Drugs - Yes or No?

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  1. I've tried them; But no longer use any

  2. I've tried them; I continue using them

  3. I've tried them; I am addicted

  4. I've never used any

  1. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    quit bogarting knowledge..
  2. river Valued Senior Member

    I read recently that in Britain that drugs were used by people with high I.Q

    could it be the same here in North America ? wouldn't surprise me

    drugs is a personal thing and right really

    I will note that , being straight is so much better in the end
  3. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    Americans tend to base their decisions on their emotional state of being, look at how many laws are passed to try and prevent some thing from happening because they are afraid it will happen..

    so i do not see America passing any Pro-Pot laws because they are afraid the consequences irregardless of rationality..goodness i was gonna use an old movie about Pot as an example of irrationality vs pot..but i can't remember the name..its a famous one, in black and white made during the 50's i think, i watched it a couple times and realized how ridiculous the ignorant can be...
  4. TrevorFrench Registered Member

    I had to share with someone!
    @NMSquirre: lI agree with what you are saying about fear holding back pro-pot laws, but it seems like it has turned into a much bigger deal than it is actually worth. There are so many loopholes with marijuana now that there is really no way the government can completely get rid of it.
  5. Gremmie "Happiness is a warm gun" Valued Senior Member

    I think you mean "Reefer Madness". Very funny stuff.:m:
  6. Epictetus here & now Registered Senior Member

    Am I ever actually going to be vote in one of these polls?:bugeye:
    I'm with Nancy Reagan. Just say NO.
  7. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    "Johnny and Marijuana" is another of those old black and white US government propaganda films they made us watch back in the '50s. Those were right up there with the 'duck and cover' films for factual basis too......:eek:

    You have to catch the poll in the year it was posted if you wish to participate in it. This one is a fossil - Darkie posted it up 4-17-07 - and thus has been shut down. I don't think the staff keeps them open for any more than 1 year after they are posted up.
  8. R1D2 many leagues under the sea. Valued Senior Member

    I have accidentally walked into one but I don't remember intentionally using a "lady" specific restroom. But I take it YOU have. An speaking of movies Blow was cool an the #1 :m: movies to me is the Cheech an Chong movies those are funny, an entertaining
  9. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    I melted my car (it snapped back) on 6 hits of windowpane LSD.
    'Shrooms did not go so well...

    Pot was fun. If it were legal I think I might have a "pot brownie weekend" every 6 months or so, but I have to be able to pee in a cup for my job.

    May end up growing a rather interesting cactus at some point...curiosity, really, I want to see what that's like.

    Mostly I stick to mah happeh pills.
  10. Squared Banned Banned

    Say no! to drugs. Not good for the brain matter. Unless they are prescribed.
  11. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    that seems unfair and biased to me..
    (company drug tests..)

    I mean sure there are some ppl involved with companies that drugs create a problem with their jobs, and those should be tested, especially if they cannot see/admit that the drugs are causing a prob with their work,
    but there are lots of ppl who drugs (i am mostly talking marijuana) do not cause any probs with their jobs, and should not be fired cause they didn't pass the drug test..as long as they perform their job satisfactory, a drug test should not be an issue.
  12. R1D2 many leagues under the sea. Valued Senior Member

    NMS? I didn't think a godly man like you would toke up... An I know lots of jobs do tests an if they do or don't, an you get hurt workers comp will test you.
  13. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    first, i do not claim to be a Godly man..i only claim to believe in God..

    second..the second line isn't complete or clear, can you clarify it?

    third..not always, but if drugs are responsible for you getting hurt then it would be reasonable to have you tested..

    an fourth..what are you doing, doing drugs at work anyway?
  14. R1D2 many leagues under the sea. Valued Senior Member

    What I meant by that second line is weather or not a job checks an you get hurt workers comp will check. Before in most cases before treatment. It a insurance thing. That's why most jobs test. Insurance purposes. An I think its THP a chemical from MJ. Stays in the blood. Close to 30 days. A friend now gone (R.I.P.) Did "shrooms" an said those don't get caught as much because they left the "system" faster.
  15. NMSquirrel OCD ADHD THC IMO UR12 Valued Senior Member

    yes i have experience with the 30 days at least before the thc leaves your system.
  16. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    If you get arrested for drugs and they give you a couple of years probation. They usually start the probation after 60 to 90 days in jail to give your system time to be clear of all drugs. Then they will baseline you with a drug test (pissing in a cup). Then they will test you at least once a month and usually more during the first year, on some schedules the test are random and you have to call a recorded number that will tell you which colors will be tested. If your color is up you have to go in that day for testing. The test are full spectrum for all drug categories. Any test moving above baseline and you fail, if you fail 3 or 4 times in a row they bust you (they won't tell you about the fails until they arrest you), and take you back to jail and set up a new trial for you.

    If you listen to anyone telling how fast drugs will leave your system, you will fail the test. At this point it doesn't matter whether you think your okay on drugs, because your not going to be okay legally. If you had a relationship and job, there's a very good chance they won't last till your clean and out of the system, and if that wasn't enough, you will have long term health issues when you least expect them.
  17. keith1 Guest

    I'm the poll result you neglected.
    Tried the hell out of all of em...no needles.

    I'm going through a phase of caffeine only.
    The recreationals are plentiful around me. The pains. The moods.
    I've wanted for a long time to be fine without it all.
    I reached that place.
    It meant placing all favorite humans at arm's length.
    I don't like it, but for now, that's the way it is.
    I'm hearing coffee is good for longevity--I had a silly feeling--yes!
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  18. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    No it's the caffeine that's good for longevity, and you can take a Viveran and skip the cup of coffee. I find that if you wash the caffeine pill down with a 5 hour energy drink, you get a real boost for a couple of hours.:D:D
  19. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member

    I had a big old Night - Blooming San Pedro cactus in an oak half barrel once, part of my cactus collection at the time. Never had the intestinal fortitude to consume any of that though, gave it to an area nursery when it got too big for me to keep any more.

    Guess I don't need to get that stoned any more......:eek: not that there is anything wrong with that.
  20. ericdaniels Registered Member

    i drink alcohol in moderation and alcohol is a drug. i smoke marijuana many times a day for pain and appetite stimulation(its legal where i live). marijuana is a drug. i take naproxen for pain several times a month. it's non narcotic but it is a (OTC)drug. so yes i do drugs. addiction is a matter of opinion. sure i may use them all the time, but i can stop and have in the past for drug tests at work. i would just rather use them because it has no negative effects on my health. heck i even trip on acid every once in a great while. it is freaking awesome if you can handle it. most of the bad things about drugs you hear are exaggerated unless your talking about coke, meth, heroin, or some pills out there. you just have to be extremely responsible and most people can't handle that. its also expensive unless you know the right people or manufacture your own. dont get me wrong they can be dangerous though. i've seen people really mess up their life from drugs. but i also know some people that are very responsible with their use. even pot can be bad although its much less harmful than other drugs.

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