Registered Senior Member

    if you should have any suggestions or comments please continue the dialog in here.
  3. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Uhh... whats a D&D cookbook?
  4. thecollage

    thecollage Registered Senior Member

    A cookbook with your favorite D&D Recipes.
  5. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Yeah I gathered that... what uhh, kind of food would be considered D&D food?
  6. thecollage

    thecollage Registered Senior Member

    Food that is from D&D adventures or movies, etc.
  7. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    How about grilled orc with taters and stew.
  8. draqon

    draqon Banned

    ...boiled creeps...
    with 1 gallon of blood slowly mixed...
    for 10 hours straight
    add 30 lead bullets and deep fry for 3 more hours
    in a sealed room

    for a delicious pie.
  9. shorty_37

    shorty_37 Go! Canada Go!

    Make sure you include....

    Geek Stew
    Nerd Meatloaf with tasty taters.
  10. NightFall

    NightFall Lazy Hedonist

    oooooo i did this with Wow food once. I even labeled it all with item tags. we had kickin chimerak chops (pork loin) and delicious cave mold (spinach) and sporeling snacks (green maraschino cherries soaked in rum on a toothpick). so fun!
  11. Pandaemoni

    Pandaemoni Valued Senior Member

    I was unaware there was special D&D food. The only one I can think of is the elven bread from Lord of the Rings, otherwise it's "mutton", "meade", "grog", "ale", "venison", and other things people imagine medieval types eating and drinking.
  12. EntropyAlwaysWins

    EntropyAlwaysWins TANSTAAFL.

    Are you proposing to actually make and eat these things or just collect the recipes?
  13. lixluke

    lixluke Refined Reinvention

    I just downloaded all the 4th editon materials. It's kewl. They are releasing the manual of the planes this month. Looking forward to that one.
  14. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!

    Cat, Dog, Rabbit
  15. EdgeHead

    EdgeHead New Member

    I actually like the idea of a D&D ale. If someone who microbews had the energy, he or she could come up with some new custom ales to support this.
  16. domesticated om

    domesticated om Interplanetary homesteader

    I always wondered what exactly was in "Otik's spiced potatoes"
  17. codanblad

    codanblad a love of bridges

    i drank a shitload of healing potions, that was pretty much all my party every consumed. except for viconia. if i played my cards right, she ate sausage and veg, all covered in elf gravy.
  18. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    so, hows the cookbook coming along?
  19. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    A collection of medieval recipes .

    This might be helpful, they didn't use many dairy products, since they didn't have refrigeration, so they used almond milk (like soy milk). They also didn't have the same variety of spices we enjoy now.
  20. MacGyver1968

    MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke

    I had a d&d character that was a chef. He carried a morningstar as a weapon, that was actually a giant meat tenderizer.

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